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  1. Close call on the backpack strap lol But... is it comfortable? 😄
  2. I wonder if MDF would have been better for the form? No knot holes when it's sawdust and glue lol
  3. I really like mixing metal and wood, with the right combinations, they go really well together
  4. No. Effing. Way. You finished it?! Looks like it will be sweet, can't wait for the "proper" pictures lol What's the next 5 year project going to be? ?
  5. Lots of cool work going into this one. Almost looks like you're building a jeep lol
  6. Looks awesome, though to me rainbow RGB doesn't go that well with distressed and weathered lol
  7. What the crap, I'm out for a month, and miss like the whole damn thing! Looks awesome. Usually, for wider metal inlay, people use sheet stock for it. I think what you ended up with looks great anyway
  8. turned out great, nice work
  9. Ok, so I'm like a month late, but this looks great!
  10. Looks great! That's quite the shaper setup you've got
  11. Wow, the design work and the painting that went into that looks intense
  12. Mosquito

    Core x71

    This one's looking good I think Cheaps means let's see more of the manifold/reservoir in-progress ?
  13. Lots of little things coming together to add up quite nicely. Great work!
  14. Try some Mothers or 3M Mag & Aluminum polish. If those aren't available where you're at, start checking automotive isles, as aluminum polish is pretty common for cars
  15. lol how many bags of sunflower seeds did you go through? Sleeving is usually the sort of thing I sit down in front of a TV and just mindlessly go through lol
  16. That looks like a lot more work than I think most people realize lol Also, I dig the bench
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