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  1. Yeah I remember when they showed up on Newegg and found out they were their brand. I remember some of their earlier products had sharp edges and punch outs etc. Very cool that you guys are getting a review model, I'll be looking forward to the review, are you guys doing video or just web based review?
  2. Yeah vastly different on the inside for sure, much wider, I liked the design of the ncase but not the price, it'll be interesting to hear what this will sell for and its quality. This brand has really come a far way from what it started out as imo.
  3. xyexz

    PC Parts For Sale (Updated 12-01-2014)

    Will you be getting any 7950s? Let me know, or maybe I'll just bump into you at MicroCenter again lol.
  4. Nice tip for sure Patto, I will definitely try this out, I have a jigsaw but sometimes find that I get finer control with a dremel.
  5. xyexz

    Positive Pressure vs. Negative Pressure

    I'm a pretty big believer in positive pressure, however I will caution that not every case will support this from what I've found. Mini itx cases and even a lot of mATX cases will definitely cool more efficiently from more intake than exhaust - however my CM HAF-X case didn't fair as well when I attempted positive pressure. I think on larger cases you have to have some pretty powerful fans in order to achieve the desired effects but it is possible. Let us know what you discover :D
  6. xyexz

    WI FI range Help

    I would've suggested a better ant. but since this is a laptop they primary don't have ant. ports so that's out and I would recommend a nice beefy wireless card for the desktop but I'm sure your mom likes to wifi it up on the couch (who doesn't?) :D For your moms particular scenario I would recommend a wifi range extender (booster), something like: http://www.amazon.com/Netgear-Universal-WN3000RP-Wi-Fi-Extender/dp/B004YAYM06/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1376839571&sr=8-1&keywords=wifi+extender They are very small, self contained and easy to use plus they actually do what they say they'll do and strengthen wifi signals - I feel like a commercial. Anyways, hopefully that helps - good luck!
  7. xyexz

    Project PCB [Final 4/28/14]

    Just caught up with the final build pictures and wow is all I can say - what an amazing theme and build result... very inspiring!
  8. xyexz

    Suggestions for PC & Case Mod Tools

    This has been a pretty handy tool lately, it's pretty simple, basically just a magnetic sheet but it has predrawn squares on it for easy organizing and erasable surface. The market with it has fine tipped and makes for easy to read scribbles, nice for labeling screws of all kinds with location to a case etc. http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/f0e1/?pfm=Search&t=magnetic%20project%20mat
  9. xyexz

    [Freestyle] [BuildLog] CubiNas

    I took a bluray drive and put it inside the case in pretty much every possible position and it every way was going to run into the motherboard. Since this system is going to be on 24x7 I would like to keep air flowing over the board/vrms etc as much as possible so I'd rather not have anything covering the board. Since the back side of the case behind the motherboard is dedicated to HDDs I don't think it'll be that big of a deal to take the side panel off to swap a drive if need be, perhaps find a way to get the side to be easier to remove instead of screws? One thing I'm thinking as well is to make a slit in the top of the case on the side that is right above the HDD area, to have some passive ventilation for the drives, perhaps some modders mesh underneath to give it a clean cool look - I've got some left over blue LED stripping I could solder up too for some nice accent lighting.
  10. xyexz

    [Freestyle] [BuildLog] CubiNas

    Ok so after doing some measurements and sizing up I've decided I'm going to reveal the rest of the build mods :D After much researching I've determined that one mod I wanted to do just won't be possible while also making it look nice and that was to stuff a 4 or 5 bay hot swap cage into the case for easy swapping. Every hot swap cage I could find would run into the motherboard area and I can't go smaller than mini-itx :D But that gave way to my other ideas that shall be going in the case, I'm going to be integrating a lcd screen into the side panel as well as a keyboard and touchpad. I've got a gearhead wireless (ir) touchpad and keyboard combo I've had sitting around for ages that actually works quite well as long as it has line of sight so I'll be cannibalizing it to integrate into the side panel. I will be searching for a cheap lcd screen that has VGA preferably so that I can cannibalize it as well, I will be devising a set of circuitry to keep the screens connectivity embedded within the machine to make it very clean, same thing with the keyboard and touch pad combo. My plan for the keyboard and touch pad will be to allow it to angle out from the bottom part of the left side of the case, I will be using laptop hinges and metal to form the panel and allow it rigidity I'll need for typing/mousing. I don't have a screen model yet but my search will start during the week after I get better measurements of the side panel. Here is the virgin keyboard and touchpad: Here is the back of the keyboard off: All the components out of the casing: Here it is in somewhat the final placement I'm imagining: That's all I have for now.
  11. xyexz

    Struck gold!?!?

    I'm in shock I seeing no mention of the 3dfx series!? My first card I purchased for myself (had other cheapies before it) was a 3DFX Voodoo 3000, loved that thing to death. I recall the "glide" implementation and playing Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit - the original one from way back and it was so jaw dropping at the time lol.
  12. Build Name: CubiNas Build Purpose: NAS for home media, backups - excuse to by some more shiny parts and to mod :D Build Timeline: 2-3 months Intro I got this case for an awesome deal so I couldn't pass it up and now I'm blowing more money I don't have on shiny parts. I have no plans for this other than I want to throw in some overkill goodness into this case, ya I know it's a NAS - but why the heck not?! I've got a couple of things I'm going to mod on the case besides shiny parts to make it more NAS/network appliance friendly but I'm not going to divulge those details quite yet until I get more measurements and part details from the interwebz. Mod Plans 1) 240 or 280 overkill grill on the front, unsure which yet 2) Multiple temp sensors up top where the stock usb, power, reset, head/mic jacks are 3) Vandal switches most likely in the back of the case for a more stealth look 4) New case feet, already have some mnpctech case feet I may reuse - unsure yet 5) Perhaps a handle for easy moving, cleaning etc? Goals 1) Quiet 2) Keep hard drives nice and cool 3) Not look like something I want to hide in shame 4) More? I unboxed the case last night to start looking it over. Dirty fit of dual 120mm fans just to see if it could be done - plenty of room all around. Dirty fit of a cheap cm 140mm fan I had laying around - it fits easy! Alright, that's all for this update.
  13. xyexz

    Case Review: Cubitek Mini Cube Mini ITX Case

    still acquiring parts, money for that build :D