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  1. Thanks! Documenting the process has been really fun My temps are crazy good, I have the pump on 3 to 4, fans are about 500 rpm, at full load in AIDA my CPU never goes above 55 degrees C, and after loads of runs of 3Dmark, both GPUs never go above 41 degrees C. Pretty pleased with everything actually! Next thing is what to do next.... hmmmmm On another note, finally got some pics of the base that Doyll made me His handiwork is awesome! Quality is perfect! Cheers dude, will stick some of these up on OCN too
  2. This is my 1st ever watercooling build, and my 1st ever forray into modding. I know its not a patch on anything that is being shown on these forums, but it was the work around here and Jesse's excellent review of the Primo that inspired me to have a go and subsequently share my experience with you guys. So, here goes I guess: The actual computer parts I already had before I started watercooling The specs were Intel i5-4670k Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD5H Patriot Viper Black Mamba 8GB DDR3 Ram @ 2400 MHz EVGA 2GB GTX680 Palit 2GB GTX680 Silverstone Strider 1000W OCZ Vertex 4 256GB OCZ Vertex 3 120 GB Toshiba 3TB Hard drive Samsung Bluray drive This was all housed in a Silverstone FT02 (amazing air cooled case), before I decided to sell it, and I fancied a change. Unfortunately, due to the massive delays that the Primo had, I ended up using a temporary Silverstone RL-04 case, which for the sum of £25 wasn't that bad. The watercooling gear I had sized up to go in the Primo with alot of help from Jesse was: Alphacool 420 XT45 Rad Alphacool 280 Monsta Rad Alphacool 240 XT45 Rad 13 Phateks PH-F140SP Fans EK supremacy CSQ Clean Acetal Copper 2 x Alphacool NVXP Nvidia 680 Polsihed S/S Black waterblocks 2 x Alphacool 680 backplates Alphacool D5 with custom acetal top Phobya Balancer 150 res 1/2" white Primochill LRT Advanced tubing Loads of black nickel compression fittings So when the Primo finally arrived i could get to it! The case is enormous! Out on the kitchen table, with all the covers removed ready for some minor drilling and modding In my excitement, i never got a pic of the case fresh out of the box, My plan was to fit the 240 rad in the front, and although a 45mm thick rad would fit fine, there is no space to route the tubing. the alphacool XT45s have inlets on the end of the rad, os my plan was to punch up through the plate in the bottom of the ODD bays I bought myself an awesome hole punch tool, that creates 20mm dia holes with no burred edges whatsoever. This thing needs a 10mm dia hole to let the bolt pass through... to the drills! With the holes marked out from the underside, i went in with a cordless drill from the underside, and drilled 3mm pilot holes Then time to get out the beast drill bit! And there we have it, holes cut nicely no mess, no rough edges! Quick spot of rad flushing And my cat........... 'helping' Fitted the extensions and voila! Perfect fit! Fans! 5 come with the case, so these are the rest Time to fit the bottom monsta rad, man this thing is a beast! The heads of the coper bolts thast come with the rads were too small to engage on the fans, so some M3 nylon washers did the trick in anchoring them down Top rad going in. This was a very tight squeeze, so i had to insert from the front through the optical bays, just made it! Just to show the enormous size difference between the two! The RL-04 is an proper ATX case btw Now I was ready to fit the gorgeous shiny black waterblocks Now time for the really scary stuff! Going to run the EK naked ivy mount, so this had to be done! Motherboard all installed, love the look of the clean CSQ block Cards in next The res bracket thast comes with the Primo didnt fit with my 680s in SLI, so that was out, and i needed to do it as my loop order used the grommet on the PSU step to link up the res and the pump Hole drilled for the res, and the 1st braket went in. Realised that the 150mm res looks far too small. Went and got the 250mm replacement plexi tube on order.. Thought i might as well stick the other bracket on while i still had the drill Pump to go in, (after the cables were sleeved :-p) And there is the grommet lined up perfectly with the res above What a mess! Started with the tubing, man this Primochill LRT advanced is so stiff!! Very proud of my drain port idea! Standard T-fitting with a Phobya ball valve and bar sticking out, on rotary fittings, so it can be lowered when the loop needs to be drained! And here is the front rad all connected up, after some wrestling with the tubing Finished!! Leak test time! 5 hours of cable management later, finally in a position where I am happy! And here it is, all finished up and white lighting added. This case has been an absolute joy to work with, so much room, amazing quality and really clever design choices More things to come: Casor base from my man Doyll has arrived, so that's got to get fitted, and then i have to decide if i want another rad on the rear fan, as well as change the res tube to a slightly taller one. In the meantime i've been punching some mad overclocks in and this thing is whisper quiet! Hope you like it, any feedback is welcome
  3. There you go, sorry for the poor quality (room is pretty dark) But that's my sleeved strider in my current FT02, ready and waiting for the Primo!
  4. Definitely go down the paracord braiding route I recently did my Silverstone strider in a 3 tone colour system, black, dark grey and light grey I have some pics if you want? Took me about a week doing it in the evenings, and I used the heatshrinkless method, worked out awesome!
  5. That would be amazing thankyou! I think I'd have to put right angle fittings on the end ports, with the chambers facing down, or put the chambers up and drill 2 holes in the odd bays and route up there
  6. 45mm?!? That is interesting.... I'm now thinking I could shoehorn a 240mm xt45 in there!
  7. Perfect! Thanks for that! If i could ask for one more thing, could you give me the max rad thickness i could get in the front? Is the space available exactly 30mm or do i have a bit more space to get a slightly thicker rad in (say 35mm)?
  8. Any news on that front rad clearance Jesse? When you mentioned that another option would be to drill through the bottom of the ODD bays in order to route the tubing, that got me thinking, maybe i could swap out my proposed Alphacool ST30 240, and go instead for an XSPC EX 240 Multiport, as that has ports on the edge of the rad, so its straight shot up though the holes. Its a bit thinker than the ST30 though, what do you think?
  9. Great! Thanks for that! My main concern would be that although i could get the rad in, I might not have enough room for a compression fitting and tubing. Even if i put a right angle fitting on and ran the tubing towards the rear side panel, there wouldn't be enough room
  10. Thanks for the review! Nice to see an actual watercooling build installed in the case. One question I have is, is there any space to acutally connect up a 240mm thin rad in the front and still retain both the HDD cages? I know Phanteks say the rad itself can fit, but i'm not sure about connecting it up Any info would be great, as this is the last sticking point of my proposed build
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