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  1. Thanks Mosquito Ya hopping to get a better camera soon also need to do some night shot as the LED are also pretty cool but thanks for the comments nothing feels better than when the Monkey staff are looking at your build (makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside)
  2. Well until I get a better camera this is the best photos I can do, more pics to follow
  3. Wow amazing work the Vinyl Wrap looks so good ( think i may try doing the same on my MB.
  4. final all cut. now to paint them.
  5. The Logo is coming along slowly
  6. Using Some vinyl stickers as a template I am going to cut 10mm foamcore board for the logo.
  7. As Soon as I can get my Hands on a better cammera I will upload some better Pic so in the meantime here are a few teaser Pics
  8. Hi all Monkeys Deiced to give new life to the Dead Eva build.
  9. Concept of the Two SSD mounts. Will be Cut from 10mm Plexiglass and Digitally printed
  10. Its been a long time but here is a Small update Crucial BX200 2.5-inch SSD 480GB
  11. Bolts for the 200mm Fan Cover. 200mm Fan With the digital UV print on it. 200mm Fan Grill Outer rim cover. Grill Rim and Fan together, need to still put in the Grill. More Updates to come soon. PS thanks for reading.
  12. Love your theme ;) , I'm busy with a Harley Quinn theme myself.. Keep up the good work bro. :lol: http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php/topic/2437-harley-quinns-suicide-squad/
  13. top cover is done with grill in place. Just need to pain the insides of the handles black. tomorrow will have lot s more to show (weather permitting)
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