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  1. You can mount SSDs in one of three directions, horizontal with connector on left or right, and vertical with connector on bottom. If you have drives with labels at different directions, you can always align them.
  2. A computer case design Let me know what you think Again. It is a design. Size comparison to one of the biggest cases, one of the smallest ones and one of the popular ones. Left to right, Silverstone RVZ 01, Bitfenix Prodigy, my design, Corsair 900D Keyshot VR is also available: I do not want to show the link to my personal website and get my thread deleted again for advertising, but I have to provide a way for you to see this VR I spent days to render on my computer. A short demo of different layouts, still rendered for days so you can see my design better: http://youtu.be/IRw7jOIApSI
  3. Finally Water Cooled It has been a while since my last post, and I finally got sometime to get these photos organized. Very close, but with all XSPC parts, fitting isn't a problem. 90 degree fitting is from EK because XSPC was out of stock from where I made the purchase. Testing pump and flushing radiator in my kitchen sink This power adapter is from the lighting kit in my previous RV01 mod. [LINK] I modified the socket to convert to a Molex. Green rust is gone. The waterblock I got custom made for Quadro 4000 has minor problems to fit, shown in red rectangular. I had to remove a piece to get enough clearance, but I couldn't remove too much and damage the screw hole. Two different cards with two different waterblocks may just have their ports aligned. This was on sale on newegg for $8 after MIB. I want all red LED in my case. Cosmos II has an LED switch built-in, but it is 12v all the time. Red LED has 1.8v to 2.2v forward drop so I had to put 6 of them in serial and connected to 12v. Home made PWM fan hub and LED hub. This is how the stock fan is wired. LED bulbs don't have a separate connector meaning I cannot switch them on and off. This fan is 3 pin, meaning RPM is controlled by voltage. The plan I have here is to connect all LED bulbs to a separate connector so I can control them separately. I decided to move all my 3 SSDs into optical bay area, and route cables for drives through here. 5.25 tray is from my old Raven 03 case. The small cage was on sale on newegg for a few dollars. CPU block in position This 480 radiator foam gasket is very useful other than reducing vibration from fans. The middle section is quite big so I used it in several other occasions. Here is a bracket from home depot painted black to mount D5 pump to bottom of my case. Here is res mounts. Magnetic tape and some fine steel mesh painted black can turn into any dust filter you need. After 4 Hours of leak testing I was so surprised that it dd not leak a single drop. This is my first attempt in water cooling. Another angle.
  4. Here is mine: http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php?/topic/499-powermac-reloaded-a-gift-for-my-girlfriend-over-100-pics-in-page-1-alert/
  5. Watercooling Parts Unboxing A big box from performance-pcs 1/2in ID, 3/4in OD tubing Very well packed. No damage at all. EK D5 PWM pump, somehow this was priced the lowest among all similar models. For budget reasons, I did not go for any fancy pump tops. To me, XSPC designs the best looking waterblocks. Raystorm performs pretty good to me. Temp probes. 1 for air intake, 1 for hot water going into radiator, and 1 for cool water going out of radiator. I want to see how my loop performs, and if I need more radiators. To keep cost down, I am using barb fittings when they are not seen. Fancy and expensive parts. EK 90 degree rotary adapters. I wanted to go with XSPC rotary adapters, but they were out of stock on performance-pcs, and a lot more expensive at other places. They stay nicely together. The cheapest tube res I could find at this size. Again, to me, XSPC designs the best looking waterblocks. GTX 680 razor new style waterblock. 480mm radiator gasket. I have been using Silver 5. This time I want to try something different. XSPC tube cutter. A bit expensive for what it does. Not perfect cut every time. I am very glad that they keep all the form part together. You will see why. Custom made waterblock for Quadro 4000. A friend of mine made this and mailed it to me from China. My pump or pump top does not come with o-ring. I bought two of these, one as backup. My 480 radiator was bought used. Seller said it was for review purpose, and not used after reviewing. Unfortunately, it did not come with stop fittings or screws. These XSPC ones look better than the flat copper ones anyways.
