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    Do you remember what pieces you used for it? It would be nice to see a T or a Y that let you control flow! Thanks!
  2. davidber


    So I watched this great video by you guys :) Like a n00b, I have credit card in hand and ordered parts. I noticed something in the build that you guys had with parts that were not listed. It looked like there was a T with a valve for draining purposes. Could you explain what you used for that? Thanks!
  3. Thanks to the awesome Bill Owens and his 30 minute video review of the Pro. It looks like I can only do a 360 on the top. With the drives and the fact that I may want to put in a aquacomputer for minor pimping, I do not think I can put in another radiator with the case :(
  4. I have been and continue to patiently wait for the X99's to start shipping. I am slowly gathering pieces to assemble when it starts shipping. I will probably get the 5960x and some Asus motherboard. My ultimate goal is to drive 3 Asus 4k monitors. Yes, 12k pixels wide. The irony is that the only game I am currently playing is Starcraft II and I am not sure it will support it. I am currently driving one 4k monitor with a Asus 290x. I bought another 290x and plan on getting a third. For storage, I am looking at a M.2 drive as the main drive and I may run a raid 10 setup of spindle based (4 drives.) For memory, it will be the DDR4 32 gigs of ram, 2 x 16's. I have purchased a Phanteks Enthoo Pro, not Primo. I have purchased an EVGA 1200. What I would like to do is go EKWB for the cards with the red backplates. I would like to go EKWB for the cpu. I would like to go Acrylic. What I am not sure about is, well a lot of things :) Should I run two loops - one for the CPU/Mobo (assuming EK has a mobo cover) and one for the GPUs? Am I looking at 2 480s (one top, one bottom?) And can the pro support these or am I going to the Primo? I saw a build with some Corsair AF140 fans. I am not trying to pimp this case out to look like a 70's disco, so LED is out for me. Are these fans good/bad or can someone point in directions to look? Speaking of the 480s, whose and is there room in the Pro to stack fan->radiator->fan or is it even necessary? I have looked at the Monsoon Chain fittings and they look really cool. I have also looked at the Bitspower as well. Any one want to chime in here? I am looking, as I mentioned to go with acrylic tubing. I have no experience with it, and am wondering if it is dumb or not. I am looking at running distilled water and going with colored acrylic for the look. I am also looking at the monsoon silver bullet. Any comments? :) For pumps and reservoirs, I am clueless. So if anyone wants to jump in, I'd love it! Thanks!
  5. You and I are in a similar boat. Like I mentioned, there is a 99% chance I am just going to wait it out. I was going to buy a Cosmos, but because of Bill and Jesse, I want this instead. It just pushes things further back than I wanted :( I am just concerned though because this case was supposed to ship in August iirc based upon Phanteks announcements. I understand financially why they are selling direct instead of through Amazon/NewEgg to start. However, due to the delays, I would highly recommend that they abandon that position and put it on Amazon/NewEgg. Let those guys do what they do best and handle the payments and logistics. Or at least . . . don't charge until it is time to ship.
  6. And that is exactly why I would not order from them. There are state laws, there are processor contracts, and even federal laws regarding taking money and not delivering. I like the case a lot and realistically, I will probably still hold out for it, but I will NEVER ever order directly from them. I have read numerous posts on other forums that they have delayed this case numerous times. Seeing that these cases are coming from China and I would say it is 99% sure it is coming via container over the water instead of air, these cases would have to be darn close to getting on the boat. For those that do not know . . . most shipping generally leaves from Shanghai. Seeing that they are coming into the West Coast, more than likely they are going into Long Beach or Oakland. It generally takes two days at the originating port to get processed and bundled into a container. Then it is on the water for around two weeks (there are faster boats but they charge a LOT more.) Once it hits the port here, it is about two days for it to clear the port and get on a truck to the destination. Add another day for that transportation, add another day for them to get things setup internally. Now, you are looking at twenty days total. Seeing that they stated the 18th for shipping, back it up to see where they are. Assuming everything is perfect, the cases need to be at the dock by the 27th/28th. I will just leave my post with this. I assume everyone was taught this by our mothers :) You only get one chance to make a first impression. This is not leaving a good impression with me.
  7. This is not intended to be a 'threat' per se, just a comment. You can tell the rep the truth. If it was NOT for your video as well as this review, the purchase I was making was going to be for a Cosmos II. The other sites that did reviews on the Enthoo case were lacking depth and read more like extended sales sheets. The Cosmos II is a known entity and review sites carry little weight because you can see what people have done with the case without having to worry how much money was spent on buying banner ads. The Phantek case though, was given a full on 45 minute video review (even in the potential rain with that ominous cloud) that showed everything that I needed to know. Jesse's write up answered most of the remaining questions I had. The only remaining question . . . Is there a trade-in, or case ordering option on the fans? I would really like the 140sp_bk_led's instead. Considering that there are 6 in the case as is, 6 LED's would be a nice upgrade to use. Again - thanks for the kick b_tt work.
  8. @Bill I love the case. However, they are not following the rules to well. If you order today, they are charging and taking payment today. They are not 'putting a hold' on the amount on the credit card. There is a reason why Amazon/NewEgg, et al do not take the money and sit on it for 30+ days before they ship. I would order from Phantek if they changed that policy and followed some rules (with their CC companies) as well as some state laws.
  9. Thanks for the review! I feel like a little kid constantly checking Amazon and NewEgg to see if they have any in stock!
