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  1. Congratulations on a successful de-molding. Hallmark should make a card for that.
  2. ALL of them? You didn't luck out and only kill the first one on each strip?
  3. Yeah, I'm fairly sure you had to farm it out to someone. I was just teasing you for sneaking it in like it was a tube fitting.
  4. Wasted print: Would it be possible to print a layout frame, then print the cubes upside down? You could get a smoother face too. -I know... more glue, not as strong, but supports and stuff could be added. The test block looks fantastic.
  5. The case came out great. I don't know about that desk, though. It doesn't look very comfortable.
  6. The tubing looks great. What's off is the res/manifold plate that magically appeared. Where'd that come from?
  7. You should have some cubes raise up over the I/O cables. Adding a pattern on the top of each cube would be neat too.
  8. I got paid to tear down couches and chairs at five. It's never too early to teach a work ethic. Info like how capacitors can still zap you after the power is off help teach common sense too.
  9. Pass. I'm still reeling over the fact that some of my batshit crazy designs from the sketchup contests could be PRINTED.
  10. There's room for water...some day. For now it's fine. I think a horizontal res nested in the round side mounted to the I/O would cap the 'stripe' nicely.
  11. Just teasing you, to be honest. There's still the floaty aspect of your mobo tray to display too.
  12. Back to faceplate pestering over multiple forums: :D You can come back at a later date to make one. For now think about the horizontal banding in the ply, and the dominant stripe made by the deep-seated horizontal I/O, and how you would need to make the whole thing bevel inwards to meet the I/O. (No Jedi mind tricks were employed in the composition of this post.)
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