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  1. Agreed..Excellent photography !! B)
  2. It's a simple but good looking build. I have a few more that are almost completed which are done with hard-line tubing.
  3. 4)...Reported to Bill Owen to have him delete my thread......lol <_<
  4. Here is a quick build completed for a LAN gaming rig. I only have the CPU water cooled as the gigabyte gaming 970's G1 gaming looked too perfect with matching my build scheme.... Here are the parts used : Case: Black Corsair C70 MB: Gigabyte Z77 UD5H 1155 with Intel I7 3770k cpu Memory-Ram sticks : 2x 8gigs of Patriot memory 1866 Mhz GPU's : 2x gigabyte G1 gaming Windforce in SLI mode. Storage and boot drives: (1) 500 gig Samsung Evo for OS and games etc. and one WD Black 2 TB HDD for storage of games,movies etc. PSU: Corsair AX 850 with Custom sleeved cables from ICE-MODZ Water Cooling components: (1) Black Ice GT 240 X-flow, 2 swiftech 120 mm white fans in Push config. Swiftech XL Apogee cpu block, Laing DDC MCP35X pWM with Bitspower clear acrylic Mod top and EK black pump housing /heat sink. Bitspower 80mm reservoir upgrade kit. Bitspoer fittings with all primochill advanced LRT clear tubing. with Mayhems X1 UV Blue coloring. (2) 120mm XSPC 2000 rpm front intake fans and one corsair SP 120mm exhaust fan. Lamptron 4 channel FC5V2 fan controller. Darkside white and UV lighting from DazMode Various fan hubs, cable ties from Mod smart and Mod my toys..........
  5. It's coming together perfectly Alex ! Keep up the excellent work B) ;)
  6. Good Mod/thinking Alex ! Keep up the hard work and Creativity Mate B)
  7. Bro..that looks Laser cut ! Amazing nerves of steal.It looks excellent B)
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