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  1. I have a quick question, when I click on MP3 it just starts playing, I would like to download it so I can listen to it at work. is there a way to download it?
  2. Hello I'm Feet are reekin <---just so you know what my name is and how to pronounce it. I've been caring that burden for 15 years now and it's my gamer tag. Allthough it makes it real easy to make a gamer tag and forum ID :) anyhow I've been cutting out the side of cases since 2003 Gigabyte mobo intell P4 2.4GHz I still wonder if I was the first one to make the power and HDD lights blue? then in 2008 I cut the window and painted the inside black sorry Phone cameras back then wer horrible here is a more recent photo ( I reused the case for a temp for a few days and took a pick of it ). and the other mod right after.
  3. I first saw this 2 nites ago on Linus tech-tips and yeah I still can't find them for sale. I'm thinking ether purple or white.
  4. That is one awesome build man, I would like to do something like that with ether my CM storm enforcer or my 932, I just don't have the tools to do it. I see you live in my neighborhood. Good to see Cleveland represent, are you an east sider or west sider, just wondering
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