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  1. hahaha I second this! I consider myself to have rather large hands and this met my needs. I disabled all the side buttons so they really just act as a grip for my thumb. The third clicker on the right is an amazing finger rest! lol The software if you wanted to bind the keys does have several flaws though if your interested in that.
  2. Just finished a $1,000 build for a friend - total with shipping and taxes was 997.31. Had to skimp on somethings to get him there **he had an OS and dvd drive** Asrock z87 Killer i5 4670k 8gb ripjaws (4x2gb) 650W PSU 1TB WD drive EVGA 770 4gb SC (was a toss up between that and a 290 [non x]) nxzt 210 elite ***missed the pc part picker link some how! I would say cut back on the case, nix the CPU cooler unless you are going to OC it, bump the Z97 to Z87 (you will save some money and you are going to an established platform). With the money saved I would pick up an extra case fan or 2, and maybe an ssd. Or kick the savings back to the friend.***
  3. Yea you probably were hosed on the overall price, but now you have a 3rd party to call when you start getting the CAD errors. But in all seriousness, there was likely a warranty included in the price as well as a guaranteed compatibility with your CAD deployment. At that can be priceless LOL
  4. I know, I know sounds silly, but are you 100% sure the CPU seated perfectly? Pull it and re-seat, make sure the retention mechanism isnt loose and the pins aren't bent. You say the DRAM is solid, what color? I dont have my boards in front of me but I thought solid amber was fault. How much RAM you have installed? If you havent yet, bump it to 1 stick and try all the slots. Have you tried stripping it down? Take the board out of the case to make sure there isnt a case short (rare but not unheard of). Remove everything so you're left with just the board, cpu, heatsink and power supply. Fire it up, and check the on board diagnostics. Then add parts one at a time. This has saved me a few times, every time it was either bad RAM or board. Random side note - are you using a custom CPU cooler? I ask because I recently had a problem with an ROG board that wouldn't post because the CPU fan wasn't spinning fast enough. It would pulse when i turned it on and promptly shut down. Plugged the stock heatsink fan in and I was in the BIOS.
  5. Couldn't agree more with all of this! If your not heavy OCing just get the 212 and call it a great deal.
  6. I use it from time to time; last project was to make a speaker housing for a buddy. The stuff we used was rock hard but had problems getting the rounded edges perfect. If you can swing it, quote out getting them laser cut; it didn't cost me much and the edges were flawless. Just let them air out for a few days as you can smell the cuts. Also should mention the edges will be black from the laser.
  7. Howdy! Long time reader/listener but first time poster! Love these forums!!! This is a bit unprecedented; but to Orange Clockwerk. Iv'e been dying to ask this: if you ever get some free time would you consider posting a guide on cutting acrylic with the router? I (and I have to think the rest of the community) would love to see how you're doing this. I have only ever used mine to cut edges into different medium but never, to say, cut a piece of acrylic in half. I know this asks a lot! But you have some amazing skills using it!! :D
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