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  1. So last year In Win launched the 303, this year see's the launch of the 101 - IMO I don't think you'll find a better made more versatile chassis for your money. Manufacturers LINK The case itself is chassis only, it comes with none of the obligatory cheap arse fans that no one ever uses anyway - price wise, it retails for just £62.99 in the UK (tempered glass panel version) which translates to roughly $82.00 US. I liked it so much I purchased one apon it's recent launch I use it for my daily driver
  2. I've just taken a look over at the link Bill, the artists work is sublime. A cult classic film and one of my all time favourite actors - Steve McQueen was the epitome of the word cool It's clear to see a lot of you went into this build fella Sorry I've not been around much, Kyle has now remedied the problem.
  3. Liking all of the above, I've no doubt TT will have them already in production by now Cheaps
  4. If it were anyone else that levelled that comment Cheaps, but seeing as I view it as a sign of affection coming from you and would have expected no less lol It is however good to be back and agreed it would look great with the afore mentioned racing stripes Thanks J, life is such a precious thing and should be treated as such - unfortunately it takes such things to truly realise what you have, it totally redefines your perception and attitudes for sure (in a good way), Agreed 'Nuff said Cheers fella, one of my favourite Silverstone chassis alongside the TJ08, it all goes back to when they do it right they do it so right - it's more a performance build than anything else, be it a clean one (the PC OCD still resides lol). Looking to the future, loads of planning and brain storming on the agenda for The Z
  5. Ok, sooooo this particular primate has been AWOL for a period of time, jus your usual stuff in life (moving home, relationships oh and nearly ending up in a box six feet under ground in the space of four weeks) - however service will shortly resume as such lol So before Cheaps starts ragging my arse about The Z (yes it is next on the agenda I promise) I decided to completely rehash my PC (in terms of hardware) and having found no suitable home for the afore mentioned I looked to one of my former builds... So the original design lacked dust filters at the front, I've addressed this issue and also installed slim high airflow Silverstone fans - And this morning I assembled the case complete with new hardware - Intel i5 6600k (cherry picked 5.2GHz capable) CPU AsRock Z170M OC Formula Motherboard Crucial Ballistix Elite 16Gb (2x8Gb) memory kit running at 2666MHz CL13 Zotac 1070 Amp Edition Corsair H80i v2 with custom high tension mount Safely up and running and installed in the man cave - Happy bunny now (well for now lol)
  6. Maybe replace the glass panel with some 5mm smoked plexi with some machined vents in the upper quarter for true cross flow ventilation - with the fans pushing air up from the base (possibly some air penetrators) you'd be win win Yes I'm enthused about this case (the first in a long long time lol)
  7. It will retail for around £85 in the UK so that translates to $120ish US - personally I feel it offers something new to what has been a pretty stagnate case market, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on one as the basis for my next project (long overdue I believe lol).
  8. I present the new In Win 303 - Personally I think it's going to be a hit!! It's certainly on my shopping list
  9. You can't rush a creation of beauty Stu It's taken a wee bit of time to get back but nearly there - thanks buddy it's good to be back
  10. Cheaps, your last on my visit list for today That is one insane looking piece of kit fella (Ps. have you been terrorizing Mr VDM to your usual high standards in my absence??)
  11. Your turning into quite the printer wizard Todd, looking great Bro!!
  12. That's coming along so so sweetly Stu Just playing catch up and thought I'd check in on you Bro
  13. The sensible way Cheaps ;) Yes I'm still breathing :lol:
  14. Stu are you going to be painting or giving the remnants of the Node chassis something like a distressed bare metal look? Nice care package by the way, I've got an EK 140 combo going in my new test bench ;)
  15. 23RO_UK

    Project VF8

    I can safely say I love the design of this :wub: Original and offers pretty much every feature I myself would like to see in a case B) Great work fella!! :D
  16. You're not in a minority there :D It's the stuff of Gawds and legend ;) You bloody well will do no such thing!!! :P Paul's turn to stalk Mike :lol:
  17. You've been at it with the buffer again... Confess!!! :P :lol: It's still monumentally such a pretty wee thing mate ;)
  18. I believe Asus would be all over it like a rash should you approach them Mike B) It's screaming out for a current generation board or GPU (both would be nice thank you Asus - he deserves it!!!)
  19. Longtime longtime!!! Hey fella, good to see you back, I'll drop you a PM in a bit :D As you can see I've been busy pursuing my usual mixture of hands on testing and overclocking in a variety of projects - the next project is a test case (my take on a multi functional test bench) prior to getting full blown hands on with my retro project :lol:
  20. It works out including import tax (but excluding courier costs) the Hardware Labs Black Ice Nemesis 360GTX cost about £88 ($137 US), that's pretty reasonable considering the longevity, quality and ultimate cooling offered by the rad - and besides it's one of those things I've always wanted to own so it's like a special me treat :D I've just got a few fittings to order in, the pump/res combo I want plus a new CPU block and we're go for launch ;) I decided to go with new rather than recycle some of my old kit - I sold that off to part finance the new lot :)
  21. :P Michael you missed a smudge on that tubing of yours :unsure: Stop slacking, more polishing!! :lol: ;) On a serious note however... Yesterday I took receipt (direct from a five day trip from Performance PC's in Palm Bay, Florida) of a Hardware Labs Black Ice Nemesis 360GTX :D What more can I say... It's an absolute beast of a rad and the new style finish everyone loves to hate is absolutely mint!! I vowed I'd get myself one after Bill previewed them in one of his vids - they're not available in the UK or Europe (it doesn't help that the Premier site for watercooling kit in the UK, Specialtech closed it's doors to business earlier this year ). It's for my new mini project (the precursor to starting work once again on Retro), something I've needed for a hell of a long time but never found the right case or chassis to facilitate (well until now), I've had to do a hell of a lot of shopping around for the watercooling parts I've need which hasn't helped any in terms of time scale.
  22. Cheers Bill, aesthetically I was very very pleased with it - Jesse's review of the Phanteks Evolv ITX was spot on and the install was a breeze :D The cooling hardware was a kinda mixed success however... The Good - The EK F3-120 Vardar's are a great quality bit of kit and highly recommenced; very quiet even at full speed (a worthy successor to the GT1850's? Possibly yes).The Corsair (yes I just typed THAT word) Quiet Edition AF140's, again great quality fans, shift a ton of air and do so quietly.The Alphacool Eisberg 240 - It's affordable, will put any closed loop 240 all in one cooler to shame in the cooling stakes, it's build quality is superb, it's a breeze to install and it uses all copper components (the rad is in point of fact an Alphacool ST30); however now comes the bad... The Bad - The pump whine of the Eisburg unit at 12V is intolerable, at 7V it sounds like you have an angry Hornet stuck in your case and even at 5V it's still very very noticeable - sadly despite it's excellent cooling potential and affordability I can't recommend that any one should even contemplate buying one :( Which truly is a shame because it holds so much potential.
  23. A well designed case enhanced by Gawd :D It's nothing short of stunning Bill!! :wub: Congratulations on the Bill Owen Signature Edition, thoroughly deserving of a bloke I consider to be a good friend and an individual that gives so much back to the modding communities and industry - The Best of the Best. (yes I will be purchasing a signature edition ;) )
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