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  1. Mosquito

    Core x71

    Very nice, I would agree that it looks nice and clean. Front window works great too
  2. Hey Jon, Welcome to the Zoo! I like it, quick, simple, but effective. I like the glow that the eyes have by not putting the LEDs through it
  3. lol and the 8-trac backups took a while to bring back 😛
  4. Caught the final pictures somewhere else, may have gone by on Facebook, but they look better here 😄
  5. The one person other than me and Cheaps who probably checks the zoo on a regular basis when it's down :D Looks awesome Dave. Haven't seen anti-kink coils in a while lol
  6. Man this looks like a ton of work, but it sure is awesome
  7. Hey, as long as they keep it warm in here I won't die over the winter, so just as good a place to hangout as any, right? 😄 Soon, I will have a project of my own to share again. Finally...
  8. That flourescent yellow pearl looks sweet. Glad we're in for another 5 years... we'll have to make sure @Kylevdm keeps the lights on around here 😄
  9. Always so much detail in your builds. Love it!
  10. Hey, Welcome to the Zoo! It would be pretty tough with a black case, unless you put something white behind the screen, but that would make it no longer transparent, which kind of defeats the purpose. If you were able to get enough light in there, it doesn't really matter what color it is, it's just that getting a lot of white light is easier than most colors. If you could get it to work, that would be pretty awesome going around the front and sides. One in front and one on the side, so you get a front and side view of the rocket launching would be sweet too! If you do give it a shot, I'd love to see it in the project logs here
  11. That's why I dislike RGB fans lol It turned out great! Good luck in the CM world series too
  12. Close call on the backpack strap lol But... is it comfortable? 😄
  13. I wonder if MDF would have been better for the form? No knot holes when it's sawdust and glue lol
  14. Interesting so far, thanks for sharing
  15. I really like mixing metal and wood, with the right combinations, they go really well together
  16. No. Effing. Way. You finished it?! Looks like it will be sweet, can't wait for the "proper" pictures lol What's the next 5 year project going to be? ?
  17. Lots of cool work going into this one. Almost looks like you're building a jeep lol
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