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  1. I'm fucked. My trash service is progressively becoming unserviceable. First they turned their nose up at smashed up tile, then paint, then wood, now they won't take sheetrock... literally the 2nd softest mineral on the planet. I've seen this pattern before. They must be near the end of their contract. I'm back to trying to build the computer. Tolerances are tighter on it, though. They definitely are more visible. -I spent a little while adding positioning tabs to the model. If you remember, the first batch were a little wobbly. Fortunately, there was plenty of room on the blank I made, like... a year ago. -I somehow managed to match up the part from page one with ol' knobbly here. -Test drive time! I found some great material for making dust guards, coincidentally, it's free bandit-sign season! :D -2nd session here is cutting notches for the tabs. Session 3 took over an hour because I forgot to speed up the machine with the override function. -Bed leveling? Whazzat? I managed to barely touch the spoil board despite just winging it. *flex* -After filing some round corners, I did a quick gluing session. I'm leaving my premium material top un-fused for the time being. I expect I'll break this up and try again some day. -and that's 90% of the GPU area cap. There's still a bunch of squares to fill in the gap opposite of today's set of parts. (oof, that one crooked trapezoid front and center. )
  2. Even worse, it's cooled off enough to do stuff I put off because of the heat.
  3. :P Not yet. Stuff I need to do elsewhere has piled up. The big issue is yards. 4 days on my yard because I was dodging thunderstorms...and it's huge. Aunts yard, Aunt's vacant rental, Rental that just sold... and back to my yard yesterday. I had a great run, but the covid fear is wearing off. I may have to start doing stuff instead of farming it out to the contractor. Also, I've been doing little tune-ups on the new rig. I made a new spindle plate so the collet can touch the cutting table, for example.
  4. -The first tweak I noticed I needed was that I left myself TOO much clearance. It helped that the ballscrews were shipped backwards to what I designed. This is down as far down as it goes, and I still have 1 1/2" to go to the frame. I was more worried that the block I put on the end of the screw popped off with no resistance the first time I tested it. -What a gorgeous space-eating mess. This is my first test cut after calibration. -Success! The first try at calibration made this 5" drawing less than a inch across. The screws were so slow, I thought I jammed something up . This is square and the right size. -Shocking, I know. There is a wavy pattern in the X-direction cut I suspect is from the screws being bent. I'll see about stiffening the frame. I also have to chase down some strange sounds during fast travel. The pulley system is absolutely hypnotic. I'll have to add a cover for that and the side rails. -Anyway, I somehow managed to build a mill. It must not be as hard as I thought.
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    The current spam bot pattern: Join with krevlarkjblyatfhajvh123@gmail, Wait, make single random generic reply somewhere, wait, post a store link, piss off.
  6. Yeah, That's my current cnc. It's small, but it's a brick.
  7. -Pretty milled plates + screws sticking out + angle grinder. Sorry, Bill. This thing is starting to kill my back. I'm cutting corners as much as I can. -Originally I was going to mill the undersized holes out, but I decided not to cut the 8020 rails to fit and add spacers instead. This has a raised spot on the underside that fits in the hole really tightly. I used this as a guide to make the new tap holes. -New holes drilled out diagonally. -They are a 'perfect' fit.* (* not really. I'm taking advantage of the play in the bearing seats to get them aligned.) -I bought this bad boy specifically for milling the rails. Here I'm trimming the horizontals to fit. -So with those, I have the screws fitted, and the dual Y axis screws track properly. Do you like my pretty table base? It used to be someone's homemade waterbed frame. -With the horizontal rails fit, I can work on the drive belt. I'll have some trouble with the final calibration because the pulleys are too tight on the shafts to adjust. Also, Yes. I'm using the messed up router clamp as a spacer under the blue plastic. -I'm cheap.
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    Or report it.
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    Man... I soooo want to delete this for being obvious spam, but it's the only new content we have. It took a whole week for one of us to notice it even.
  10. Lamest hurricane ever. -not even a breeze here. Now I have to water my yard. 0/5
  11. OK, I thought I'd drop what little info I have for an update before I get 'caned, (gotta have a hurricane for each project, don't 'ya know.) -Saw horse desk! The battle for table space in the work room is intense. I've claimed every available flat surface at this point. -Anyway, I've gotten the mounts for the side rails re-milled and tapped. I now have all 3 axis rails sliding. Getting the screws to fit is the next bit to do. The heads were oversize and oblong, so I had to grind them down. They also hang out the back of the plates. -The real 'fun' will be the ballscrews. Here you can see the mount and the plate it's supposed to bolt to. All the others need a 1.84mm spacer. This one needs a pocket in the plate...and I have no way to measure that.
  12. Ack! That pic. -Where did thirty minutes of my life go? I spent yesterday re-holing the Y plates. I have one side assembled and it still moves.
  13. Time again for everyone's favorite train wreck, and DAYUM did I mess up this time. But first: -I think I need a few more pulleys to take up the slack. For those just in; a these lengths, the options jump sizes wildly. I had to opt for a belt with 6 extra inches to take up. -I made some more brackets from leftover bits of 3/4" angle. Pretty, aren't they? -Then, Christmas! -Then, almost immediately out of the packing I noticed something was off... Yep. I screwed up big time. -I measured nearly everything when I got the motion parts... Nearly everything. I got called away and never finished checking stuff. Did I mention dementia runs in my family? I can fix this...probably. I just need to re-mill the hole on this one, and for the other two on the Y rails, I'll skip trimming the 80-20 rails and use the gap to fit a spacer. This is the goof that troubles me the most. The previous part dimension goof could be traced back to reading the wrong line on a jpg artifact-y table written in Chinese...by an idiot. This one I'm not sure what happened. I think I'm a victim of a design revision. The big problem is if the rails are out of spec, EVERYTHING is off. My expensive (probably) custom parts now need to be milled more. -So at the end of the day, I was here. The height of the rails seems to be right. I need to re-make the motor mount angle bracket for the Z to fix the offset. All my sweet alignment tabs for the rails are useless. I may need to make some shims for assembly. -Day two, and I think I can get the Y rails working. One thing is for certain; I need a bigger table to work on this thing. Wish me luck.
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