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  1. Hey guys as promised the final photos for Celtic Forge - Cooler Master Mastercase 5t! Again huge thanks to Cooler Master for the opportunity and Nvidia, Avexir, Primochill, and Swiftech for helping with the hardware and watercooling, without the joint effort it would not have been possible! I gotta say for a 6 day project I am extremely happy with how it turned out! 3 Thanks to everyone that checked out this build! Cyprus29 was just completed and the final photos will be going up on forums sometime next week!! Mod on!
  2. Looking good bro! Keep it up! Too bad about the SSD, hopefully you get everything worked out before PDX. Good luck homie!
  3. Yeah that front honeycomb looks sick man, nice work, I love how it fades in and out.
  4. Great work brotha! Keep it up! Some serious hand crafting here man hats off to you sir!
  5. Hey everyone! Been a while since posting a new log, but I recently had an amazing opportunity to do a mod for Cooler Masters suite at CES2017! Even as busy as I have been I couldn't pass on the offer. The time frame was extremely limited, I think after all the parts arrived I had about 5-6 days to build this that is why I am posting the log now even though the build is finished, I would of never had the time to do it while working. Even with the constraint on time, I still manage to pack this Mastercase 5t with some cool stuff so lets take a look shall we? The theme is something I always wanted to play around with, just creating a build with sacred geometry and patterned polygons through out. I believe its rather appealing to look at, and somewhat draws you in to keep looking. It is a rather open ended theme and can go many directions so I figured it was something I could use to make a mod in less than a week. So first off this would of never been possible without Cooler Master as well as the other companies who pitched in to help get this project done! Cooler Master - Mastercase 5t, v1000 Power Supply, and 6 Jetflow Fans. Nvidia - 2x EVGA GTX 960 Avexir - 16GB Blitz DDR4 Ram, and S100 SSD Primochill - Maxcord Paracord, Revolver SX Fittings, D5 Pump, D5 Pump Top and mount, PETG Tubing, and True White Opaque Coolant. Swiftech - Apogee X2 CPU Block, and Extreme Performance 360mm Radiator. Thank you all so much! So heading into the work, unboxed everything and started started installing to get a feel for it. (Originally planned on the Gaming M7 motherboard from MSI but the board ended up being DOA, so right before filling the loop I had to switch it out.) (I was also going to use 1 msi 960 before Nvidia got on board) Now into the modding we go! First was a quick paint job on the Primochill pump brackets. Then on the case I first peeled the foam off the front cover then CNC cut some patterns on the front backed with painted mod mesh for some enhanced front airflow for the radiator to be placed in the front of the case. The next mod was a magnetic power supply shroud made of laser cut acrylic for the front of the case. I used 1/8" red for the base and 1/16" black on top to fit flush right behind the tempered glass. The Top layer caps the magnets and allow them to be glued in place. After that I installed the radiator, and made a custom grill with 2 layers of laser cut acrylic glued together. Moving right along with the watercooling I made 2 of my favorite things to make, water manifolds! I went with the glued style this time because of time constraints and I didn't want to worry about possible o-ring leaks or anything. I pocketed out the base which was .5" acrylic, then laser cut a .125" cover plate, and a 1.25" trim to cover the glue bubbles. Then I sandwiched them all together with Weldon 4 and tapped the fitting holes. Next up was the graphics car back plate, combined into a gpu shroud, combined with a SSD mount and a d5 pump mount lol. Nvidia was able to spare 2 960s for the build, they happened to be the ITX cards. So I designed this shroud to fill out the case a bit more and incorporate the other hardware. Then I made some cable extensions and wire everything up! After cables came the tubing! Then it was time to fill er up!! One last thing before wrapping it up. I made a window skin for the back door panel. Since the tempered glass is very nice, I didn't want to remove it, and I didn't want to obstruct the front window, so on the back I made a magnetic skin to bring the theme all the way around the build. I laser cut acrylic, layered it, and embedded magnets just like the psu shroud. Then I built a matching show plaque, and crated it up for shipment! Here is a few pics from CES! That is it for this update! I hope you enjoyed it! It was so much fun and really pushed me to accomplish as much as I could in only 6 days! I am grateful for the opportunity a look forward to the next collaboration! Also expect to see some Mastercase accessories available soon on my website! I will be back with a final photo update in the next few days to a week! Also I will be doing Cyprus29 photos as well to be on the look out for that update also! Take care see ya in the next update!
