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  1. Cheapskate

    The Iron Turnip

    There's another flood warning in effect. I think they do that every time it rains now, you know... just in case. Anyway, it gives me an excuse to update! :D -Rejoice! For I have found more crap! I thought it was weird I only had half of a motor block, so I did some digging around. It turns out I have TWO scrap buckets. -Huh.. -I chopped a bit of the mower motor casing and filed it down to a fairly flat plate. -I got some cheap LED strip and wired some up to go behind the fan clutch in the front. I made a mistake and got the stuff encased in soft PVC. That was some NASTY smoke coming off the soldering iron this time. There's some connectors coming in the mail for my electrical junction board via rowboat or something. -I still don't know how people can strip the chrome off sink hardware like this. I chopped the choice bit off of this drain flange and sanded it flat. -I then spent an hour or so sanding the chrome off the underside. I got it together with ANOTHER ruined sink drain from earlier, and gave them both a dose of oven cleaner. It doesn't tarnish the brass right away. It waits until you've forgotten to work, so you come back to find the parts completely black. -Next I masked off the fan grill, taped the meat grinder part from the previous update in place, and epoxied the new brass ring on it. -Later...well, today, I filed the extra goop off and hit it with oven cleaner again. I have a purple disc to glue in the middle. -Since I'm doing all this plumbing-related stuff, Here's an off-topic tutorial: If you've bought a bathroom faucet in the past 20 years, you know they almost all come with a cheap Chinese gray plastic drain assembly. What you might not know is the lever for the drain plunger on these are made of soft plated steel. Older or more expensive versions were properly made of brass, but these cheap units generally rust away in one to five years. -anyway... -I have been replacing the steel since it's faster than rebuilding the sink. Here I've sawed off the rusty end and filed the end smooth. To free the ball/bushing I put it in a board with a hole drilled in it. The back end of the rod is in a vice, so by smacking the board, the ball is freed. In back you can see a set of stainless steel rods I have for replacements. I made sure they were larger than the rusty crappy ones. -Being nice to your nylon ball is important. Any scratching or distortion will make it leak. I made sure the clamping here didn't squash/flatten the hole in the middle before drilling. The bit is slightly smaller than the replacement rod. The fit has to be tight, or it will leak. Potentially, you could glue a stainless rod in, but this is best. -Back to the board with a hole in it. Use this to tap the ball onto the new rod. -And it's ready to go back in the drain assembly. Thanks for watching. Buy stuff from the following
  2. Cheapskate

    Recommendations on adding to my loop.

    Flow shouldn't be changed that much. Water doesn't compress like airflow does. In this case, something like all the rads in a vertical arrangement, or crazy height differences would affect it. if I remember, the ddc has about 18 feet of head pressure, so it can push water up a tube 18 feet. And again, GG's setup has 5x120, with a 1/2" ID tube pushing water into the top of the res 2 feet above the pump. You should be good inside a normal case area. The flow I have is ridiculous. If you really don't trust it, they do sell flow meters.
  3. Cheapskate

    Defyant's Light Blade

    Wait. I thought you had moved on to the second case with that last psu cover.
  4. Cheapskate

    Recommendations on adding to my loop.

    You should be able to add another rad. I have a ddc pushing 5x 120 rad space in GwassGween. -As long as you aren't pushing water 5 feet above the pump or something silly like that. If your general temps are higher than normal, It may be something else like a gooped up block, or dried up thermal paste.
  5. Cheapskate

    Core x71

    Much better.
  6. OW. Hammer it out and cover with plastic?
  7. Cheapskate

    Core x71

  8. I love that pattern you cut in the PSU cover.
  9. Cheapskate

    The Iron Turnip

    I have jack all finished, but I felt a need to update during the quiet. -Remember this half-piston head? Me neither. I wonder where the rest of it went. I hacked it down the middle here- -Because I found a good spot for an access panel. The original fuzzy plan was to connect case wiring to the system via long cables and hope they didn't jam up sliding the core module in. THAT PLAN WAS CRAP. What do you expect from vague fuzzy planning? With a big hole in the front I can hook up all the LED wires after the core is installed. I should probably remind myself to make it removable from the outside... Velcro? -Here it is post sanding an epoxying. -After some more hacking to make it sit lower, I noticed it doesn't exactly cover my planned hole. Hmm... Now you know why I'm wondering where the rest of that piston head is. -Don't think I haven't noticed this thing is getting front-heavy. -Anyone here still keeping a parts list? I've been eyeing these for a while: Minivan luggage rack extrusions. They came off as soon as it was discovered they whistle above 50 mph. They scream even louder in the chop saw. -Mix up some epoxy and mash 'em in to it. The brass pipe came from trimming a towel rack. -Dry, sand, and BOOM! Fancy enamel end-caps. Did you notice these look like fins? I have to remove the anodizing later to match the grimy metal color scheme. -One more random part: This is part of an abandoned meat grinder. It came with a backyard pot full of boiled deer skulls and a gruesome spot in the floor of the storage shed. I'm guessing the lure of 'free duuhr meet' died as soon as they found out cleaning the deer was actual work. Something the size of a dog isn't much of a bountiful harvest either... ANYway, I marked this up for cutting. -And did some dremeling with a bit of coping saw work around the tube area. -Yay! I finally got rid of that awkward spot in front if the fan grill. -I did some 'fit, mark, grind, repeat' until it was fairly flush. -Around this time I noticed the outside was lacking in brass accents. To make matters worse, my choices are getting slim. I'm pretty sure I can't add that bottle opener. The copper pipe is usable, though. -Intermission- The drive in the Ion Cube started acting up, so I had to swap that out. The problem is the drive smack in the middle of the system. Someone remind me not to design like that again. Thanks for your patience, sponsors and viewers alike.
  10. Cheapskate

    The Venom Project by RandomDesign

    Awesome. :D That 2nd card is a huge improvement. I like the little remote too.
  11. Cheapskate

    Bubble Wall (Aquarium) PC by ImmodderNation [IMDN]

    8 posts of dead air. You know better than that.
  12. Cheapskate

    Corsair Obsidian 900D Mod - Project Stryxx

    Looks factory-made. -Which is a good thing.