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  1. If your were to fabricate a fully working Iron Man Suit, why would you run when you could fly instead?? B)
  2. I've found that dental picks come in handy for prying things apart or removing 'O' rings. You can even get 'em free if your friendly neighborhood Dental Hygienist is ready for a new set.
  3. You've got a Black Hole in your cooling system. ;)
  4. I know, it isn't much. I also wanted to encourage all members to post, even if they feel it's nothing spectacular. At least anything else will be better than this ;)/>
  5. I realize this may not be much of a mod and it's not really artistic but is more for funcionality and to let everyone here know that not all mods have to be these huge, expensive works of art. I got tired of setting black and grey USB drives on my laptop and having them blend in and not being able to find them. So I masked them off with painters tape and grabbed some enamel model paint and a small brush. Now the flourescent green pinstriping makes them stand out and also ensures that if I ever give one to a friend with files and want it back that it is returned. In conclusion, this may be the smallest/cheapest mod posted here but I'm hoping that in showing this that it will encourage all of our members to show off their work, no matter how insignificant they may feel it is.
  6. Hello, my name is Bill Frick (Yes, it's really my last name and Please don't ask how I got it, I was kinda born into it) and I've been drooling all over myself looking at many past and current mod's. I was dragged here screaming and kicking by Toby1Kanobi and have never bothered to look for an exit since I realized his curse was really a gift. I currently reside in Spring Hill, Florida but claim Detroit as my original stomping ground.
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