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  1. mmm yum! CF combs. Checked out the store Bill. Cool to see the different sizes. Water blocks look choice man. Oh the avatar, lol , that Hugoagogo from "Bat Fink" hahaha
  2. Fractal case? What Fractal case? Where? Looks like this is going to turn out awesome. Ima sub'n this!
  3. Wicked looking build Bill. I'd seen the others mentioned earlier, fine builds as well. Those new cables combs are das BOOM! I was sort of thinking along the lines of a logo as well, but as you said, costs. What about just a top plate with just a couple of bottom teeth to hold on the a few wire. I've yet to look at the pricing on those, but they do give me a pleastant rise hehehe. Look forward to your updates. ( need to have a look around here ans see what everyone else has been doing been a while, soory)
  4. short shoutout to the transparent bars.. BRILLIANT! I has many sweet beers lined up to catchup.. and give man monkey texas baby hell. I kid. Don't f with texans.. they are area 51
  5. I am really curious about all of your opines, staff and seekers. Computex 2016. and exeuse meh.. this next year. I'll speak of giddy goo goo and gaa gaa of what I saw on the other thread. BUt, I've hungout and about watching a lot of modders and this year has me ..perplexed. And we are seeing changes to.ehem nvidia, promises. Poopadilly tlike that has me in a gamer mode like the UBISOFT Poopadilly. EA Poopadilly. Too much Poopadilly. I think Nvid gave a big window of opperurtunity to AMD saying . "We said we were only going to be this, and only this". " But we will compete". and WTF is all of this! Nvid has no Love from me atm..none. Zip. Nadda. Zilch. Zero. Because they had an oppertuntity to tell gamers the truth. They didn't. What NVid did..including their back pedal on mulit gpu was.. COWARDACE. all they had to say was the truth. 0.0002% use 3way 4way in gaming. We're making gpus you only need 2 way... NOPE.. COWARDS. They just Poopadilly in their own bowl of cornflakes. NEVER LIE TO HARDCORE GAMERS BRO! which has gotten both mfgrs in shitty waters over the last few years. AMD..Step up to the plate now.. or shut the Poopadilly up forever. btw.. ZEN.. better compete or. your chhips will run refridgerators hence forth. I am betting money on AMD now... one last time
  6. Yes you are responsible for vioding the warrenty.. client says.. nope.. bust my shizz.. it's all good. Bill smiles and.. breaks out the GORT Hardware.
  7. YUP! It's what you do. This girl remembers kindness and returns wi same. I like it. Would any of you members do me a favor. I'm Poopadilly with Twitter now. No I didn't go nasty Poopadilly generator on anyone. They want my cell phone no.. Laugh boys. I has a flip phone and won't give a flake of my DIDDLYWINK to any of these provers. Wouldn't you just know it.. Twitter will kill your account is they give you that disco screen that says.."Give us you cell phone number. WIll send a code back to you so you can love our service!" .. I said... what?..answer for me monkeys..what did I say in return? Can U guess? anywho..send N kitty my love and yeah, all of yours too. She's good peeps. Support her. She's loves this shits, and a good lan. rare as they are. and.. she don't forget..MNPCTECH..crazy Poopadilly generator monkey zoo things
  8. hmm. I just watched the Superman movie an an {It showed up on my computer} Bat vs. Superdude. All I can say is. You'd give Lex L a f'n good run for all his money. Yup. Bats would hire ya first. Though I'm not sure how you and Fox would get along. I figure. you'll work it out.
  9. you slow.. I'd never give you any sh_t for being slow..considering all the earl build when I first met you, so to speak, on forums. In fact, Though many might agree, you're so quick with all of your builds. LOL. Cheeps, if there's one thing you could teach any modder.. it's not the money bro. it's the thrill of doing something money can't buy. you excell at. why I watch you derpster your last updates.. man I hate you sometimes. beautiful madness
  10. Hi peeps. so before I do my thing.. I'm wondering why all of you still love PC modding? Why is this still a thing. excuse me I'm still greatful it is a thing. When I descoverd this Poopadilly, and lost my mind, I was a simple Apple computer user... hey.. I did great things with that shiz. ummm. then I found BT.. Mod Bros.. all this crazy stuff. MOd contests are still a thing. But sites like this are..getting rare. This place. The Mod Zoo.. I 've loved bill in the sandybridge days as much as all of you crazy modders/ cheeps. This site is specail. I'm what seven years in now and still haven't built a Poopadilly flinging pc. matters not. I get to see all of you, read through excellent tech diaries. Cheeps.. mad mother F'r. Sandybridge.. that's when I came on board. Young and dumb. didn't know Poopadilly about Poopadilly. There was a few I could talk to. learn from. I asked Questions. YUP stupid. Still am stupid. and why am I here... this dude I met named Bill Owen. all the builder and PC peeps Poopadilly all over themselves.. me. I was like. Hi Bill. I'd like to ask a question. he'd try/ Guess how I met Cheeps. and I made an Poopadilly generator of myself in front of the whole modding community. me.. nope. don't give a Poopadilly. I like being the dumb Poopadilly generator. I called his Poopadilly flinging epic gwass... um.. cheeps wrote me back and said thanks. my build is now called... I'll not name it here. it's a special time.. newby getting cussed out by top dawgs is me loving life. I learned something I already knew. all you have to do is say hi. I'm an old rock and roller, been in and out of studios since I was 13. I found a thing that made me feel like I was back there again. Bill, others. Bill was trying to build a web site. Yeah, Poopadilly YES, The Mod Bros... I was there. This place is what Bill always wanted. me too. all of you are great. I should be here more than I am... life sucks. but when I come here and see these PCs, built with care. I'm glad this place exists. I get to dream a little dream, and say hello to a few friends I met a time ago. ANd God damnit...it makes me feel good, alive. Thank you
  11. Well, I'm over due to comment on your project. Just remember I started following you, Bill, others on bt - sh_t - years ago. I learned not to get in a hurry, wanting, to see your projects at a fast clip. You never fail to do the crazy. Never fail to get my brain scrambled like a 5 star Chefs omlet. Cheeps, I always watch your work. I love the interaction you have with others that follow. But damit man, I love you ya bro... your builds are always epic in scope. I learned a while back not to be in a hurry, expecting massive updates, and the build is done. With you, I get to read the book, a piece at a time. as you write the next chapter, and LOL rewrite as you F something up! HAHA! Your a treat man! Something always different.. Any project always epic. You sir, are a rarity. And I do watch you on other forums too. sh_t... I'm a Cheeps stalker.. NOOOOoooo. hahaha.
  12. this is so sub'd! Looking most awesome. Had no idea of the scale of this thing when I stopped by and just saw the cad renders.
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