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  1. i have no idea what you just said lmao but yeah ok lol
  2. pops

    ARCTIC - NZXT H440

    posted in the wrong log oh well http://themodzoo.com/forum/index.php/topic/26-mod-ministry-of-defense-aka-mod/page-13#entry43880
  3. ok screwed that up posted in the wrong log lmao
  4. you never know one day ill get round to moding the psu area to let the light through and doing the grill at the back sleeving too , the temp cooler would be nice to wc later. but thats it , laters potatas
  5. ok screwed this up posted in the wrong log lmao
  6. pops

    ARCTIC - NZXT H440

    thanks bud gona do a slot load external dvd drive the same way too
  7. pops

    ARCTIC - NZXT H440

    iv added this tac gear phone pouch for a ssd enclosure and thats it cant even get a second for raid till next week its that slow . also its the nzxt h440 so no dvd enclosure and i dont install a dvd reader normally so im thinking i will now lmao external slot load a la utility pouch
  8. pops

    ARCTIC - NZXT H440

    It goes slow but due to financial constraints but toby's grill work is due next soon
  9. pops

    ARCTIC - NZXT H440

    wow thanks high praise cant wat too see your work bill :)
  10. pops

    ARCTIC - NZXT H440

    some sample test cuts from the Mills of Toby Kirkby
  11. pops

    ARCTIC - NZXT H440

    wow very cool :rolleyes:
  12. pops

    ARCTIC - NZXT H440

    Thank yoou :D