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  1. Okay, I need some help... Does anyone have any good ideas for organizing all their stuff? I'm finally getting back into my build after it being on hold for a long while and I'm digging through boxes of random stuff just to find screws, cables, and other things that I know I have stashed somewhere. I started by throwing out all the old stuff that I've been hanging on to for some reason (I don't think I'll ever need a Parallel ATA cable again). That cut down on a lot of it. Suggestions (and pictures) are welcome.
  2. Such a great theme. I'm not really a Porsche fan, but I LOVE the 917. There's a place called Race Car Replicas that builds accurate reproductions in either tube chassis or semi-monocoque. I've had many dreams of building one using a Pratt & Whitney PT6A for power. Hey, since there would be no comparison to the original 12 cylinder, might as well dream big, right? Anyway, love the case so far and can't wait to see more!
  3. Hadn't thought of using automotive trim tape. I think I'm going to try that! Thanks!
  4. I was working on my build last night and was planning on riveting some parts together. (Hard drive cages to be exact, but I believe this could go for anything structural inside the case). I've decided, to cut down on vibration noise, to use some type of bonding product between the metal pieces. At first, I was thinking some sort of two part epoxy, but then it occurred to me that maybe something like RTV, which would absorb vibration might be best. This is purely to keep two (or more) pieces of metal from vibrating against each other, nothing structural. Thoughts?
  5. Pretty badass concept. Can't wait to see more.
  6. It's coming along great! Can't wait to see more!
  7. I'm not very far along with mine.
  8. That's what I'm doing. Using those exact IStarUSA cages too.
  9. I'm assuming it's paint and not really rivets pressed into sheet metal. Can't tell though. Nice work...again.
  10. Thanks for the link. Something else to play around with while I hang out at the in-laws over Christmas. :)
  11. That's pretty cool. Ive gotten rid of all my rack mount stuff. Wish I hadn't after seeing this though...pretty inspiring.
  12. Can't wait to see this underway!
  13. I picked up an old-school 80s IBM terminal keyboard that I plan to modify in the same theme. It's still in the plastic after all these years!
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