  6. Nice update!! Thanks for sharing my name as well =D
  7. No doubt, I always try to stay outside that damn box lol its so boring in there =P hahaha
  8. Looking great man this will be a clean ass mod when its done!
  9. Hey guys I apologize for the delays, I just built a Co2 laser cutter and building it and calibrating it has taken a bit longer than I had expected. Its finally up and cutting now and I am starting to make products for my webstore. Once I have them all done Ill release the final photos of Cyprus 29 in conjunction with a 29% off sale on my site so stay tuned! Until then, here is final update 2 of 4. This update I have photos of the custom fan enclosures I made for my Cooler Master JetFlo fans. First off thanks to my sponsors for their generous support and patience! Here is a render I made in Autodesk Fusion 360, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to rendering, but that software is so awesome. You can model, mold, render, do toolpaths for CNC, direct export to 3d printers, and also, its free! First I had to remove some metal on the front panel and then paint it. Next up I cut the enclosures out on the cnc router. and glued up the frames. To guard the blades I needed to cut the acrylic bars to size and chamfer the corners on the mill. Then I removed the fans with their motors from their original enclosures and hitthe blades and bars with the copper paint Once the paint cured I glued everything up! Im happy with the result! That's all for this update, next up I will show you guys my wire management layout using aviation connectors that panel mount on the motherboard tray! The final update will be the water cooling install. Then the last thing will be the final photos!! I will roll these updates out quicker over the next week. Thanks for those who have followed this build since the beginning!
  10. Thanks Bill! It so fun getting to work on my own stuff again! I learned so much doing this project. Moving forward im going to be doing my whole build as a 3dmodel before I start so when I officially start it I can build it quickly. I never want a build to take this long again lol. Now I just wish there was a faster way to update forums lol. Btw your new combs are freaking sweet man! Nice to see an open version of aluminum combs!
  11. Hahaha no man this is the final stand, i need a break for a few weeks to build my shop up, ive been putting off a bunch of machinery upgrades and organizational things. Im thinking about getting an ISO certification at some point. But....I do have the hardware I need to reassemble Grey Matter, so I think I might do that for fun =D
  12. Hey my munkey friends!! Its been a long time coming on this one! Sorry for the long gap in updates, the build went back burner to client projects, then to the MSI Pro Mod, then more client projects. Eventually I made a stand to push for a completed build for Quakecon 2016 a few weeks ago. I had a 36 hour modding marathon up until hopping in the car for our 17 hour drive, and after the grueling delirious hour of work, the build didn't power up. Not only that many things were rushed and corners were cut. I tried fixing it in my hotel room but to no avail. The trip was not in vein though, Heath Coop (Tek by Design) and I competed as a team in the 24hr live mod at Quakecon and won first place with our Doom themed build. That was an awesome experience and I will be returning next year with a working Cyprus29 and also to spend the 3 days gaming and relaxing this time lol. I am almost done with the build now and have tons of photos to share with you all. Unfortunately Cyprus is on 15 or so forums, some only allowing 10 photos, so to make updating these forums a little more organized over the next couple weeks Im rolling out this update, plus 3 more, and then a final photos update to wrap this sucker up! To see the full photo sets from this update, and future updates, head over to my new website, Clockwerk Industries, where I will be hosting all my upcoming worklogs. Some forums do not like links to outside pages so you can just google it or check my social media accounts. I am also building a 1200mm by 900mm 100w Reci Co2 Laser next week and started a store on my website. The laser should also open the door to some sick stuff for my upcoming mods. I will also be doing a build log for the laser on my website, mod zoo, and CNCzone. Stay tuned for that one! Alright now that we caught up a bit lets start the update 1 of my final 4. Of course a huge huge thanks to the amazing and patient sponsors on this build! So I I wanted to run the copper bar theme throughout the build so I brought it to the front. I first cut a base for the mid section and top bezels. After that I cut .25" acrylic stock into bars and chamfered the corners on the mill. Next up is the copper paint! Finally I glued the bars on the bezels were finally finished! The top bezel has a hole pattern for mounting the top bezel reservoir which I will show in one of the coming updates. Thats all for this update! I wish I didnt have this build on so many forums I would have more photos in my posts. Well, until the next post, a huge thanks to everyone who has been following this build, I appreciate your support! Ive got a lot more organized as of late and plan on trying to get more active on the forums. See ya soon!
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