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  1. It really does scream for some nixie tubes and a row of big silver knobs.
  2. 1st off: This is totally the wrong place for this. We understand your confusion, though. 2nd: Check this thread out. The measurements are on page 3. This was a really primitive version, but it should give you the general idea. With acetal, you could potentially screw a stainless steel plate on top and seal it with silicone. You will also need a 1/4 BSPP tap. I didn't check, but I probably only had a tapered tap when I made the guide. Acetal will probably cut, tap, etc pretty nicely without much lube. It's a very easy material to cut. It does not grind or sand very easy, though. 3rd: I want to see results. Get to work!
  3. The humidity log would be pretty useless here. The only spot that doesn't hover around 70% is inside the clothes dryer.
  4. @XNine- Phrasing, people! Neat. Those temps, though. I start shivering if it dips below 74 degrees.
  5. I suspected that was it. You just finished a movie quality dalek, after all.
  6. Wait...Why did you mount the warp drives like an original series prop? Time constraint? You kinda need the original strut layout since you already have the bumps in the back. I guess the aerodynamic, organic hull vs. blocky strut is bugging me.
  7. I contemplated doing a bolt-on printer for my cnc, but I figure that the mill's ways/screws require too much oiling to leave it running overnight. The layout on that printer is kinda odd.
  8. -Enter the alcoholic buddy that takes one and has it in his mouth for an hour.
  9. I'm supposed to comment on your paste spackling skills too, right? If only you could sculpt fins with the stuff.
  10. Thanks for the link. None of that will fit the current monstrosity, sadly.
  11. We can drift. I'll admit when designing for Bill, keeping components stock is one of the sponsor's/customer's requirements. I just kinda forget about that stuff when building my personal rigs. -Especially when things won't FIT if I keep them stock.
  12. In before the airbrushing mayhem ensues.
  13. My custom waterblocking didn't seem to bother them. I'm fairly certain they knew what I was going to do too. Must be a new guy. Maybe they didn't want that crazy overclocking re-wiring type of modding. Attila hinting a new project... There isn't an emoticon for deliriously happy.
  14. Indeed. Cough it up.
  15. @B NEGATIVE-Um... That's like one guy here... and it's the name of his web shop. As for THE ONE RULE, it's mostly about those people that have never even made a taco, and have no intention to. The ones that start a log and either say, "Now gimmie free stuff," or, "Can someone make that for me, for free? Oh, and gimmie free stuff!" It's a DIY forum, not the welfare office. Also, I'd love to host a Sketchup competition, but I'm too busy with real life right now.