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  1. I stand corrected. That stuff got here so fast, one box overshot Texas and landed in Memphis. So...where am I? -One nice thing about polycarb: You can do stuff like this to get into that normally un-tappable tab. -I really don't need much clamping force, but there it is. I added some socket head screws to the shopping list. -I milled this out for a Z motor mount. Earlier I chopped up 1/2" acetal sticks and leveled one side. -Here it is with a lot of drilling and tapping done. Currently all I have for metric screws are what came in some kind of 'sampler kit' I picked up in a vacant rental. Needles to say, I'm using as much imperial as I can. Metric tap and drill stuff is really tough to get here. -Then the other day I got this weird pickle sculpture. -Inside: MORE packing, and like, half a roll of tape. -And MORE- wait...Hemp? -Ok, a lot of oily dirt mixed with blood, and a 2nd box today, and I have most of it. There's a few mixed up quantities, but I can get measurements confirmed and start adjusting the 3d model. -For now, everything gets a de-greasing and Texas Tea bath. It's not as noxious as the normal Chinese lube. -That stuff that smells like cigarettes and paint, but it's still rough to inhale.
  2. Not even a little bit. -So I made some new router mounts, and deliberately made them undersized. The micrometer was telling me it was slightly oblong, so I went with the median where it was supposed to be. I definitely didn't want another oversize part, after all. What you are seeing above is a bracket clamped down for modification. (Don't judge my clamping. Toilet t-slot bolts, paint sticks, and tile spacers work very well.) I had to cut slots near the base to relax the clamping a bit. I could get the router in the part, but the base was bowing. SNUG. -You can see by the hack-sawed lugs that she was SUPER snug. I added some set screws and plan to add screws to the lugs, but I doubt it needs any more SNUGNESS. Now for some more household archaeology finds... -I found my Dad's old computer textbooks. I thought you might be amused. -Also I need to pad my post a bit. -What? Anyway, I managed to pull the trigger on the Chinese parts. Let's all anxiously await their arrival... in a couple of months.
  3. Just popped in to see if you had any deluxe content that I might have missed on Bit. And rep bomb. I miss Bit's system that let me dish out 10,000 rep with a single click.
  4. -I forgot to mention here that I'm in the middle of building a cnc that can make the parts this computer needs. After some suggestions from @Nealieboyee on BitTech, I'm beefing the design up a little. The downside is that it triples the amount of bracket shenanigans. I still need to look into if Mach lets you flip the Y motor direction. -I got a few pulley wheels cut. I got a beauty friction fit on the bearing. -And here's-CAMERA! FFS! FOCUS ON THE THING IN THE FRONT!-two halves assembled with the bearings. -I'm running out of this junkyard polycarb. This is supposed to be a router mounting bracket... ...but she's so lose you want to use a whole can of Lysol on the car seat after taking her home. I don't know what happened. I even have the micrometer reading written on the router. I'm getting really bad at that.
  5. Someone get my parade permit. I did some electronics stuff...and it worked! -Strip rulers with a strong magnet under the tray is great for solder clamping. -Anyone wanna check my math? -Should be 2800ohm. -Egad, what a snug fit. I added a goop of hot glue in the middle to avoid shorting. -I just finished plugging these in and giving them a spin...successfully. So I have the motor part done. No pic of the inside of the connectors because getting them together is like changing a lightbulb while balancing on the back of your cat. -I suck at analogies. -I do like how 80/20 pack. The insides were divided by paper and wrapped tight with packing cellophane. When I cut the cello, I thought I heard that noise a Coke makes. -OK, I have frame. I just gotta get some stuff to put it together. I had a wad of 1/2" square nuts, but it turns out I need to grind a bevel on the edges to get them in the slots. I also need some motion hardware... Yeah, that stuff might be handy.
