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  1. Welcome to the bright shining light of the Zoo. Some say...."Its so bright in here - Bill should muster up some ModZooMonkeyMember shades" :blink:
  2. Yup..Price is good and they look nice. Two dynamic GP14 comes fitted in the Define R5. Will most likely order a few GP14`s and 12`s. Wouldnt mind a full review and comparable test figures if youre up for it.
  3. Welcome to the Zoo guys - Enjoy and share.
  4. 2014 modders Top 5 products. Each podcast member pick their fav from the past year.
  5. I am a bit surprised of just how many people out there dont seem to understand and appreciate the fact that doing extensive design changes to the looks and functionally of a case makes it a different case...wich ought to have a different name! Define R5.... that is revision five. Thats why it at first glimpse may look about the same as all earlier models. Dive in.. and discover all details evolving and beeing added over the years to make it better. The question simply isnt if Im getting this case or not! Its what to do with it when $`s found for the build ;) Great review guys... and man, that build Mosquito... yummi!
  6. Awesome build mate. I see you already celebrating with a bit of bubbly there :D Man Id hate to loose your ideas and inputs to some random hits on :o Facebook dude... dont ever leave the Zoo.
  7. Yeah they are 15mm on the NexXxos and the radiator is EDIT: thats 9mm (not 0,9 mm) less wide so you may not have material to drill the new holes... Still modding the thing or doing a makeshift bracket shouldnt be to much of a problem. Best of luck :)
  8. Congrats :D Sure watched it...norwegian is pretty similar u know. Imo show could do with a bit more suspense and closeups of the actual builds under construction. Still..not a totally lame first flight for the consept. Nice cables...What are you doing for lights and fluid in this thing? UV-blue?
  9. Yes they are...and the Alphacool is also a little less wide so the modded mounts shown in this tutorial will not transfer to whats needed for the NexXxos UT60.....If it will fit at all in there without removing 5,1/4" bays and making a fully custom rad-bracket. Alphacool also differs as it is using M3 screws. AlphaCool NexXxos 280mm UT60 Dimensions (LxWxH):324mm x 144mm x 60mm HardwareLabs Black Ice Nemesis GTX280 : 312mm x 153mm x 54mm HardwareLabs Black Ice SR-1 : 316mm x 153mm x 55,9mm HardwareLabs Black Ice GTX280 (Used in this mod) : 316mm x 153mm x 54mm
  10. Puuuuuurdy! Fired up for those custom cables yet.... or?
  11. Awesomeness. Angled fittings makes the thing look soo godddamn rigid. Really enjoy the nice photographs.
  12. Awesome dude. You know that leather might need some protection... :D "heatwrap" some of that bottom pipe? https://www.google.no/search?q=heat+wrap+exhaust&espv=2&biw=1280&bih=662&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=R0c0VPOvJ8jMyAPVzIGYDg&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAQ#imgdii=_
  13. Parts TBD, but the 440 has to get at musclecar themed makeover. Seems only natural to throw a 6-pack in there. Soon fueled and inspired by the next season of GraveyardCarz - it will get heavily Moparized. Expect chrome - expect vivid color - expect muscle.......oh, and a little bag of tricks.
  14. Welcome to the Zoo OhioGeek. Always nice to do neath stuff for friends & family - please share some pics.
  15. I like the idea of it. Needs included sexy GPU-riser. Limited cpu-cooler-support. Close off the sides (Clear) - open up bottom for intake -filtered, ventilated top. This will first&foremost be a show-off piece....so needs room to fit custom loop? Fit a bay pump/res combo? Drop the ODD imo.
  16. Nice bit of work done there Zoyadog. Looking forward to the progress. Best of luck in the Kitchen Frida ( also goes for Justin :) ) For those who would like to follow the live stream of the build contest. Although page in swedish, timer is up&running and we should all be able to follow the actual builds when it gets underway yeah?
  17. Quality fans....chrome pipes....black.....modded TJ07.... Whats not to like?!? :) Really a shame about that 4th card tho`...still, plenty gpu-power on tap there but 3 cards just mess up the symmetry... if only there was something like a 1500w Strider ... ... Monoblock looks great and as u said help unclutter the area. Leaving out the ramblocks was key in that aspect. I think they look killa flat black.
  18. I remember chringing in my chair watching Daz handling the Mocha and parts in his video following u returning it.Litteraly shouting "you`ll damage it, dude pleeeeeeeeeasee be careful!!" at the screen.....
  19. Im sorry to say no Bill, not really. Had use for the riveting kit when fixing and clamping down a loose engine bracket for the outboard on my boat. And the little toolkit have come to good use a few times :) Truth is im sitting on a single pc (refuse to use the laptop outside travels) so Im awaiting the Fractal Design Define R5 to chuck a new build in to (might go X99..not fully committed yet). Then i have plans to attack the R4 for some cool but subltle mods...if not the new case. Naaaah Fannblade. Scratchbuilds is yet a few steps ajead on the ladder im afraid... Also needed to get a transformer for the B&D RTX as power over here is 230V. My brother finally found a decent one in a r/c hobby shop.
  20. Can appreciate your struggle with colorchoises/finish. I for one love the green but can see how the entire case, rads n`all could be a tad to much. I dont think it would be way off to use the black/silver used on the horns on the frontplate. Maybe adjust that into a dark charcoal metallic or marblizer? Atleast charcoal mix pretty good with the red eyes planned... Love the green led action. Whites dont do the same for me....even think they have sort of a violet tone to them ( mind you, slightly colorblind so that can be all in my head :-) )
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