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  1. Cheapskate

    Logitech G413 LED Mod

    Holy crap, talk about missing a reply. It's probably too late to reply. Tap plastics carry extruded triangular and half-round extruded rods, but the shipping would probably murder you.
  2. Cheapskate

    WTB Red Harbinger Cross Desk

    http://www.redharbinger.com/product-category/cases/ I'm fairly certain that no one here has a spare one lying around unused.
  3. So.. no veneer work. -Just kidding.
  4. Cheapskate

    WOPR - Casecon by RandomDesign

    Settle down, Kenshiro.
  5. Cheapskate

    [Work in Progress] - Project HYDRON

    FWI: Bed frame works better without the bed. Looking good. The bits get dull on aluminum pretty quickly. My bits break because the mill goes senile and just starts cutting in a wild direction. Wasted sheet: Can your software re-start at a set line in the G-code? If you have a zero point you can reset to, you should be able to re-bit and save the part.
  6. Cheapskate

    WOPR - Casecon by RandomDesign

    EGAD! That's a month of soldering and swearing for me. You should have been a surgeon... Are you a surgeon?
  7. Cheapskate

    pc table as case

    Quiet season on the forum. All I can think of is -Remember to add horizontal support to the design. I've seen a lot of desk plans in the past that could potentially wobble side to side or even collapse.
  8. Cheapskate

    Project : SNOW

    HEY That's cheatin', but it worked great. I hope that plexi really is blue. It would look awesome with that green. I'll cry if it's protective backing again.
  9. Cheapskate

    Diy method to clean rads

    I think something was lost in translation. I'm NOT an expert. :D Lysol toilet cleaner works for sterilizing, and it is very rough on copper. If you have a bacteria problem, it's great. The mix might be a little different there, since our stuff will turn copper RED if left on to long. I wasn't naming any particular useful item for your problem. I merely wanted to get you thinking about a different approach to the problem. Strong acids didn't work, so maybe try a soap or detergent. -Anyway, The stuff inside the radiator shouldn't be too big of a problem. The dye might tint your coolant again, but that's all.
  10. Cheapskate

    Diy method to clean rads

    :D Toilet cleaner is a one second cleaner for copper. Any longer than that turns it dark. I use it to sterilize the system. Yes it's crude and heavy-handed, but I haven't had to flush one of my rigs for eight years now. You may be stuck with it. Dye is really tenacious stuff. All of the cleaning solutions you mentioned are acid-related. I'd look into stain removing soaps or even chemical solvents like alcohol.
  11. Cheapskate

    Corsair 750D Carbon

    That will work. :D I switched to CNC because I can't SEE little stuff like this anymore.
  12. Cheapskate

    Starwars X-Wing by RandomDesign

    He cleaned out the print reel market, and has probably resorted to using weed trimmer line by now.
  13. Cheapskate


    @kaisounovsky -It will drive you crazy after working with a cad software. I don't think they ever programmed a snap function into it. Circles are drawn diagonally, etc...
  14. One of the rotary tool's biggest problems is that the fan venting is exactly where you hold it. I think this is why so many of them burn up.
  15. Nope. If they slap a plexi window over it, it can partake of the 120mm x 2 breeze from the front. It'll be on water too.