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  1. Ah, I figured. I was thinking of something lighter like veins.
  2. OK. We gotta talk shop now, Bill.
  3. Loved the hangout, and welcome to the zoo.:D If I had ANY free time I would totally be into this. I saw your monkey skull with the transparent skin and was wondering if you could add a paint layer to the 'bones' without the final casting damaging it. I like the idea of casting something a little jellyfish-like.
  4. Nice cable duct.:D I should have known you might have some metalwork gear after seeing that garage.
  5. That came out really good. -Especially with what you had to work with.
  6. The crimson King says Hi. I can't believe no one has done that yet.
  7. Neat! :D The design screams, "I don't have a cat." Any plans for decorative outer parts or covering?
  8. Not calling it, "Black, white, and red all over." -BOO
  9. Will we ever see a 16 fan Mo-Ra?
  10. I'm holding out for the bluetooth ram.:lol: When someone puts a processor chip in the RGB fans, you will know we have gone too far.
  11. Maaaan, TT will have a crappy knockoff by then.
  12. Sweet. :D If I got a rig like that at 13, my older brother would have smothered me in my sleep...
  13. Wrapping it in the 'ol sheepskin, eh? Now I'm worried about what shape this rig will be.
  14. Cow parts... This is going to be weirder than the centipede, isn't it?
  15. Faking death will not get you out of finishing the Z. Joking. It's good to have you back. This rig would look good with 2 silver racing stripes continuing the lines from the fanguard.