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    LooseNeutral got a reaction from FAT in Aegis by FAT   
    Pretty case, but that birdie sealed it! :) sub'd. Hello FAT. Enjoy the Zoo.
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    LooseNeutral got a reaction from RE Spartan in Defender Leona build/mod log   
    Looking sweet RE ! I have to admit it was the plasti paint on that ribbon cable that snared the "Sub'd" trap on me, had to file that into the Black Hole of Modding Tricks folder :) look forward to that shield your working on too.
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    LooseNeutral got a reaction from John Morrison in Aurora   
    Sh!t Dude... long time coming! Nuff said ;) sub'd
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    LooseNeutral got a reaction from John Morrison in Paradox   
    I'm watching you <.<    >.<    >.> :D
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    LooseNeutral got a reaction from FannBlade in Unforgiven - The Metallica Build   
    Hey man, First, I just want to say how much I appreciate the build and the work you put into it. Second, props man for how you've allways been responsive to the folks following. Great to see modders having fun with the folks watching, all the interaction. Third, my opine, you should've come in first in the Gold contest..cause I'm partial. Not that the others didn't deserve the votes they got, mind you. IT's been a great log because of the whole of the community spirt thing. Guess thats why I like watching "The Zoo", when time affords me. Anywho, you built a first place winner. Personally. there are things I take from builds. The mistakes that lead to something great. Like what you did with Bill's overkill grill to get that look. But, that's how you were for the whole of this build. What you wanted, your perfection, desires. And I loved reading from so many people, from who knows where, to say something to you. I'd like to know how many sign up to the zoo just to say hello to this build or that. It's why I signed on. So I could tell peeps like you, thanks. Hell of a'show! enter light Sandman ;)
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    LooseNeutral got a reaction from Al Shuryan in MODs4VETS F/A 18 HORNET Blue Angels / U.S. Navy Tribute (Sponsored)   
    Another great looking build you got going Al! I had a few friends make the Angels program back in the day. Shame the sequester has the program in such a bad bind now, as well as other good programs. Keep up the great work. Hope you find a buyer for the Eagle.
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    LooseNeutral reacted to Cheapskate in Arclight   
    We gotta quit with the animal stuff. I'm starting to see more and more 'furry' avatars...
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