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  1. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks man. I ordered 2 small bottles on Amazon to make sure it would work. You can order it here: http://www.dickblick.com/products/instant-iron-and-instant-rust/. Also Michaels stocks it if you live in the US.
  2. So many views, so many replies... Not enough pictures! Waiting to see more!
  3. Well the project is done. Thanks again to everyone for your support and help. Now prepare yourselves for a healthy dose of photos. Cheers till next time, Fuga
  4. Here it is. The final build update. All the gears neatly packed by Thomas. I got quite a few. Took me about an hour to peel off all the paper from the MDF... fingers were killing me. Once that was done I painted them all gold and started putting them on. Back panel. Window side Midplate And that's a wrap! Here is a teaser for the final photos. Those will be posted tomorrow. Thanks for all your support and thanks to my sponsors for their help! Cheers till next time, Fuga
  5. Thanks to everyone that voted! I'm sorry there hasn't been an update lately. The hurricane really messed up our mail here but I finally got my gears last night. I'm started painting them right away but that will be in my next big update in the next day or 2. I also got myself a Caselabs case for a project next year. M8 + Pedestal More soon! -Fuga
  6. Thanks for your vote! Thanks! And yes it seems that I am... :D/>
  7. So after years of work I finally made it into the Bit-Tech MOTM! Not going to lie and say I didn't get teary eye'd. Its been a dream of mine since 2006 to be in the MOTM competition. If my like my project and have an account there, please go vote! http://forums.bit-tech.net/showthread.php?t=248935
  8. Great start! Love the way you moved the PSU to fit 2x 480 rads. Will be interesting to see how you do the cable managment.
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