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  1. It looks nice but there are many other options thanks for the review Mosquito
  2. Thanks for the review now I know it would fit on the back of my motherboard tray with no issues
  3. For 35 bucks this will do the job just fine I can already think of all the things I would use this for
  4. These mod mats aren't necessary but they can definitely be useful especially the extreme one with the little bits of information that can help you if you're confused about something during your build
  5. Looks really nice it looks a bit too expensive for me but it might be worth the extra cash
  6. I was going to buy this case but i decided I should just get the Arc Midi R2 and Mod it instead thanks for the review it really helped me make my decision
  7. looks interesting and cool in a weird way good job
  8. this is looks so awesome wish i could afford these parts
  9. very interesting looking build hope it turns out great
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