  10. I read the nice pinned thread. As a person who still has a level of apprehension about working with power tools, I am on the fence. The article stated that the all in ones are barely better than decent air cooled setups. The difference being the weight on the motherboard. So my questions are . . . If the all in one's are nominally better than air cooled, how come? I realize that this could be a ten paragraph response, but hey . . . I am trying to learn :) I suspect it has to do with the pump, but that is just my uneducated guess. How much better from a performance standpoint would a custom built solution be than an all in one? Is this something that I would get a 2 degree change or a 15 degree change? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the replys. Interesting, I like the simple formula :) So if I were to go 4x Titans, I would not go with the EVGA's, as I have seen that EK has easier ways to just connect them up. But in that case, I would need the 480 radiator, pump, res for the cards alone. Then I would need a 240/280 radiator, pump, res for the cpu and/or memory. By watching the MNPCTECH videos, they showed a controller that would basically shutdown the puter in the event of leak/some criteria. Are there versions of that device that support multiple pumps for multiple loops? And going wth off topic . . . the build, for the Cosmos into a GT-R is gorgeous. It is such a shame, that it would have to sit under my desk :( But back to the all in ones - I have been looking at the corsair H110 and the NZXT Kraken 60. Anyone have any opinions on them? I tried to talk to NZXT and their support is terrible.
  12. ***If this is the wrong forum, please move this to the correct one*** I will preface this by stating what I tell everyone who knows me well. Give me a keyboard and I will do wonders. Give me a powertool and you will wonder. I am in the process of slowly building a new beast. I do not play FPS games at all, in fact with the EA humble bundle, I played BF3 all of 3 minutes before I deleted it. I tend to play RTS and MMOs. I am slowly waiting for the release of a new MMO called Wildstar. I also like big feces generator high res monitors. I have been running a 30" 2560 x 1600 monitor since 2006 timeframe. I am looking at going to the 4k monitors when this game releases. My layout normally consists of my main monitor (for gaming) and then another 20" hanging off the side for web/music/voice comm, etc. At this time, I am not sure if Wildstar will support SLI/Crossfire. They have not publicly announced whether they will or not. Most MMO's I know of barely take advantage of the extra cards and scaling is very odd because of it. My thought, originally, was to get the Cosmos II, wait for the new CPUs coming out next month and do a Asus ROG motherboard, 4x Titan. However, again . . . unknown SLI situation, it is making me revisit this. In that configuration, I had full intention of going watercooling. I would watercool the gpus and cpu. I have been staring at the EK waterblocks site and . . . well . . . salivating and getting nervous. Yeah, a daayumn tool in my hand :) I just recently read that the game I want to play is now being pushed to spring of 2014. This means I can piece meal the system and when it is closer to release buy the latest technology, hopefully, at cheaper prices than today. I recently watched the 48 minute video on the Phanteks case. This has me VERY excited. It looks like I just need a screwdriver, not a dremel. So I am planning on getting that case when it releases, and take my existing setup and moving it on over. I will be saying goodbye to my very old and trusty Lian Li tower case. It is a nice case, but it sucks for cooling. As I am nervous about getting into watercooling, I am thinking of just getting an all in one for the cpu that I currently have. When it comes time to move to a new system, I will just push my system down to my wife and build accordingly. I see that the Phantek will support 480mm radiators. Are there all in ones that size? Is the largest all in ones 280mm? Hell, would there even be a gain in going to a 480 over a 280 when all I am doing is cooling the cpu? Thanks for taking the time to read my long question.
  13. Showing my age . . . I remember when Pong came out. I remember going to Sears and hanging out there while my mother went shopping in the mall. She realized it was a great and cheap babysitter. She could do the whole mall crawl for a couple of hours and I would not move. That was 1975. I found my drug. I did not need booze. I did not need illegal drugs. I did not need pharmaceuticals. Five years later, I busted my butt and saved money to purchase an Apple ][+. That really fed my disease :) Since that time, I have had every console up to, but not including the xbox 360/ps3. I would play some games on them, crack them, and play some more. However, it was always short lived until I found a very good game that kept my attention. Those games, my wife would call bathrobe games. She would fine me on the sofa in my bathrobe playing them when she woke up. She would go to bed and I would still be there, in my bathrobe, playing them. Once I realized that most console games were feces, I stopped buying the consoles. However, with consoles I found it more fun to figure out how they worked than anything else. I had nearly every game for the 2600 and remember selling the complete setup at a drive in swap shop for $600. The colecovision that I had was fun to take apart. I didn't want to take the 2600 apart, but out of boredom, over the summer, a friend and I took it apart. It was very simple looking. We also took the cartridge apart. We figured out that it was just a PCB board with a connector to a rom. I got smart and figured that there had to be a way to read the ROM. I forget which game it was, but they had left the part number of the rom uncovered. I started to call around to electronics shops and got the specs on the ROM. I was trying to see if there was a EEPROM that was pin compatible. It was close! We found a EEPROM that, iirc, was off by 4 pins. So we built a daughterboard that sat in the rom socket and jumpered the wires correctly. We created a new fun thing to do over the summer. Go to ToysRus, buy the game, open it up, carefully get the PCB out, pull the rom, read the rom, save it to disk, burn it to the eeprom on our version, seal the game back up and return it. This of course was before they had the return policies they do today. (You are welcome! /end sarcasm) This wound up spawning an industry where people would crack the NES/SNES/Sega, et al. It wound up getting a lot more complex and way beyond our knowledge base. But it sure as hell was fun as a 16/17 year old. I have played RPG/Adventure games on PC's and Mac's. I did play some online games, which I can not remember on Compuserve in the 80s. I tend now, to play MMO's more than anything else. FPS/Twitchy games are not what I enjoy. The graphics may be very nice, but the gameplay is not what I am entertained by. I much prefer RTS games (Rise of Nations ftw) over anything. However, like I mentioned MMOs tend to keep me occupied and content. I played WoW from Feb of 2005 to Feb of 2008. My /played was greater than 365 days. Currently, I am playing Rift. I started end of Feb of 11 (launch) and my /played is 280 days.
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