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  1. Yeah Phanteks also unveiled two smaller Enthoo Primo mini-mes, the Enthoo Luxe and the Enthoo Pro.
  2. Anyone else noticed that FrozenCPU's "in stock" quantities of the Gentle Typhoon fans are now a lot higher than ~5 days ago when this news hit. Guess they are managing to keep getting more in somehow at least for now? edit: RE: the 'Grand Flex' fans, after seeing a review like this of them, I think I'll pass ...
  3. Yeah, same here. Is there no chance on getting the images fixed?
  4. Awesome! It sounds like it's going to fit, just barely. My XT45 480 up top is 46mm + 25mm for the push fan = 71mm My monsta 360 on the bottom is 80mm + 50mm for push-pull fans = 130mm. So, 71mm + 130mm + 350mm for the res = 551mm So, judging by all that, I figure I should have about ~10mm space each top and bottom between the res/pump and the fans. lol, like it was made specifically for it.
  5. I actually really like the way the inlets outlets are positioned on that res/pump for how I want my tubes to run in my build. If it'll fit it'll be almost like it was made just for it. lol That, and since I'm going to be using rigid acrylic tubing I wasn't really looking forward to trying to route tubing back and forth to that pump bracket.
  6. I have reference GTX 760s (short pcb only 6" long - based on GTX 670s) and XSPC waterblocks for them. I don't suspect I'll have any trouble running them & using that reservoir bracket in the Enthoo Primo, although if I do use the photon res I'll need to drill my own holes since the ones phanteks has won't line up. That's actually better though because if the 270 will fit I'll need to be able to position it up/down exactly where I need to & I'll probably just drill the mounting holes through the plastic bracket cover too since I won't need to remove it to fit my short cards, and I'm thinking it ought to look better - cover up the cables/grommets - by leaving it in there behind the res. I'm hoping that bracket, especially with the plastic cover left on, won't rattle or buzz with a res/pump mounted to it. I'm not seeing any decoupling measures with that res. I'm just mainly trying now to figure out how tall of a reservoir I can get away with fitting there between the rads/fans top and bottom. I really like that Photon 270 w/ D5 pump, but @ 350mm tall I suspect it might be a pretty tight tight fit. lol
  7. Thanks a lot for that Jesse. you've been such a great resource for all of us anxiously awaiting our cases. I have another set of questions for you, if you don't mind. lol. I can't help it. (1) What is the distance from the ledge under the mobo tray to the top of the case? (2) And what is the inside distance from the bottom of the case to the top of the case? I'm eyeballing the new XSPC photon res w/ the D5 base combo (where's a review on that!!! Has no one done one yet??). The 270 is 350mm tall, and I'm trying to gauge whether it might fit or not on that res bracket between a monsta on the bottom and an xt45 on the top, both in push-pull. If it will fit I'm thinking it's going to be very close. If not I might go with the 170 photon/D5, or maybe just put a res there and my pump elsewhere.
  8. Jessi, Can you let us know the distance from the top of the case to the top of the top 5.25" drive bay? More specifically, I'm wondering if a 45mm thick 480 rad + 25mm fan mounted up top would impede with that top bay or not, and same goes for a 60mm rad by itself or with a push fan, the latter of which I'm all but certain would block most if not all of that top bay, but I'm not so sure that a 60mm thick rad + 25mm push fan wouldn't also impede into some of the 2nd 5.25" bay too.
  9. I know you've seen this already doyll, but for anyone else who sees your posts and was wondering, the Phanteks rep / moderator on their forum wrote this:
  10. I really didn't mind that Phanteks actually charged my account on this order instead of waiting for it to ship out first before they did like Amazon or Newegg would, especially as it came as no surprise to me that they were doing that thanks to it already having been mentioned here in the comments on this review before I placed my order - and this review and the vids done with Jesse and Bill played no small part in helping make my mind up to go ahead and pre-order it. Even though it's now been delayed from the 'late Sept early Oct' guestimation I was given by the Phanteks on-line rep on their ste's chat when I ordered to now the middle of Oct, it's really not that big of a deal. Yes. I want my case sooner than later, but I'm still psyched about getting it as soon as I can. I've been looking at cases for my first watercooled rig for a few months now, and this case has everything I was looking for and then some.
  11. @ doyll, that's all understandable, but it doesn't change the fact that Phanteks probably started taking pre-orders too soon given that they are now having delays. Anywho, I just thought that would be helpful info to mention the latest info on shipping dates in a comment thread about the case that mentions (1) that they are taking pre-orders and (2) that Phanteks has been actually charging people's accounts and taking payment instead of the customary industry practice (and as req'd by many CC provider's policies & even by law in a lot of places) of delaying charges until actual shipment of goods takes place.
  12. Rec'd this email today regarding the shipping date on my pre-ordered case: More than a month away. :-/ It's probably safe to say they jumped the gun a bit with taking pre-orders. I've no plans to cancel but I imagine some will.
  13. Just wanted to point out that, even though Jesse hadn't yet had a chance to get back to me here about whether a 60mm x 120/240/360/480 rad would fit up top (as one of the first with hands-on experience with this case. he's no-doubt a very busy man trying to answer lots of questions everywhere), he did reply to the same/similar question on another forum saying he did have a chance to check it out and there should be no probs ... That's great news!
  14. I'm wondering if/when Phanteks is going to offer extra parts for this case, like an extra SSD bracket for that third mounting location, or an extra PWM fan hub, or an extra pump mounting bracket, etc? The Phanteks designer featured in their videos seemed to suggest they'd be offering at least some of these things for purchase separately, but a chat with a rep on their phanteksusa site gave me the impression they haven't yet given much if any thought to that yet. I guess that's understandable given the delays there have already been getting these cases out - interview vids with the Phantecs designer at Computex 2013 suggested they would have been out a couple months ago already - but it sure would be helpful not to have to wait too long to be able to get our hands on these things.
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