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  1. Hi. Welcome to the Zoo. You kind of confused me, though. Is this a repost of an email for modmymods.com? That case looks like it can take at least 2 3 x 120 radiators. One would likely suffice. Were you wanting to know if you could stuff more radiators? -because it seems kind of obvious where they could go.
  2. And again. This time they forgot to pay the electric bill at the datacenter.
  3. Somebody touched the forum. It's seems to be fixed again. We're on the steam powered server now and sometimes it runs out of coal/human sacrifices.
  4. That's probably where I picked it up. Stuff rusts like crazy here too, though, In my case my mom was/is infamous for swiping tools. When I got my own tools as a teen I painted the logo stampings and inside of the sockets neon orange. Working with her on a house repair used to be 90% looking for your gear.
  5. Yeah, I put 2 cans of paint out and the trash guys finally decided to not take paint. I hate that that the trash services eventually reject everything I need to get rid of. -So I had a lot of cans of mystery spray paint to waste that day. The ugliest one worked. I just get the garage emptied out enough to walk around in it, and a friend brings over 7 ceiling fans...
  6. Files skid right over that vise without grabbing. It's really nice steel. OK... I think cabin fever might be setting in. I kinda was burning through a bunch of old paint to get rid of it... and this sort-of happened: I wonder what Grandpa would think. I was laughing my butt off, but that may have been because I didn't have a mask on.
  7. -Hey, kids. Remember how I said the bad tolerances would bite me in the butt? ...Yeah. Those are some really bad tolerances. I may be breaking this up and trying again. For now, I'm tweaking the reservoir model and focusing on that. I also have to figure out how to level the tube cut. I apologize for taking baby steps here, but there's so many places I can screw up. ---Old post/New post--- I probably should drop what little I have. I ran into another hiccup, and then got more vacant property. -I milled the test gears sometime around Feb. That's a 1mm bit to get into the cracks. -This is where I figured out it was the cheap bits that was making stuff out of spec. I managed to get perfect friction fits on the stainless steel shafts. That mismatching profile on the small gear was bothering me, though. -Yep. the middle gear doesn't mesh. So I can't continue the reservoir until I find a solution, and I can't make the chassis because I can't get mill parts from China... By the way, Buy stuff from MNPCTech so he can mill me some parts some day. -On that note; With my rental repairs, I've always had what I call the "end of the week/month" jinx. Whenever someone asks if I'll be done by the end of __X__, Something happens to make more work. Something breaks, the city floods, etc. Right before Corona hit, 5 separate people asked if my current repair job would be done within the end of March. So I guess you can blame me for the current chaos. -I used this time to clean up some of the garage, though. I thought this could use some paint after 80 years of abuse.
  8. The server stores it's data on vinyl. There was a scratch...
  9. We really should move you to the staff mods section. It's getting dusty.
  10. The zoo is turning into Mosquito's private hangout. -I have this framework in clear. It's on the inside, and I have a lot of clear, so 99% of the bracing will be layered 1/4" clear. You can see I had to make the ring in 2 pieces and splice it together. -1/8 inch my ass. I found the source of my undersized hole problem. I'm playing fast and loose with the tolerances anyway. I expect it will bite me in the butt about a year from now. These are currently selling as HQ Master brand on Amazon. I'll admit Amazon did finally nuke 90% of the "chinese amway" stuff you've heard me ranting about. These at least cut. -I have a spot on this "end cap" I'm building where the parts overlap. To fix this I planned to mill the bottom of the yellow bits at an angle. I clamped this little jig in the mill. The pictures of the process didn't come out. (Note to self: This plastic + flash = blinding white.) -Hey, I got a picture of it! So these little yellow bits each glue to a spline against the pearl disc. -and I'm already kicking myself for not building alignment tabs into the design.
  11. It is impossible to get a good photo of, though. 90% of the shots are blowout or blur. I can't thank Kyle enough. The image hosting was a saintly act. BTW, @Kylevdm - notification doesn't work because I spammed a full page of @'s and he turned his off.
  12. Puddidium235: A radioactive isotope of banana pudding. Generally considered harmless, but may cause eye strain if looked at too long. Yep. :D I'm at it again. During the previous project I picked up some really obnoxious plexiglas. I was also drawing up something with brutalism as the theme. Eventually it evolved into what I will now attempt to build. -I mean, I kept telling myself, "too simple." How crazy did the design get? Well, here's a hint: -NOT a cube! Obviously, I may have set the bar a little high. Some of this stuff doesn't fit my little mill, so there might be a gantry mill mini-game. Speaking of Mills, I did some tidying up: -I got everything running on one pump, and chopped this old xerox chassis. Other mods include a ps2 plug for the antique keyboard. -Day one: I have here some freshly tile-sawed 3 1/2" tube, 1/2" clear with 1/8" teal bonded to it, and some strips of blue with...glitter. :D It's going to be gloriously obnoxious, I promise. -The first milling pic may be blurry, but it's nice and loud. -I'm trying some chinese bits here. (Well, they had a fake Japanese name on them, clever bastards..) I will admit the edge cuts are nice and clean, but the center-cutting is a big fat lie. For this part I have a tiny hole in the very center, so I can line the part up after flipping it. -Here I'm drilling the center hole all the way through the part. I also marked out the horizontal positioning. -and again my camera proves it can change history and travel through time. (How the F does it save a pic from a day before AFTER this pic?) Anyway.. I was a little rusty after taking such a long break, and forgot to flip the CAD to match the part. YEP! The first part was also the first mistake. I'm good. The circle shows one of the screw hole starts on the opposite side. The X is where it's supposed to be. -Luckily, I made two blanks. This is a finished 2nd try. -I drilled and tapped these out. Did I mention these will be a reservoir mount? No? -Here's a hint. This is the last time I played with some of this heavy 3 1/2" tube. The tolerances were awful, it rattled, and there's no way to dismantle it. -Here's a bushing I'll be needing for this. You can see the awful surface cutting of the chinese bit here. I'm also noticing the holes are out of spec. (I HOPE that's the bits. God help me if my machine is out of tune. ) This 1/4" bit should fit in the hole. Instead, I doubt it would fit if it was hammered in. -For now, I'm focusing on parts I can fit on the machine. Here's another hint of the loudness to come. It's florescent yellow pearl, and it isn't nearly as loud as the rest. -Enter our primary color: Neon banana puddin'. Notice it's UV reaction to even white LEDs. :D -Here's a better example of the edge and surface cuts. I'm not happy I now need to program a 2nd set of code for surface bits. -Here's my current parts pile. I hope you enjoyed my disjointed, disorganized, and downright cryptic first post. I can't guarantee it will make more sense in the future, but confusing you is just the nature of my game. I'll leave you with the part I'm currently trying to realize:
  13. Absolutely beautiful. but... How are you connecting cables?
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