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  1. I missed the whole build. It came out great for a limited materials build. If you get more mesh: I'd wrap the mesh around the rad to cover the spot where the branding was. Norman: Oh God! I need to invest in a box of googly eyes for my tools now. At the very least, If I ever go on a killing spree, I'll make sure my gun has googly eyes on it. ...I've said too much.
  2. Dayum! All ready to go out and EXTERMINATE some shit.
  3. Looks sharp! Nice balance of accent color too.
  4. -Yep. It's extruded. It'll melt around drill bits if you're not careful too. I've had it melt with hand saws. The only thing you can consistently cut it with is a tile saw. Your best bet is http://www.delviesplastics.com/ for cast plexi. -Though you have to eat shipping costs. Check the clearance section.
  5. Thanks @jassilamba, After buying jewelry for my Mom for Christmas, gooble probably has me in the cross-dresser demographic now. -Gotta quit clicking links...
  6. That came out great. No access to light up letters? 'Hunt 'n' peck in the dark' joke omitted.
  7. Wrenching the fittings down isn't a good idea if you are unfamiliar with the concept of "finger tighten." There have been a lot of damaged blocks that can be traced back to an over-tightened fitting. Yes. You will need to pull the res-pump out to fill. I'd attach a spare barb fitting and a length of clear hose to the top to fill. You can temporarily cap it with a pen.
  8. Run to the light Carrol-Anne Jesse! Also: This is why Jesus only hung out with prostitutes as friends. They totally would have caught him if he was dipping in the till.
  9. Move Noob to quarantine! He's RGB infected!
  10. Link: Awww. No corny comments section.
  11. BEEFY! Love this kinda stuff. Your design on the fan cover is pretty sweet.
  12. I'm scrollin' like a mofo here. There's no mention of the power button. I suspect that black dot on the back of the GPU. It came out awesome again. Love your work, congrats on the future gizmodo writeup, etc. Still, It's sooooo quiet here. I almost miss the random, "OMG FIRE HAZZARD!" person popping in.
  13. Looking pretty sweet. :D @Ardeeo84 - I think he's drawing inspiration from the HP Blackbird. It had a floating foot design like this. His is a lot more rakish.
  14. That's one of the things that turned me off on the table routers. Even with my 6" (cough) Z travel. There's still clearance issues sometimes. You're not always going to be cutting flat sheet. Sometimes you might want to cut on a odd shaped case part or something. If you're adding waste boards and a clamp, that space is gone. The other issue I had was the router. Listening to a 100 decibel "RRRRRREEEEEEEEE" for hours at a time? No thanks. Also more collet sizes = more choices for bits. You're not going to find a cheap, long 1/8" bit on an 1/8 shank. All of my bits are 1/8, 3/16, and 3/8. Most are not 1/8". Router standard seems to cost more online.
  15. Oh...Lordy! Best idea for a holiday segment ever.