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  1. Making a classic design even classier here. Meanwhile, The new Mac looks like a cheese grater.
  2. I t'aint posted finals here 'cause I don't want to break Kyle's server, but yes really. I'm done. I have pics up on Bit already. The next rig should go quicker since it will be plexi and machining. I'm thinking of including a huge waterclock res, though. Mostly this is to use up some of that plastic I've bought.
  3. DONE! Yessssssss! FINITOOOOO! You heard me- Done! I decided the 5 year mark was way to long to work on one project. -I got the back off by pulling the end of the reservoir... and a couple of screws. I'd say the tricky bit was prying a really settled in O-ring free. -Skipping a bit, (You'll see all the holes I punched in the back eventually,) I started final assembly. I put the PSU back in, and found all the wires to plug in. -I'm slapping the fan panel in and snaking the internal wires out the access hatch here. Looking at this pic I realize I probably didn't add enough airflow. -Oh, NO! I'm all out of fancy computer water! -Oh, wait... I had some. I mean, It won't run as fast as Perrier, but I'm in a hurry. -Oh shit. What does rotten water smell like? I obviously thought I wouldn't have been delayed as much as I was. -I did a 15 second leak test after tossing this thing around like a beach ball. Just kidding, I just filled it and primed the pump. -Trying to get some internal pics here, but you really can't even get a finger in this thing. -Yeah, that's electrical tape. I'm not proud. I don't remember ever testing the power cord, either. -I omitted the kinda clumsy core insertion. You can imagine how after all the modding to the can that it might not be very round. I needed some razor blade prying and even a rubber mallet to get the back panel inserted. Anyway, this is the light/fan/control switch access hole. Are you ready for final photos? OK, hold onto something! HERE THEY COME! -But first, let me show you this weird UFO I saw the other day. -Spooky -Is that a little alien in the window?! -Yeah, You knew I was an evil shitass. I'll get some proper pics out. You only had to wait 5 years. What's day or two going to matter? Thanks again to my sponsors. I never would get to do stuff like this without them.
  4. So you might have noticed several MONTHS of posts vanished. I have no clue what happened. The shit just was gone one day... My posts, your posts, yeah. One month away from the 5 year anniversary... Let that sink in. 5 -Makin' fit happen all around. -I soldered the Moen valve tube to the new brass plate, then found a screw for the other bit. -So that's a brass keychain, a Moen sink insert, brass rod from a sink drain assembly, the body of a printer stepper motor, and the head of a dart. -That's epoxy, not snot. Getting this clamped was tricky. I ended up filing the clamp heads as flat as I could get them. You can also see some plexi I glued together. -Here's the last bit of wiring I needed to do... I think. I just had a full-length molex cord fall out of the core, so maybe not? I sharpened the plexi bit with the belt sander. I did NOT put it in the pencil sharpener. It's too big, and the sharpener is really dull for some reason. -All the wiring inside. I hot glued the UV strip around the front vents too. -And with that, the outside is DONE. All but that bit I marked with blue tape that still has to have the pen marks cleaned off. Oops. Maybe I should use bigger tape. -A pic of that last bit of stuff up close. The sink tailpiece at the top was made of really good brass. I never got it to tarnish. -One shot to tease. I've drained the loop on the core so I can remove the back plate. Once I get the HDMI ports cut, I can slap it together and call it done. Thanks again to my sponsors:
  5. Beautiful. :D I want a disco wall now. I suspect I'd figure out I know people with epilepsy REAL quick, though.
  6. Paper/cardboard is a good start. Thickness on the aluminum really depends on how well it's made an how you will put this together. Annealed alu under 2mm will not be very stiff. Personally I use a lot of 1/8", but for a cover plate you could probably go a lot thinner. -1mm-ish for bends. 2mm-1/8" if you fear warping it cutting. I'd recommend leaving a little space inside around the rad for glue glob around the cover seams.
  7. Congratulations on a successful de-molding. Hallmark should make a card for that.
  8. ALL of them? You didn't luck out and only kill the first one on each strip?
  9. Yeah, I'm fairly sure you had to farm it out to someone. I was just teasing you for sneaking it in like it was a tube fitting.
  10. Wasted print: Would it be possible to print a layout frame, then print the cubes upside down? You could get a smoother face too. -I know... more glue, not as strong, but supports and stuff could be added. The test block looks fantastic.
  11. The case came out great. I don't know about that desk, though. It doesn't look very comfortable.
  12. The tubing looks great. What's off is the res/manifold plate that magically appeared. Where'd that come from?
  13. You should have some cubes raise up over the I/O cables. Adding a pattern on the top of each cube would be neat too.
  14. I got paid to tear down couches and chairs at five. It's never too early to teach a work ethic. Info like how capacitors can still zap you after the power is off help teach common sense too.
  15. Pass. I'm still reeling over the fact that some of my batshit crazy designs from the sketchup contests could be PRINTED.
  16. There's room for water...some day. For now it's fine. I think a horizontal res nested in the round side mounted to the I/O would cap the 'stripe' nicely.
  17. Just teasing you, to be honest. There's still the floaty aspect of your mobo tray to display too.
  18. Back to faceplate pestering over multiple forums: :D You can come back at a later date to make one. For now think about the horizontal banding in the ply, and the dominant stripe made by the deep-seated horizontal I/O, and how you would need to make the whole thing bevel inwards to meet the I/O. (No Jedi mind tricks were employed in the composition of this post.)
  19. Did you remember to get the possum out of the pipe before you brought it in?
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