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  1. Cheapskate

    Core x71

    Yeah, I'm fairly sure you had to farm it out to someone. I was just teasing you for sneaking it in like it was a tube fitting.
  2. Wasted print: Would it be possible to print a layout frame, then print the cubes upside down? You could get a smoother face too. -I know... more glue, not as strong, but supports and stuff could be added. The test block looks fantastic.
  3. Cheapskate

    Mom's Mod - Everquest Themed Pay it Forward Build

    The case came out great. I don't know about that desk, though. It doesn't look very comfortable.
  4. Cheapskate

    Core x71

    The tubing looks great. What's off is the res/manifold plate that magically appeared. Where'd that come from?
  5. You should have some cubes raise up over the I/O cables. Adding a pattern on the top of each cube would be neat too.
  6. I got paid to tear down couches and chairs at five. It's never too early to teach a work ethic. Info like how capacitors can still zap you after the power is off help teach common sense too.
  7. Cheapskate

    Core x71

  8. Cheapskate

    Fusion-[scratch build] Final Pics

    Pass. I'm still reeling over the fact that some of my batshit crazy designs from the sketchup contests could be PRINTED.
  9. Cheapskate

    Fusion-[scratch build] Final Pics

    There's room for water...some day. For now it's fine. I think a horizontal res nested in the round side mounted to the I/O would cap the 'stripe' nicely.
  10. Cheapskate

    Fusion-[scratch build] Final Pics

    Just teasing you, to be honest. There's still the floaty aspect of your mobo tray to display too.
  11. Cheapskate

    Fusion-[scratch build] Final Pics

    Back to faceplate pestering over multiple forums: :D You can come back at a later date to make one. For now think about the horizontal banding in the ply, and the dominant stripe made by the deep-seated horizontal I/O, and how you would need to make the whole thing bevel inwards to meet the I/O. (No Jedi mind tricks were employed in the composition of this post.)
  12. Cheapskate

    Alita: Battle Angel - Laptop Mod - Zapan Edition

    I'm in. :D You do neat stuff.
  13. Cheapskate

    Fusion-[scratch build] Final Pics

    Did you remember to get the possum out of the pipe before you brought it in?
  14. Cheapskate

    The Iron Turnip

    Don't worry. I can hide it behind an Aqua Teen Hunger Force LED sign.