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  1. avenezia050493

    What's your Modding soundtrack

    hmm im musically all over the place, so long as it peaks my interest it gets me relaxed enough to focus on what im doing Lindsey sterling Apocalyptica Lacuna Coil Stone Sour Three Days Grace Black Veil Brides left out classical, classic rock, jazz and techno this time
  2. avenezia050493

    Project PCB [Final 4/28/14]

    O_O dude, thats some tron style genius! looks beyond beautiful and frankly im green with envy lol
  3. avenezia050493

    Cray C916 scratch build - NAS case

    hmmm.....i was looking at apple's design and immediately thought of the mini-itx or micro-atx motherboards with a psu, and video card....but is it possible to create a longish cable to move the graphics card away from the motherboard? a flexi-riser is only a few centimeters and ive never been keen to ribbons.
  4. avenezia050493

    Cray C916 scratch build - NAS case

    looks epic dude, now im looking at apple's "new" mac design and laughing at the fact they copied the cray almost to a T
  5. avenezia050493

    Hello and Introductions

    welcome to the zoo half life
  6. avenezia050493

    cable modding

    not really adding anything just wanted to make my own cables to use on a modular PSU instead of using theirs so that i technically wouldnt void anything by creating custom set ups like a multi sata power cord, or custom sleeve jobs lol. still not sure if ill have disk drives, still hard to get my mind around giving up blu-rays already, but one or two hard drive cords compared to like 10 sounds good to me
  7. avenezia050493

    cable modding

    basic is 16awg or 18awg? and has anyone tried using 14 or 12? if im going to custom make my wires might as well use a better standed core and sleeve right?
  8. avenezia050493

    [Case Mod] Project Imagination by adamski07

    oooooh love the MB tray dude, its a really great idea, especially for those who do a plexi door on both sides of the case like a cosmos 2
  9. avenezia050493

    cable modding

    and multiple rails have difrent voltages and amps then?
  10. avenezia050493

    cable modding

    ive noticed in a few of the forums people have modded their PSU cables to change the adapter or add more on, is there a rule of thumb for doing this or is it more like just plugging a power strip into the wall outlet? take cheap's sata power cables for the Gwass Gween for instance? could i just use one modded modular cable for all the harddrives and such or is there a reason the PSU comes with so many single cords?
  11. avenezia050493

    Gwass Gween - The 2013 part at least...

    looks epic so far cheap cant wait to see it finished!!
  12. avenezia050493

    Crysis 3 [Build Log]

    fine by me lol, i like windows for ease of downloads and gaming. win 7 is nice
  13. avenezia050493

    Crysis 3 [Build Log]

    i dual boot because i prefer linux, and when i do use torents i dont want to f--k my my windows if its a virus since 99% of viruses arnt coded for linux
  14. avenezia050493

    Crysis 3 [Build Log]

    just windows vista and ubuntu linux 12.04
  15. avenezia050493

    Crysis 3 [Build Log]

    i just use photoshop, and i just block the adobe ip from my firewall after obtaining the trial so it dosnt end