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  1. Cheapskate

    The Venom Project by RandomDesign

    It's pretty simple compared to some of his other setups. With more time and a good base model, He probably would have done a full body life size wall mount-thing you could mount in a ceiling corner classic Spider-Man style. -Cables hanging out of it's butt would have been odd, though.
  2. Cheapskate


    It really is. You do great stuff.
  3. Cheapskate

    The Venom Project by RandomDesign

    Ready for dentures
  4. Cheapskate

    DIY Black Oxide Anodizing Steel

    Yeah, I missed this thread, otherwise I would have suggested salad tongs or taping a stick to your clip at least. -Also a NIOSH respirator. It takes years to find out you cooked your lungs sometimes, and it's always too late.
  5. Cheapskate

    WOPR - Casecon by RandomDesign

    Awesome! Where do you even find that kind of woman?
  6. Cheapskate

    Corsair 750D Carbon

    Ghetto lathe!!!! :D -Although if it's blurry in the pic, you may be running way too fast. Ghetto stuff should be done slowly and carefully. We at The Mod Zoo Industries care about your safety.
  7. Cheapskate

    Corsair Obsidian 900D Mod - Project Stryxx

    I don't think anyone will cut tempered glass. From what I've been told, it just shatters. They generally cut it first, then temper it. I know you are probably mirroring the pattern, but I kinda like it with the asymmetry.
  8. Cheapskate

    WOPR - Casecon by RandomDesign

    It's much more accurate, but there's people that would kill for the old unfinished shell.
  9. Sorry, man. I know it will look awesome lit, but the SQUARENESS of it. I got into this to get away from the boxy look, so I'm tainted.
  10. Cheapskate

    The Iron Turnip

    Last update: June, wow.. yeah. It wasn't even for this rig. -Speaking of that, I think the lip clamping was redundant. With the rough surface of the glass and plastic, the plexi was almost impossible to remove. NOW. back to the rig. -Remember that I made big plans to solder a double usb3.0 hub into here? Yeah, F that too. It turns out that .5 mm mill bits are TOO BIG to make the traces with, also I really don't have the free time. I bought a compromise part. It's a little clunky, though. -Better! -I had a similar problem running the other end through the bat handle. I had to sand the USB logos off to get the plug to fit. -Here I ground out a pass-through in the mounting bracket, and splattered a little glue around. -Well, that's nice and blurry. Here we have sawed off one end of a Moen sink cartridge. +1 to the scrap tally list. I needed something to cover naked female USB parts sticking out. I somehow made that sound more exciting than it really is... The tape marks where I need to dremel. -Pow. No progress pics, just done. I'll need to dab some silver paint over that epoxy eventually. -Meanwhile, I needed something I could do to the core during brief moments of free time. Shortening the wires seemed good. Here I've drastically shortened the SATA daisy-chain. The pump also lost it's big-ass SATA plug. -I removed one of the motherboard 4 pin plugs, and replaced 2 of those wires with a pump connector. -Redundant picture? Sure, why not? The 'work in small doses' thing bit me in the backside on a few occasions... -One victim was the GPU cable. Mark with latex paint and colored markers one day... Decide on doing the cut differently and mark again... Come back another day, forget the plan, and cut in the wrong place... Then the pin remover decides to not work anymore. I got one pin free finally, but it was so unexpected and violent that the pin remover took a dive, -and you know the damned things only land point-down. Anyway, I opted to solder, and one wire there gave me some trouble there too. Yeah, it's ugly. -So the problem wire caused me to pre-shrink two of the heat shrink bits. I couldn't replace them since my pin remover was broke, so you get a slathering of liquid electrical tape. :P It may be ugly, but it's stuffed in a spot where no one will ever see it. I just hope it fits... Thanks again to my very patient sponsors.
  11. I thought the original case was big. This is HUGE BIG. :D Lovely work, and thanks for sharing it at the zoo. I've been watching the whole time, but the rig was so wild I had no comment. It was fun to watch, though.
  12. Cheapskate

    Gaming rig in a vehicle

    Texting and driving move over. @Mosquito -I just took my extra van seats and made an office chair out of one.
  13. Cheapskate


    Yes. Welcome to the Zoo. :D You will find it is quiet here. I saw the other rigs on BitTech, but this one is new to me. I really like your style.