  6. I love FT 03 and I love FT 03 mini even more. Unfortunately, I own neither one of them. Is it possible to reposition the PSU? Make exhaust facing up, intake facing back? green is motherboard, gray is graphic card and black is psu.
  7. Laser cut acrylic template. Pretty much any spacing you can imagine can be done on this template.
  8. MDD version is BTX layout I believe. PCI bracket needs more work than Quicksilver. Have fun modding.
  9. What is your HDD spacing? I might be able to provide a SATA cable that looks slightly better. This is how I punch SATA so all the wires are straight.
  10. If you plan to use copper tubes, there is another way to bend. Fill the tubes with soapy water and freeze them completely. Then bend and let it defrost. As in this:
  11. I have watched a lot of water cooling builds. All I did was look at my case and all components, start from one part adding block and fitting and keep adding those numbers. I need 10 fittings, 2 on each part, 1 CPU block, 1 GTX 680 block, 1 Quadro 4000 block(not included in the order. I had it custom made 2 years ago), 1 rad and 1 res for now, 5x2=10 fittings. But I also need a barb for filling and an extra one just in case. My radiator was bought used, and it did not come with any stop fittings, that is why I ordered some. Reading through other good build logs helps me a lot.
  12. A big leap forward Here is a list of parts I just ordered. Yes, water cooling upgrade is coming. 6 x XSPC G1/4" Plug - Black Chrome Finish (XSPC-G14-PLUG-bk) $8.94 2 x XSPC G1/4" to (13mm) 1/2" Barb Fitting - Black Chrome Finish (XSPC-BBSP1412-BK) $3.98 1 x Phobya Balancer 250 Matte Black (PH-45335) $36.95 1 x EK-D5 PWM Motor (12V DC PWM Pump Motor) (EK-D5-PWM-MOTOR) $89.99 1 x XSPC 480mm Radiator Gasket (XSPC-RAD-GASKET-480) $2.95 1 x XSPC Razor GTX 680 - Full Cover VGA Water-Block with Multiport Connector (New Style) (XSPC-RZR-GTX680-NEW) $99.95 1 x EK-PSC Adapter 90° G1/4 Black Nickel (EK-PSC-90-BKNK) $5.95 1 x Polypropylene "T" Fitting 1/2" - Black (T-FITTING-1/2-BK) $1.99 1 x D5 Pump Replacement Parts Kit (D5-PARTS) $1.95 1 x *** NEW *** PrimoFlex Advanced LRT 10ft Tubing - 1/2in. ID X 3/4in. OD - Bloodshed Red (PFLEXA10-34-R) $24.99 1 x *** HOT *** Arctic Cooling MX-4 Ultra Premium Thermal Compound with High Thermal Conductivity - 4g (ACTC-MX4-4G) $9.95 1 x *** HOT *** XSPC Raystorm CPU Waterblock - Intel (XSPC-RAYSTORM-INTEL) Fitting Size 1/2" Barb for 1/2" ID tube $49.99 2 x *** NEW *** XSPC G1/4" Plug with 10k Sensor - Black Chrome (XSPC-G14-10K-SENSOR) $9.98 1 x Phobya Premium Thermal Sensor Cable (PH-71005) $2.95 1 x Primochill Polypropylene Insert Plug 1/2" - UV Colors (PC-F-PLUG12-UV) Fitting UV Color UV Red $1.99 2 x Laing 12V D5 Pump Replacement O-Ring (D5 / DD12V-D5 /PMP-450/ MCP655 Series) (MCP-OD5) $1.50 10 x XSPC G1/4" to 1/2" ID, 3/4" OD Compression Fitting - Black Chrome Finish - V2 (XSPC-COMP-1234-BK-V2) $39.90 Sub-Total: $393.90 FedEx (Ground Home Delivery (3 days)): $14.55 Discount Coupons: MOTHER14-8 : -$31.51 Shipping Insurance declined: $0.00 Total: $376.94