  6. We need a little more modding in here... Not that this post will help, but.. -More from the garage archaeology dig. This is a jig saw attachment for a drill. -Knobs. Box one of three. I think re-keying locks is why my eyes are going bad. I lost the zoom mode. -Now why would a tenant steal a road si- Ohhh... I think I can live without the '62 Ford distributor. -Sidewinder closed. But I managed to pick up Heatkiller base plates in the closeout sale. There's no friggen way I could cut one this nice... Well, maybe with full flood and a major spindle upgrade, but $6 is better than $900 and a sore back. -California cancer strikes again! I picked up some aluminum (apparently the special radiactive aluminum) pulleys and a belt from McMaster. It turns out that when you need a 54" belt you have to really dig to find something even close. 57" is close-ish. I'm going to have to rig a really obnoxious belt tension system to take up the slack. -A belt system is going to need pulleys. Pulleys need bearings... Hang on- I have a thing. -The bearings are metric. Blah. I'm having enough trouble finding metric stuff, so I made a bunch of polycarbonate bushings to fit 8-32 screws. Next up are some big pulley wheels to go over the bearings. -But I finally started making crap for the new mill! The new bit I used was in tolerance too. -I got some stepper motors too, I just need to check one of the other motors for the wiring order, and... shit. What is that? Brown,brown,white,yellow,PINK?..red? purple? I think that could be backwards too since there's no spacing to read it. Nice time for my multimeter to die... The g540 manual says I need a 2800 ohm resistor thankfully, but I'll have to Frankenstein a wad of resistors together.
  7. Hi. Welcome to the Zoo. You kind of confused me, though. Is this a repost of an email for modmymods.com? That case looks like it can take at least 2 3 x 120 radiators. One would likely suffice. Were you wanting to know if you could stuff more radiators? -because it seems kind of obvious where they could go.
  8. And again. This time they forgot to pay the electric bill at the datacenter.
  9. Somebody touched the forum. It's seems to be fixed again. We're on the steam powered server now and sometimes it runs out of coal/human sacrifices.
  10. That's probably where I picked it up. Stuff rusts like crazy here too, though, In my case my mom was/is infamous for swiping tools. When I got my own tools as a teen I painted the logo stampings and inside of the sockets neon orange. Working with her on a house repair used to be 90% looking for your gear.
  11. Yeah, I put 2 cans of paint out and the trash guys finally decided to not take paint. I hate that that the trash services eventually reject everything I need to get rid of. -So I had a lot of cans of mystery spray paint to waste that day. The ugliest one worked. I just get the garage emptied out enough to walk around in it, and a friend brings over 7 ceiling fans...
  12. Files skid right over that vise without grabbing. It's really nice steel. OK... I think cabin fever might be setting in. I kinda was burning through a bunch of old paint to get rid of it... and this sort-of happened: I wonder what Grandpa would think. I was laughing my butt off, but that may have been because I didn't have a mask on.
  13. -Hey, kids. Remember how I said the bad tolerances would bite me in the butt? ...Yeah. Those are some really bad tolerances. I may be breaking this up and trying again. For now, I'm tweaking the reservoir model and focusing on that. I also have to figure out how to level the tube cut. I apologize for taking baby steps here, but there's so many places I can screw up. ---Old post/New post--- I probably should drop what little I have. I ran into another hiccup, and then got more vacant property. -I milled the test gears sometime around Feb. That's a 1mm bit to get into the cracks. -This is where I figured out it was the cheap bits that was making stuff out of spec. I managed to get perfect friction fits on the stainless steel shafts. That mismatching profile on the small gear was bothering me, though. -Yep. the middle gear doesn't mesh. So I can't continue the reservoir until I find a solution, and I can't make the chassis because I can't get mill parts from China... By the way, Buy stuff from MNPCTech so he can mill me some parts some day. -On that note; With my rental repairs, I've always had what I call the "end of the week/month" jinx. Whenever someone asks if I'll be done by the end of __X__, Something happens to make more work. Something breaks, the city floods, etc. Right before Corona hit, 5 separate people asked if my current repair job would be done within the end of March. So I guess you can blame me for the current chaos. -I used this time to clean up some of the garage, though. I thought this could use some paint after 80 years of abuse.
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