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  1. Project JDM | ITX scratch build!

    Cool. I wish I had room for a welder. You can't just set up on the driveway and flash the neighbors here.
  2. perplexed?

    I know nothing about that case or your level of skill, but I think anything is possible with enough determination.
  3. Air 540

    Looks better, but smeared consistently like butter, it doesn't change the square much. The short bits will be tough to keep straight with one screw in them. It occurred to me I don't remember seeing you do any plexi fusing. Care to take a peek into the plexi fab rabbit hole? Sorry. I just like poking people in the design phase.
  4. You could build a cardboard case for the time being. It will be tough to work on the desk with it full of components. -Also, being a computer builder and not having bunch of empty cases lying around? BOO!
  5. Project - IBM - X - Finished

    That looks fantastic.
  6. Air 540

    Annnnnd there's spikes. :D Plexi scheme: Too generic. It would look exactly like a storage crate. You want something to break the box shape more. How about switching the spikes with 1 inch risers, and wrapping a plexi strip around like a 3d racing stripe. If you use feet, you could tuck a bit under the case too. The spikes could hold it together, of course. -Yeah, I know it's not your style, but it would look good.
  7. Project Spectrum! ( ITX scratch build ) [SPONSORED]

    Good result. I've replaced tons of mangled hinges, so I'm kinda shocked they are holding up.
  8. ©º°¨¨°ºDisco Scorpion º°¨¨°º©

    Let's not get that level of idiocy introduced into modding. Non-Americans are lucky they don't have to deal with the occasional idiot driving 30 mph on the freeway on his giant wheels with the turning radius of an 18-wheeler truck.
  9. G-Frame - Scratch Build

    -Just another day in Houston. I'm shocked no one tried to overtake him.
  10. ©º°¨¨°ºDisco Scorpion º°¨¨°º©

    Neat. Are you going to make it squat when it powers down?
  11. Project - IBM - X - Finished

    Case is looking awesome. It looks factory made now that you have paint on it.
  12. Air 540

    Tidyish= BOO! Where's the wild young modder that put spikes on everything? -Joking. I know it will look good.
  13. ©º°¨¨°ºDisco Scorpion º°¨¨°º©

    "Scorpion"...but it has one of those trap doors that crabs poo from.
  14. Project Spectrum! ( ITX scratch build ) [SPONSORED]

    Love the layered plexi look. Yeah, I wouldn't have wanted to cut those wire track layers by hand either. What do you have planned for the wire snarl that will be coming out of the psu?
  15. ©º°¨¨°ºDisco Scorpion º°¨¨°º©

    Lovely box you have there. I didn't know the cables had those bulky-ass connectors. Someone tried to cook crack with your glue gun, by the way.