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  1. I have to wonder why you didn't mount the psu sideways.
  2. Holy poopie... Yes. indeed. That was the phrase I was thinking as well.
  3. If you had an industrial sewing machine, I'd suggest some seatbelts from a nearby junkyard. Since it's those cheap riveted clasps that failed, you could swap them out for small chain connectors.
  4. Framing it out is such a nice touch. It makes it look a lot larger with that one detail. The screws cancel it out, of course.
  5. Lovely work. :D All my spiky designs get shot down. You are our last hope.
  6. Kudos for still posting after the site was "misplaced." I figured that would be the last nail in the coffin.
  7. Making a classic design even classier here. Meanwhile, The new Mac looks like a cheese grater.
  8. I t'aint posted finals here 'cause I don't want to break Kyle's server, but yes really. I'm done. I have pics up on Bit already. The next rig should go quicker since it will be plexi and machining. I'm thinking of including a huge waterclock res, though. Mostly this is to use up some of that plastic I've bought.
  9. DONE! Yessssssss! FINITOOOOO! You heard me- Done! I decided the 5 year mark was way to long to work on one project. -I got the back off by pulling the end of the reservoir... and a couple of screws. I'd say the tricky bit was prying a really settled in O-ring free. -Skipping a bit, (You'll see all the holes I punched in the back eventually,) I started final assembly. I put the PSU back in, and found all the wires to plug in. -I'm slapping the fan panel in and snaking the internal wires out the access hatch here. Looking at this pic I realize I probably didn't add enough airflow. -Oh, NO! I'm all out of fancy computer water! -Oh, wait... I had some. I mean, It won't run as fast as Perrier, but I'm in a hurry. -Oh shit. What does rotten water smell like? I obviously thought I wouldn't have been delayed as much as I was. -I did a 15 second leak test after tossing this thing around like a beach ball. Just kidding, I just filled it and primed the pump. -Trying to get some internal pics here, but you really can't even get a finger in this thing. -Yeah, that's electrical tape. I'm not proud. I don't remember ever testing the power cord, either. -I omitted the kinda clumsy core insertion. You can imagine how after all the modding to the can that it might not be very round. I needed some razor blade prying and even a rubber mallet to get the back panel inserted. Anyway, this is the light/fan/control switch access hole. Are you ready for final photos? OK, hold onto something! HERE THEY COME! -But first, let me show you this weird UFO I saw the other day. -Spooky -Is that a little alien in the window?! -Yeah, You knew I was an evil shitass. I'll get some proper pics out. You only had to wait 5 years. What's day or two going to matter? Thanks again to my sponsors. I never would get to do stuff like this without them.
  10. So you might have noticed several MONTHS of posts vanished. I have no clue what happened. The shit just was gone one day... My posts, your posts, yeah. One month away from the 5 year anniversary... Let that sink in. 5 -Makin' fit happen all around. -I soldered the Moen valve tube to the new brass plate, then found a screw for the other bit. -So that's a brass keychain, a Moen sink insert, brass rod from a sink drain assembly, the body of a printer stepper motor, and the head of a dart. -That's epoxy, not snot. Getting this clamped was tricky. I ended up filing the clamp heads as flat as I could get them. You can also see some plexi I glued together. -Here's the last bit of wiring I needed to do... I think. I just had a full-length molex cord fall out of the core, so maybe not? I sharpened the plexi bit with the belt sander. I did NOT put it in the pencil sharpener. It's too big, and the sharpener is really dull for some reason. -All the wiring inside. I hot glued the UV strip around the front vents too. -And with that, the outside is DONE. All but that bit I marked with blue tape that still has to have the pen marks cleaned off. Oops. Maybe I should use bigger tape. -A pic of that last bit of stuff up close. The sink tailpiece at the top was made of really good brass. I never got it to tarnish. -One shot to tease. I've drained the loop on the core so I can remove the back plate. Once I get the HDMI ports cut, I can slap it together and call it done. Thanks again to my sponsors:
  11. Beautiful. :D I want a disco wall now. I suspect I'd figure out I know people with epilepsy REAL quick, though.
  12. Paper/cardboard is a good start. Thickness on the aluminum really depends on how well it's made an how you will put this together. Annealed alu under 2mm will not be very stiff. Personally I use a lot of 1/8", but for a cover plate you could probably go a lot thinner. -1mm-ish for bends. 2mm-1/8" if you fear warping it cutting. I'd recommend leaving a little space inside around the rad for glue glob around the cover seams.
  13. Congratulations on a successful de-molding. Hallmark should make a card for that.
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