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  1. Just caught up again with the updates, you are making a masterpiece! The side panel and door, and those custom cables stick out most, I love the mix of the cables its a beautiful effect. That door though!?!?!
  2. I restarted reading this log after a year or so, thinking it was done... shame on me... seems to be progressing faster than gwass gween though. :P The video card block is amazing, and I am loving all the purple acrylic as well as the milled fan clutch :o Very curious to see what the kitchen-sink-BobaFett-periscope is going to turn into... Keep it up, this is very cheaps and very wonderful!!
  3. Gruesome! This will be awesome, thanks for sharing it here, will be watching :thumbsup:
  4. It's coming together nicely, the amount of fabrication and details here are incredible. I'm still hooked :D
  5. Amazing Munky Milling Madness in this project, its beautiful and way way way overkill! I love it! The panels and armor are gorgeous, cant wait to see the rest come together. I always enjoy anything Bill makes, and anything Cheaps in involved in, you are both true masters. This also brings back memories of the old school Mod Men PC build, just need to imagine the Munky Transmissions As a side note, I had not even seen the 380t case before this thread. Good job on product exposure to your audience :) I may have to pick one up at some point, it checks a lot of the boxes for what I have looked for in other itx cases. (@Cheapskate I will be giving you rep for these emoticons.. they fit well here :lol:)
  6. Good looking case and parts list, Ill be watching too :)
  7. The aluminum connecting the rad and mobo together looks very clean and I am really liking the layout. Last set of images came through as thumbnails, all be it very pretty thumbnails...
  8. Beautiful cuts, the series of pics makes it look easy... until you see the million holes you drilled just for that one :) Excited to see how this progresses :thumbsup:
  9. I have been through this build log about 3 times already, a beautiful piece of work Gnome! I really love the newest panel, very cool technique, and it looks amazing!
  10. Modding the modded, awesome! Can't wait to see what you do. /popcorn
  11. Congrats on the OCZ twitter shoutout, it's well deserved! The look is really coming together, that button assembly and bezel turned out really sweet. You have the 3d printing post processing down to a science now.
  12. Turned out great, and it looks like you had a blast! Thank you for sharing it with us here :)
  13. Love the vinyl print! Hexagonal transmutation, its gorgeous :) And, Im guessing those LEDs are crazy bright lol
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