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  1. Case frame kits for scratch builders?

    Did I mention that these will be completely modular? Here are examples of what you could build with just a "motherboard" and "psu" module(s), in all orientations and popular configurations. Standard ATX: Reverse ATX: Horizontal: Vertical: PSU modules can also house radiators (and those can be made in various heights and lengths) to enlarge all of the above ad nauseum.
  2. Case frame kits for scratch builders?

    The horizontal flat bars drawn in the model above, support the standoffs, just like i did for this 5-slot case I built: EDIT: Various backplates would be offered: 120mm fan hole, 140mm and PSU over the CPU socket.
  3. I've been working on this idea of offering a case frame kit for scratch case builders. A kit would consist of slotted anodized aluminum extrusions pre-cut to length, tapped and milled (to allow inserting nuts post-assembly), and will ship with all of the necessary fasteners, nuts, 90-degree angle braces, etc., along with some extra pieces of extrusion. Options would include a backplate (for a CaseLabs 8-slot IO cage) and a PSU mounting plate. Eventually, additional "modules" (of various sizes) would be offered that would attach to the original case offering the ability to "grow" a case in all possible dimensions (the holy grail for PC cases - full external modularity). Understanding that some builders won't need all of that modularity, a version consisting of just one module would also be offered: Any and all thoughts/criticisms/questions would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello...hello...hello? Is anybody in here?

  5. I'm thinking about not having any front audio jacks on our future case products, but rather just four USB ports. Please answer the simple yes/no poll. Thanks!
  6. mATX-Tower

    For those of us who don't have the skills to make such an awesome IO plate out of acrylic, CaseLabs has the best parts for this. Here's their 5-slot:
  7. Hello Munkys! This is Rich from Spotswood Computer Cases, LLC. We design and manufacturer personal computer cases and are recognized for our heavy-duty highly modular test benches made from slotted aluminium extrusions. We are a small and nimble company based in New Hampshire and are currently working hard to expand our product offerings into the DIY and scratch-build PC case areas. This subforum is intended to share some of our product ideas, solicit feedback and to help (as much as we can) The Mod Zoo community. Best regards, Rich Chomiczewski http://spotswoodcomputercases.com/