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  1. Hey Octonaut, Just noticed you at the Zoo . . . welcome. Cheers Fen
  2. Great looking build . . . looking forward to more. Cheers Fen
  3. Seems interesting . . . going to keep my eye on this one. Great case BTW. Cheers Fen
  4. Hey Spartan . . . haven't been around for a bit. My wife went on business trip and brought me home the flu so I have been out of commission. Great progress . . . love the paint job and the copper mesh and the bird (bam! . . . you nailed it). Keep it up. Cheers Fen
  5. Love the Corsair cases . . . looking forward to see where you go with this . . . what's in the plan? Cheers Fen
  6. Great build with nice clean lines . . . very nice indeed. Cheers Fen
  7. Great job . . . love the backlighting and the hand cutting of the dragons . . . amazing talent. Cheers Fen
  8. Hi MetallicAcid, Thanks much! I feel very honoured :D Cheers Fen
  9. Hi Akira, Very nice and I love the colour scheme on the cables. Cheers Fen
  10. Thanks very much. Hi 23RO . . . thanks for the congrats and the very kind comments. Don't get me wrong I am always amazed by the clean builds and water cooling jobs and I am sure my next build will include water cooling and the folks who get some great sponsors . . . only a testament to their great talent as you demonstrate in all your builds. Dead Space is most likely the next themed build I have in mind . . . played the game and fell in love with it. Just have to wait to get some stuff together and get busy . . . I have a plan just need to initiate it. My wife loves Mass Effect to the point where she was extremely disappointed when it finished. I promised her at some point a Mass Effect theme build (she even has a Garrus action figurine . . . XMAS gift from yours truly ;)). Again thanks for the kind comments. Cheers Fen
  11. Sorry . . . your pics are not showing up . . . I get a Google error :( Cheers Fen
  12. Hi Spartan, Yeah I was a bit surprised as the others are really nice clean builds with lots of sexy cool hardware. shiny water cooling systems and tons of high end sponsors which folks seem to love and mine is . . . umm shall we say the bi-polar opposite . . . an acquired taste, old antiquated hardware, air cooled and no sponsors. According to the latest poll I am dead last and I don't suspect that to change before voting ends 22 Sept. However it was a great thrill an honor that the moderators picked my build to be in the mix. I'd like to say there is always the next time but alas this will most likely be my last build as I am out of old computers to rip apart and while I would love to buy all sorts of bling and hardware to do a water cooling system build (I have an idea which involves a fish tank or the games Mass Effect or Dead Space B)) I guess I can plan it and someday perhaps I will buy the parts and put it together . . . however life and bills take precedence. Cheers Fen Cheers Fen
  13. Great build and congrats on your win! Cheers Fen
  14. Some exciting news My build got nominated as a contender for Mod of the Month over at Bit Tech Forum. I don't expect to win given the level of skill and awsome builds in teh mix but it was nice to be nominated. :D Cheers Fen
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