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    Alexander Ji got a reaction from chilliewillie in Cooler Master Possessed By Silverstone | Cosmos II And Tj-11 Hybrid Mod | 10/11/2014 Updated   
    Definitely. I'm planning to build a abs shell to cover all that while following XFX Fxtriatand / F-117 style. I will post a picture later.
    I''m also planning a 480 rad on mid plate, 4 fans all on pull. 240 rad x 2 in bottom chamber, both on push against each other. 1 x 120mm fan at front bottom as in take as well. Theoretically, in bottom section, I will have 5 fans as intake and 4 as exhaust. For upper section, I will have 4 x 120, 1 x 200 as intake, and 1 x 120 on top as exhaust.
    Is the plan sound?
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