  13. I see what you meant. I give my client/friend about 5 different options and he chose this one.
  14. That is what I wanted to do. After drilling and cutting in my room, my wife told me not to do any metal work indoor eventhough I cleaned my room right afterwards. It was snowing or covered with snow for several weeks in Philadelphia, so I couldn't do it outside either. And that is way I painted in my bathroom. I drove to Georgia to deliver that rig to my friend and visited some other friends down there in March, so no matter how much I would like to, I cannot get my hands on it unless I drive another 11 hours south. I will try to talk him into doing it himself. Hope that will work out. Thanks for you compliment.
  15. Lighting Remember this from painting chapter Where I taped all the LED lights And painted everything else black? This is how it is arranged on the door. I shortened most of the connector cables. I also used 4 pin fan connector on both ends so future expansion is possible and easy, and the door can be removed while there is still a small strip in the bottom conpartment of the case always connected to power. There is the LED remote receiver. See it? Zoom you in many times and there it is. Door closed with white LED on. Because most of the lights are on the door, it is almost impossible to see the light strips. The white dots you see close to the bottom is the reflection from the bottom compartment structure. Different color options, even white is the one mostly used. The photographer somehow forgot to take a shot of red.
  16. Very nice Bill. Top fan grill should be flipped upside down. All the characters are the correct direction except the 2 on top fan grill. If you intended to place it reversed, I should not bother.
  17. Embellishment Almost all screws came with the case are bare steel finish, even the motherboard standoffs, and it would be lame not to replace them with something more suitable, like these: The stock one itsn't bad, just not in the right color scheme. Any comment? I don't want to damage the gold paint, plus the screw is longer than standard ones, I put some black nylon washers inbetween. Fortunately, Corsair H80i, motherboard standoff, and most of the case screws are all 6-32, that makes things a lot easier. Even the housing for bottom AP181 fans uses 6-32 machine screws, in plastic housing, interesting. All lined up. I tried to align the direction of the screw caps, then some of them would be just too tight or loose. 2 nylon washers on motherboard since these screws are a bit longer. Another one just hiding there. Case screws replaced. Stock fan grill was already painted black, but H80i has 2 fans so I ordered another black grill to save some time. Brass machine screws on top fan grill. But how to use machine screw to fasten grill and fan, you may ask. This is how. I could use very long screws to go through grill, fan, case, silicon gasket (hidden from any view), into radiator, but it would expose too much of its thread which does not look nice. There are 2 rivets fastening I/O bracket to top of the case. Mounting a 120mm fan inside has no problem at all, a lot of clearance. However, in order to show more of the hardware through the side window, I need to put one of the 2 fans out side the case, wihch means the radiator is up against the top panel. As we all know, radiator is slightly bigger than fan frame, which causes interference. I can put some washers as spacers, but then there would be too much gap for air to leak. That is why I use a silicon fan gasket between radiator and top panel. Graphic card supporting braket uses wood screws. Luckily, it is a smaller size one, so I drilled all the inner threads, using a steel 6-32 screw on my magnetic screw driver and heating it with my butane torch and tapping new threads. Why? Because I do not have a 6-32 tap; I wish I did. It is machine screws into plastic, so I was able to aligh all the directions. Mounted in the case. A glamour shot.
  18. I like those fans, just don't like them on radiators. Linus has a video about these fans con Cooler Master AIO coolers. Still, there should not be major difference in terms of performance. The size of your side window is good, just details, such as radius, angles, don't talk back to the rest of the panel. Still, minor things. What happened to the window in this post?#16 - Posted 01 March 2014 - 11:05 AM
  19. You are right. In fact, the first time I put the panel back and all things connected, reset button did not work at all. I had to remove 5.25in bay locks and then remove the top/front panel to refine the wiring. Appreciate for your feedback, more on the way.
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