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  1. Nice man, glad to see more when you get sometime off. More righteous stuff from the great white north.
  2. Fantastic as usual, You really have a recognizable style to your builds. your progress on this is very speedy. You have Elves don't you?
  3. Way to go Mate, If it's not up to your standard? do it again that happens sometime. When we only except the best from ourselves awesome happens. Your past work is incredible so this should turn out to be something special!
  4. Jim Jim the judges sample build is not supposed to be better than the contestants builds! ohh well to late now. Cool gig Bud, I will be following this for sure.
  5. Thai is really interesting, expect us to steal all your good ideas. ha ha Wanio chased his Lacudizing idea for most of a year to perfect it. There are so many possibilities with this, I wonder if it can be polished back out like you would do with scratches in Acrylic? It seems like Mosquitos idea would require a lot of intense lighting so it would shine thru? Very Interesting
  6. I'm a Tradesman and I've always told people the difference between a journeymen and a master, is that a Master can hide their mistakes better. You Sir are a master! Because I do things by hand, I can get a lot of time into something when I'm nearing the end. Paranoia starts to set in - don't mess up now. Experience really helps us to recover from plan A failure. I wish I could do that, the number of people that can build a water block is very few!
  7. daayumn man, that's incredible you are way outside of the box and I love that!
  8. Your off to a great start, good to see someones thats not afraid to go for it! I love Red
  9. That ram is incredible looking, I love Corsair but they need to update their looks. Aesthetically they are getting behind. No Snakes were killed in the making of this case - but there should have been!
  10. This is so cool, do turnip's have windows? It would be ashamed to hide all this incredible.
  11. Off on another adventure I see. Cool glad to see you displaying more of your work here at the Zoo.
  12. Man that's incredible, I hope you have someone to buy that or a lot of room in your house? that is rather large, first ceiling hung PC?
  13. I like your little helper, I've had a lot of Parrots and they just love to get in the middle of everything. Build coming along nicely you have a great skill set!
  14. I didn't know you could Braze Aluminum. I'm a brazin fool so see what you started! I love all the raised stuff, that worked out perfectly, an Inside window would have just been normal and you got so much more out of it. The only thing I could see would be a very little spaning cover for the SSD wiring? Enjoying the Build log.
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