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  1. It seems most ball-bearing fans use the same basic clip design. I'm told the housing of 0 - 0.8mm pin vice is perfect size to push clip onto shaft until it clicks into grove, but have not tried it. I don't have that small a c-clip pliers so used a couple of lead holders. Their tips fit into the c-clip and the pencil housings work against each other as fulcrum point so they function similar to a c-clip pliers. I disassembled one of the new TY-143 SQ fans this way .. but the back bearing is pushed out the back by the spring. I am afraid to put it back together without something to push spring and bearing down until c-clip in in place. That is how I heard about the 0.8mm pin vice trick.
  2. Sometimes funny how good things come from something bad happening. It seem FrozenPC is doing phone sales now. Maybe they can come back, but it will take a lot of hard work to come out from under the storm cloud that was created in the meltdown.
  3. Looks really good! :wub: How did you fit the ip20 smd 5050 led strip into case?
  4. Hi Bill! Loving it! Been making and selling castor bases a couple a month. Not a big deal but helps. Would love to get a Enthoo Luxe to play with. Looks to be a nice size when full tower is not needed. Been playing with air coolers. R1 Ultimate, Dark Rock Pro 3, NH-D15, Silver Arrow iB-E Extreme, PH-TC14PE, TRUE Spirit 140 Power, even a H5 engineering sample. :D Should be getting the new Anchon IB-E soon .. and hoping to try out the HR-22 as well. I know, I'm an air-head. :D Definitely get on the Enthoo grills! I think there's a market for them!
  5. Here are some pictures of the U5 Notice H5 only needs 46mm RAM clearance from center of CPU to front of fan All mounted and ready to do some testing. Being as the one I have is an engineering prototype I can't release any data about it's performance. I can only say it does well. :D
  6. H5 Universal with CRYORIG’s proprietary Hive Fin™ technology.n cooler is now on their webiste! Release dates are August in Asia and September in North America & Europe!
  7. Looking forward to it. You do such nice indepth reviews. :wub: I'm hoping to get one soon. Haven't done a build in awhile now.
  8. Looking really good! I haven't modded my other than putting a castor base under it. Need to do something to set it off. I like the idea of changing mesh colour. :wub:
  9. Hi and welcome! Reason for those rules is to help those using online translators and who English is not there native language understand what is being posted. I think it's a good rule, and if it puts you off, too bad. Sorry, but with spell check and a little thought there are few people who can't write properly.
  10. Cryorig products are finally available in USA! Newegg is marketing for CRYSTORE http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&DEPA=0&Order=BESTMATCH&Description=cryorig&N=-1&isNodeId=1&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=6146846&SID=10p0k2ggzfw7d Cryorig R1 Ultimate is $89.99
  11. Another review out. No comparison coolers but shows good detail images of cooler and install http://www.coolaler.com/showthread.php/312311-%E5%A4%A7%E5%A1%94%E5%9E%8B%E6%95%A3%E7%86%B1%E5%99%A8-CRYORIG-R1-Ultimate-%E9%96%8B%E7%AE%B1%E6%B8%AC%E8%A9%A6?p=3211360
  12. Just found Nikk Tech review: http://www.nikktech.com/main/article...owall=&start=5 First thing I noticed is only a couple of coolers performed better; and even the best (H2O) is only by 4.6c but costs almost 3 times more (£55 : £155) :unsure: It's odd how NH-U14S scores vary so much from test to test.
  13. As R1 Ultimate is on a slightly different setup than I used for Phanteks PH-TC14PE and Silver Arrow SB-E testing (GA-EX58-UD3R died; replaced with GA-X58A-UD3R) I can't really compare stats until I do some more testing with them on this motherboard. As it stands right now I believe it is cooling better than they did by 2-4c. In fact I think it's very close to Silver Arrow SB-E with TY-143 130cfm 2500rpm fans. And when I tested the I tested 14PE with TY-143 fans it was 2-4c cooler than SA SB-E w/ TY-143s. I have not ran the TY-143 fans on R1 Ultimate yet but do plan to. Needless to say, R1 Ultimate is a keeper. :D The MSRP is $89.90 US but the German internet price is € 69.90.. Subract 19% VAT and that is closer to $79.00. Vortez review says UK price is £53 (£44.17 + VAT).. although I have not seen anyone advertising it here yet. If that is true than about $73.00. http://www.vortez.net/articles_pages/cryorig_r1_ultimate_review,9.html Comparisons of R1 Ultimate show: Silver Arrow SB-E Extreme 2.6c cooler, Silverstone HE01 is only 0.5c cooler, Dark Rock Pro 2 is 4.1c warmer, NH-D14 SE2011 is 7.9c warmer. Vortez only monitors room ambient, the themperature of air going into cooler / radiator. :wacko: Not using cooler/radiator intake air temp when testing in a case means CLCs have definite advantage over air coolers because they are ingesting cooler air. :angry: CLC move more air through case (their fans are additional exhaust from case)CLC dump all their own heated air outside of caseair coolers dump their heated air inside of caseraising the case air temperatureevery degree warmer the air going into cooler/radiator is translates into CPU being warmer by similar amountMy hypothesis is that is why results of reviewers using case testing systems show CLCs having cooler CPU temps than top air coolers.. while open bench test station results show CLC and air coolers temps being very similar. Regardless I monitor air temp going into cooler. That's the critical temperature, not what the room temp is. I know
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