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  1. Looking sharp. I popped in after seeing your pump top query on Bit. I don't think having a non-spiral volute will change your pump performance enough to matter in such a small setup. It'll boost your street cred if you can make your own tops too.:D
  2. Coming along really nicely. I can tell you are having a lot of fun. Really like the gpu cover.
  3. Ok, I'm guessing the silence is because it's the ModZoo, and not because of the high attrition rate of 2016 on the '70s rock community. I didn't know about Rush retiring until I got the farewell documentary for Christmas. -OW. ow. That said...CRAP!
  4. I saw your question in chat. Apparently, You can just copy/paste the link into the text box. I had to try it to find out. Your build is coming along nicely. I approve highly of things that are not square. In fact, I think I've drawn up something in the Sketchup contests with a similar layout. I can't wait to see if/how you skin the frame.
  5. Fixed again.
  6. Sweet. I had some neat kit from an x-ray control console, and a 10" ducted fan from a '70s xerox machine... someone tossed behind my back.
  7. Aw, Man... I've been gutting Dell servers for years. I never got any 120mm fans out of it. I have a mountain of 92 and 40mm fans, though.
  8. Will there be food? I'll drive the 18+ hours for food.
  9. There are local property management companies popping up all over. The property market here went insane ages ago and Houston is turning into a solid 50+ mile radius subdivision. Foreclosure sales started blocking investment offers for the first month their house is on the market, so the owner occupied offers could get a chance. The problem with Chinese investors is their MO: They offer full price cash or better to get the contract, then try like crazy to haggle the price down to nothing, try to get out of the commission fees, ask for cash back at closing... all kinds of illegal shit.
  10. For God's sake, handle this one like a watch assembly, not a tire change. Keep the broken one too. Someday you'll have the skillset to watercool your cat. This is a pretty general mistake. The biggest WC oops award still goes to the guy on RRR that pulled about 40 rotary fittings apart to paint them. -They don't come apart...
  11. Hey, I had to re-read a few posts too. crappy... Was that a pun? Every flat surface in that last house was caked with cat shit and pee. I had to pull the pergo floor in the living room because underneath was soaked with pee. On the plus side, No more laminate flooring. It's a pain in the ass to put down, and this finally convinced the "boss" to use wood-look tile instead. I feel a rant coming on.. Let's see... house one moved ten family members in that didn't work. They flooded the house repeatedly until our contractor busted them. House two bugged out and left 90% of his junk behind. The big problem I had there was the neighbors across the street acted like gypsies and dug through all the trash I put out and threw it all over, so I had to truck everything home to dispose of it. They wanted to move in too...Yeah, No. House three was crazy cat lady. House four moved in, only paid the first month's rent, and let her 6' plus 'kid' punch holes in everything and smoke to a level that would put Bob Marley to shame. -Not our house. We never would have let them in. #5 is in eviction process. This guy was actually the best tenant we've had in this house, but the neighbor is an ass. The owner is taking this opportunity to sell the house so he can re-locate his properties to another state. Here's the fun bit. Property is currently being bought up by Chinese investors. Their MO is to rent to subsidized housing tenants. :D I can guarantee that that is going to give the ass neighbor a stroke, and possibly destroy property values all around. -This one is going to suck because the house belonged to the king of "glue it, and screw it." It's going to need a lot of fixing if it is going to be sold. House one was the same owner, and it was fixed for sale. So, yeah. Almost a year of suckage. Zero break-ins, though. That's a plus.
  12. How does this forum thing work... -That tube I milled 1/4" holes in was so I could tap this 1/4" purple rod into the holes. The tapered tube to the side is with the mounting plates that attached it to the case MANY MONTHS AGO. -Here that is sanded down smooth. -I was still trying to remove the chrome from the faucet tube. -For that I needed some flap sanding discs. I could buy some God-awful expensive Dremel ones, or... Yeah.:D -A little cardboard backing and I'm ready to rock. -A little side mod I did to a crappy tool design. The battery attachment point disintegrated due to the violent tool vibration. I made an extension cord. To disgust you, or give you a vague idea of WHY I have been gone so long: -Check out that sweet paint work! This is vacancy one, somewhere in 2016. They honestly thought they could paint over the filth. -This is my current project immediately after the scoop-shovel squad finished up. Feral cats, rats, raccoons in the attic, and a hen in the garage. Drugs are bad, M'kay? -Hoping to do a real update someday. Think of this as a postcard from limbo.
  13. Looking good. I forgot to say welcome to the zoo.
  14. I'm holding a candlelight vigil for that poor murdered plexi tonight.
  15. Did someone say, "Landboat thread"? 70 LTD like the pic, only in gunmetal blue and no soft top. Why they ditched this design for the brick-with-headlights look is beyond comprehension. Sadly, my Dad invested heavily in slide film, so it's a royal pain to dig through and scan.