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  1. check yr email ;-)

  2. [Build Log] Metroid -A 3D printed computer case

    Been there with my mill. Is it not possible to grind the failed cubes down and make a new file to complete it where you left off? I'd think with the cube/modular pattern, it would be easier to splice.
  3. [sponsored] Project Orion by Likwid Mods

    Kinda rare to see a Silverstone build anymore. -That giant psu cover logo, though... With the copyright symbol as big as a sore thumb.
  4. CF1 mod

    Looking great! I kinda liked the layout with only one side covered with angle.
  5. [Build Log] Metroid -A 3D printed computer case

    Looks like there's a lot of wasted space due to the cubes.
  6. Vinyl is back, and keeping me busy!

    HUGE feet.
  7. SINGULARITY - Cooler Master Mastercase H500P

    That's lovely. The accents blend into the original case perfectly too.
  8. WOPR - Casecon by RandomDesign

    Looking great. :D See you next month.
  9. 1200 or Butts!

    This pic made me go check my salvaged chip box. (I didn't know I still had a competitive streak.) You have more P4s than me. I only have 15. If I had passed on parting out the last batch that came my way I would have won, But they were Vaios, and I knew I'd keep the sinks and clutter my closet.
  10. [Build Log] Metroid -A 3D printed computer case

    1st: Welcome to the zoo. :D 2nd: Looks like a promising build. 3rd: Post your printer, not your feet. We don't roll like that here. -I think... I mean we have some oddballs here, but...
  11. Achromodic - by Boddaker

    I wish I could. The trash pickup guys cussed me out at the start of fall. Just the front yard = 12 cans. -and that's with me jumping on them to pack the needles down. A storm passed through, and I had to do it again the next week.
  12. Achromodic - by Boddaker

    Holyshit. I thought I had a pine needle problem.
  13. Lambda Core

    3rd version: Isn't there a collision issue with the fittings?
  14. Baby's first mod: andoryuu3's Red Raijintek Styx

    Welcome to the zoo, and put a towel over the carpet before you lose a screw. ...I seem to remember hearing that told to me when I was hitting puberty.
  15. G-Frame - Scratch Build (updated Jan 23, 2018)

    Coffee/black would look good with polished copper, beige, and piano black. - Think vintage Rolls Royce. Mentally, vintage/black is out for me because the case would disappear into the wall paneling here. The blue is a good vote to me because of all the modern hardware it will be casing. -And I've seen a lot of natural wood builds already.