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  1. Congratulations on a successful de-molding. Hallmark should make a card for that.
  2. ALL of them? You didn't luck out and only kill the first one on each strip?
  3. Yeah, I'm fairly sure you had to farm it out to someone. I was just teasing you for sneaking it in like it was a tube fitting.
  4. Wasted print: Would it be possible to print a layout frame, then print the cubes upside down? You could get a smoother face too. -I know... more glue, not as strong, but supports and stuff could be added. The test block looks fantastic.
  5. The case came out great. I don't know about that desk, though. It doesn't look very comfortable.
  6. The tubing looks great. What's off is the res/manifold plate that magically appeared. Where'd that come from?
  7. You should have some cubes raise up over the I/O cables. Adding a pattern on the top of each cube would be neat too.
  8. I got paid to tear down couches and chairs at five. It's never too early to teach a work ethic. Info like how capacitors can still zap you after the power is off help teach common sense too.
  9. Pass. I'm still reeling over the fact that some of my batshit crazy designs from the sketchup contests could be PRINTED.
  10. There's room for water...some day. For now it's fine. I think a horizontal res nested in the round side mounted to the I/O would cap the 'stripe' nicely.
  11. Just teasing you, to be honest. There's still the floaty aspect of your mobo tray to display too.
  12. Back to faceplate pestering over multiple forums: :D You can come back at a later date to make one. For now think about the horizontal banding in the ply, and the dominant stripe made by the deep-seated horizontal I/O, and how you would need to make the whole thing bevel inwards to meet the I/O. (No Jedi mind tricks were employed in the composition of this post.)
  13. Did you remember to get the possum out of the pipe before you brought it in?
  14. Don't die of shock. I have a 2nd update for the month. It's kinda handy when the temperature drops below the working temperature of pvc glue. I got time off thanks to a broken water main on the current vacancy and a cold snap. -Have a commemorative photo celebrating the half-cleaning of the garage workbench. I know. It amazed me too. -I was also filing on that bit of lawnmower engine block. I cut a tab for one end, and drilled screw holes in the other. -Now I just need a hole. I added some plexi rod to the top of the fanguard where there was a gap. -Perfect! Now I can just slide the guts in, and plug in the case components. -Holy cow! look at all that wasted space. -Oh, dear... That's some nasty pressure cracking. Maybe 4 O-rings was too many. It's only stressed on the decorative layer, though. -I still had some liquid nail, so I used that for the access panel mount. The delays haven't been because of a lack of free glue. -No, really! -I can shape the finned part now. I dug the bench sander out and flattened the sawed bits. -I filed out the bolt areas and other stuff that filled the fins in. -Epoxying this was tricky. To keep it in place I masked off the front, applied the epoxy, and while holding it in place hot glued the front. After that cooled I could let go and let it set overnight. -What's next? I dunno. here's half of an old frying pan though. Thanks again to my sponsors:
  15. Aww, Yeah! Legally, you are in the clear as long as you don't make a bunch of them to sell.
  16. Lovely, but, (You know I always say it,) It's too square. You could've lopped the corners off the fan and really rounded the corners for a wacky 70's beach-ball radio look. Love the overall look with the fan guards, though.
  17. Oh, shit! I figured you would be still filling spots. THINGS are going to happen fast now.
  18. @Mosquito -This one was just gummy. Switching it on with new grease was like someone turning a knob from 1 to 10 really slowly. @Bill Owen - I've had to explain a few times when strangers see it. The double-takes are priceless. Think I should post your Exodus vids on Bit's log so they know I wasn't totally idle last year. -and because I'm hyped.
  19. ^ That said, I did just mod an old drain plug to replace a missing one. -A half tube of liquid nail was dropped in my lap. I took advantage of that to glue the new part on. -I realized a junction box would work better than trying to slip long wire connectors into the tube. The top left corner connector was scrapped from a floppy drive to power 12 and 5 volt connectors. The 2 backwards connectors are 5 volt. The 4 pin is for the fans, and the 8 pin in the front joins the control connections. -There's still a few solder bridges that I had to file out in this pic. I'm still getting the hang of using reading glasses. -So that needed a backing. I rescued this plastic tape case from the recycle bin and got to hacking. -@Mosquito - I've seen you flashing the fancy chisel kits. Have a look at this former doorstop / gasket scraper / boot cleaner I found. :D Yes, it's as sticky as it looks. Since this is ABS, I knew I could shave it down faster than I could sand it. The scrap of plexi is being used as a depth stop. -Perfect. :D I made a second one and fused them together with acetone. -Intermission- Check out this China-tastic screwdriver I found. What do you call this type? Inverted flat head? -I re-greased this 1962-ish sander so it could replace it's crappy modern replacement. -OK, Back to the show. If this thing gets any more bomb-like I'm in danger. The high LED content is sure to arouse suspicion from the Boston Bomb Squad. After months of intermittent wiring I thought it would be good to see if it still worked... First try: No fans, and about 3 seconds of life. I didn't panic since there was no fire. I've seen catastrophic failures. I obviously just had something else wrong. I was pretty sure the fan issue was due to changing the wiring plans twice. Sure enough, the jumper I made was still mirrored so it could plug into another fan header. The boot issue I figured was based on the KVM. I didn't have it plugged into it before, so It must not have liked it, and I just forgot. TLDR; I swapped I/O cables, and it all runs. -I'll leave you with this. All that UV from the Turnip really makes the Ion Cube pop. I should swap out it's lighting for UV. Next up, I have to drain and get that back panel off for more port cutting. Thanks again to my sponsors:
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