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  1. Lovely color scheme. Well balanced and clean. Takes balls to paint all that hardware too. Nice work.
  2. Ive used these cables. Really nice and thin, but fragile and expensive. Not a good cable if you are switching drives regularly. Couple of mine wore out. And light blue, whats up with that. How bout black.
  3. Not dragging my feet although I can't seem to stay inside with the weather so nice (I live in WI,USA). Hoping to get together with the owner some time next week.
  4. Tweaking and final photos coming this next week.
  5. Random pics from the build. Ill add more info and such later, Im tired... Tubing looks more pink in the photos than in real life.
  6. Well, its done. No time for a photo shoot this morning before it was picked up. There are a couple of things I would like different, but it is one heck of a rig. One of them is the coolant looks pink because of the tubing. Maybe some more coloring will help that. Because of the limited testing time I had, I only made it to 4.816ghz. It would run Windows at 5.0ghz but not without voltage above 1.5v. Im sure it would work out fine, but there just wasn't time to make it stable. In any case, it runs nice and cool, especially the gpu. The cpu maxed at 60C when running the cpu burn in test which it easily passed. Game benches never went above 45C on the cpu too. I have some more photos, which I will post later, but I will need to connect with the owner to do a final shoot (and probably some more tweak time).
  7. Clocking and benching this morning. Still have to get the case parts on but everything seems to be going well.
  8. Cooling is all sorted out and now I am doing wire management. With so many sensors, fans, etc. there is a lot to do.
  9. Filled with coolant tonight. Its taking forever to get all of the air bubbles out. I run it and hold the res up as high as I can. I forgot how long it takes as its been a while. No leaks, yay! Love compression fittings.
  10. Never get tired of the red/black them. I find myself using it in almost every build, lol. Looking to get some of those wire combs myself. Very slick looking.
  11. Wow, that is some serious stuff you have there. I'm looking forward to seeing how this comes about.
  12. Really, I wondered. Do you know where to get a better back plate Cheaps? Or is something I have to make... Thanks for the reply by the way. Pretty quiet around here.
  13. So it is still a bit warped from the block pressure. I am going to test the temps when it all put together to see if its an issue or not.
  14. So I ended up taking the vrm block back out and re-drilling until it fit better. The plate is just long enough and there is just enough material, barely, to make the holes correct. Hopefully now the plates will sit better.
  15. Since I have the time, I have been looking over some areas I was concerned about. One of them is the back VRM plate which seems to bow out with the waterblock attached. I can slide a piece of paper between the plate and a couple of the chips. Anybody have any thoughts on how to fix that, other than getting a new plate and re drilling everything? Would thicker thermal tape do the trick? Is that even advisable for these chips?
  16. Returning the Phobya 200mm rad for an EK 180 model which should fit much better. Also sending back the memory cooling kit. Don't want to risk another stick, even if I am wiser about removing the spreaders.
  17. I also have a question about AMD cpus. Core temp showed awfully low temps even with the Corsair unit. I am not so sure that the temps are correct because it topped out 38C when running Si Sandra cpu burn. What software is everyone using for AMD cpu temps? Been since the 965 since I worked on an AMD chip.
  18. I followed a guide on OCNET for mounting the blocks. It wasn't too bad. I needed to cut the mount on the nb block a bit and needed to drill holes for the vrm block plate. http://www.overclock.net/t/1468642/how-to-watercool-the-asus-990fx-sabertooth-rev2-0-vrms-and-nb/0_30 Now I am attaching temperature sensors. Anyone have any advice on the best way to do that? The fan controller didn't come with any tape to attach them. Scotch is too wimpy and I don't want any of the tape showing. Problem is the blocks are already mounted. Thoughts anyone?
  19. I will post more about the modifications necessary to get the blocks and rad to fit later today...
  20. Started work yesterday. It did not go that well, lol. I pulled the ICs off of a ram stick, the front rad was 1mm too big on each side and although every review I read about the 780gtx ACX by EVGA said that it was a reference board... nope. So, I grabbed a reference 780gtx, ordered a new memory stick and radiator. Here is the work so far.
  21. Parts delivered today. Two 60 elbows, one compression fitting, the vrm plate and 8 LEDs. More to come this weekend.
  22. I will keep trying different arrangements. Here is another one.
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