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    Motogp, PC building and updating every six months
  1. Kovoet

    Cosmos Cruizer

    In the beginning I thought your plan was a bit ambitious but WOW, you even went a couple of steps further. Absolutely a piece of art, superb.
  2. Kovoet

    23RO_UK now see what you've done

    you showing off again Paul. Behave my son, these southerners lol.
  3. Kovoet

    Fractal Design Case Mod Giveaway by Mnpctech.com

    I was lucky enough to win this case. For the first time I'd go totally into water cooling a system and taking my cables. Best thing is I have everything to fit except a cpu
  4. Kovoet

    MetallicAcid's TJ07 (working title)

    Loving this build
  5. Wow. How is that Cooler, looks so empty. So very nice and clean.spot on mate
  6. Kovoet

    Corsair Carbide 540

    Right after thinking about this for a while I decided to change the bottom of my case as the Corsair Carbide 540 comes with a open bottom end of the case for some reason. The before and after results. I changed to red wiring and put red clip ons with the corsair fans.
  7. Kovoet

    Corsair H100i Bolt size

    Thanks bud. Couldn't find any colored books in that size but found some m4 washers in red which will suffice.
  8. Kovoet

    Corsair Carbide 540

    Thanks bud. The mouse is so simple to do. Follow bill's guidelines on how to do it. All you need is the mouse, heat gun, carbon, Phillips screw driver and a scalpel. I also got spare feet for the mouse off amazon
  9. Kovoet

    Corsair Carbide 540

    Now for the next step.The bottom of the case to be done. Acrylic. carbon sheeting and some of the bolts have arrived.
  10. Kovoet

    STAR WARS - The Naboo Modding

    A rare piece of quality art. Absolute brilliant
  11. Guys can anyone help me. The bolts that come with a corsair H100i can anyone tell me the thread size. I want to order some red bolts here in the UK but need the sizes first. Thanks in advance
  12. Kovoet


    Wow this really looks awesome. Great job
  13. Kovoet

    Corsair Carbide 540

    Right on the bottom of the 540 case there is an opening. Time to close it. Going to add acrylic with carbon over it and put two ssd's on top of it.