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  1. Thanks for this Also would like to point out that I think you've got the height and width round the wrong way. I'd say that this pretty much covers most of Sharkoon products in my experience of them, budget, but good for the budget price. Although avoid their headphones. That's the one sharkoon product I've been really disappointed with in the past. What does the top pcb look like? Just wondering how easy it would be to mod it and move the dpi button, as I always find that position is no good for changing the dpi on-the-fly.
  2. I've been away for a bit and I come back to see this :) The caffeine machine, was one of those older mods that made me realise that you can do more than just make a case look pretty, you don't need to splash out on c'n'c parts It may not be as polished as some mods but it's functional and that always been a key drive for my own mods. Great to see this old one again.
  3. daayumn you Bill, I was considering doing this over a year back back when bitfenix started doing rubberised finish on the survivor, sure I mentioned it on the modbrothers forum, just never got round to it. Good to know it works. I was considering acid etch primer first in the hope to give it better grip and stop peeling if it gets scratched. Other thing I was considering was to plasti dip a mouse, If you've still got some left over think you could plasti dip a mouse and let us know how it turns out?
  4. Sorry have to drag this back off topic :P that ATCS 710 looks great, looks like the HAF912/storm enforcer frame but done in aluminium It's a great frame, I'm sold no sign of the n200 in the UK yet, but we do have the force 500 http://www.coolermaster.co.uk/product.php?product_id=6876 which looks like it's the same inside as the N300 but with a different bezel on the front.
  5. Do you mean the ATC 710 GX2 ? Only the bezel was aluminium the insides look suspiciously like a chifetec dragon
  6. Wonder how much of that is the powder coat, probably 0.6-0.7mm steel then which is reasonable these days, many low end cases use 0.5mm So they use straight screws on mechanical vibration generating hard drives but rubber grommets on non-mechanical SSD's :rolleyes: Why is it some manufactures just cannot seem to see the blindingly obvious? Still all round it does look like a good case, esp at that price, going to be a major challenge to the Fractal design Arc Mini and Silverstone PS07/TJ08e which I think are the current best mATX gaming case atm. Do you mean the ATC or the ATCS? I never saw any of the ATC in the flesh, seen pictures, the 210 (I think) with the glass door, was an interesting idea The ATCS 840 I loved but it was a monster, I would love a mid tower sized version, keep the quality aluminium construction, the width and styling but cut the height and length down to the same as the HAF912, a 230mm fan in the front another one in the top and you've you a great looking air cooled system right there.
  7. Must admit I'm not a console person ether, heck I've only got an old 17" 4:3 tv and a 2nd hand PS2 which is only used as a dvd player. The cooling does look better than the old 360, so I foresee less moding to improve or fix it but more to change the look. MS have gone for a very Media centre look which some people don't want on a console. I can see why they've gone this route, I was just wondering if there was anyone actively thinking of moding one? Why is it that we except pc moding but don't look at moding other things as much? I can see why things like laptop moding is less done because every thing is very non-standard, it's custom shaped to fit, trying to make or mod a laptop isn't easy. However this new xbox looks very simple and boxy, should make moding it fairly easy.
  8. Thanks Jesse. Quick question, motherboard and power before fan or after fan? I've had a similar issue in a small case where I couldn't get a top 8pin power connector in with a 120mm fan (not offset) in the top, but I could get the plug in then fit the top 120mm. If you're putting a rad in there then you'd pretty much have to connect the power first.as it'd be next to impossible to get to with a rad and fans in the way. But these are the sort of issues you have to work round in a small cheap case.
  9. With the soon the be released xbox one and ps4, I'm just wondering if anyone is planning to get one and if they are thinking modding. While we've still yet to see the PS4 :( MS has shown off the xbox one http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2013/05/xbox-one/ That's looking very simple inside and highly open to case modding
  10. I'd actually expect the N300 to be slightly cheaper than the N200 From the looks of it my guess is that the top vent in the N300 is also off set to allow a rad&fans to be fitted without major motherboard issues. Looks like there's an N400 which is the same as the N300 but with a front bezel with the same styling as the N200 and an N600 http://www.coolermaster.com/product/Detail/case/mid-tower/n600.html which is more of a mid tower version of the N200, keeps the N200 styling, increases the width to 205mm and has screwed in drive cages. EDIT: Looks the the N200 is $50 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119274
  11. That looks a lot worse, just a couple of minor tweeks to some of their current cases. Really cheap drive cage arrangement so they cannot put the 240rad/fan mount in the front, so they stuck it on the side. While there is enough room for a slim rad doen't look like there is enough room for tubing as well as the rad. That's a great example of what I mean about the flexibility of 5.25" bays over 3.5" bays if that was just a simple 5.25" continuous bay then you could stick a rad in the front inside the bays.
  12. Really nice finally a good replacement for the elite 340 and 341 the 342 and 343 are much narrower which limited to cooler and fan options while reducing cable space. Bill is correct on the top fan grill being indented to add strength, personally I don't mind it, would of been nice to put the fiter on top to fill in the indent, but that would of needed a frame a lot cheaper just to cut out a bit of mesh. Side panels are indented for similar reasons, add space and strength, wider frame would of allowed flat panels but the metal would need to be thicker and added to the weight, shipping and material costs. (when you're bulk shipping by container load saving weight has an effect on final cost) Really nice to see things: -Off set, psu, top fan and front fans. -Taller feet with rubber inserts. -Top vent filter. -No wires attached to the front bezel, so you can remove it without taking your system apart. -Screwed in drive cages, not riveted in for easy repositioning or removal. -Nice big holes in the front frame vent. -I like the look, the oblong mesh gives it a nice distinguishing look. Nitpicking issues: -Top filter, the mesh cooler master uses isn't very good, it's good for fluff and pet hairs but not much use vs fine dust. -No filter on the side panel, the side panel vent tend to be an intake and need a filter much more than the top vent which tends to be an exhaust. -Front filter not removable (is it the same material as the top filter? if so that's another nitpick) -The big gap at the bottom of the bezel is after the filter, so you'll suck in unfiltered air through it. (would of been better to put the front filter on the front of the frame not the bezel) -Rubber mounts for SSD's, it's nice but ssd's don't make any vibrations so why would the need rubber mounts? -3.5" external bay, I have to disagree with Greg, a 5.25" bay is better than a 3.5" bay because you can use an adaptor to put a 3.5" device into a 5.25" bay, 5.25" bays are far more adaptable the big issue with them it that we just don't think much past an optical drive for their use. Questions: How thick is the steel? How do the drives in the bottom 3.5" cage mount? Overall for a cheap mATX gaming rig this looks like a great case.
  13. http://automationgame.com/ ;) I hope that when they get to the car body design they let you make mussel cars
  14. Don't know about Josh being a god, but the case is great and fractal design do keep hitting the nail on the head with their cases. I do love they way they listen to feed back, add new features and update their cases without changing the designs, unlike some of the other manufactures who seem to totally redesign a case every time they add something new.
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