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  1. the talent you guys have... seriously it's like that whole 1% shenanigans again, but instead of money it's talent...
  2. :D there's no better feeling than doing something on your own instead of buying it.. i dont know how to explain it but there's just something about it. here's a tutorial for yah! (by the guy who started doing this mod AND the guy who did it in your picture) http://youtu.be/bFPh_o5PSQE
  3. the buildlog you did on youtube was pretty entertaining. the whole munky transmission thing was pretty neat. overall great build. the start of the build. http://youtu.be/jEAZ2oscQIs
  4. i like going with all in and single/empty out...same principle as the lanboy air. as long as the intakes are filtered it does seem to keep the board dust free (even if they arent it seems like ti doesn't get as dusty)
  5. i would gladly upgrade my current E11 to this one and replace my E4 with my older E11... i would... except that this is a z87/1150 board :/ this would make for a great nas board.. nothing like putting 22 37gb raptor hdd in a system! (that should bring some nostalgia to some)
  6. yeah that's a tough one.. it's a shame to see that hidden though :/ (but gotta do what you gotta do.) just a thought, behind the recon you could have a small res peeking through (going no heigher than the front of the recon itself) and keeping the larger res at the back.. the one in the back being used for fill/draining/bleeding . and if you're using a clear tube with a colored liquid you will still get that touch of color. just a thought.
  7. since i started planning and working out my scratch build, i've had 2 new ideas that i havent seen done before.. but since i have to start from nothing (as in, no tools since i moved to a new country) it might be a while till i can get to experimenting with those. 1. a large flat rectangle res motherboard tray.. the front wall being thick enough to old standoffs, with spot for 24pin to pass through. sealed with a brightly colored Oring. OR a hinged sidepanel (like the cosmos) with a res as a sidepanel with flexible tubing near the hinge so it can be opened without a problem. 2. a hidden motherboard concept but components such as ram and gpu still in the usual but upright location and rear IO still in the same location using male-female adaptors and a custom ioshield so you only have the stuff you need. (meaning gpu flat on the mobo tray with fans/block facing the sidepanel) ... if using blocks passing the fittings and hose through the back and only exposing what's needed.) wasn't gonna talk about these till i was able to pull it off, but severely limited funds makes i hard to get done now.. (take the price of just about anything you have access to in the states and multiply it by 3.. that's the price i have to pay here for stuff. taxed up the wahoo here)
  8. unless you're designing a case to fit a very specific gpu size it's always nice to give yourself at least 12 inches of gpu space across a few lanes.. just because at the moment you don't have cards in cf/sli or don't have a larger card, doesnt mean you wont later on :) as for the case design, yeah this is by far one of my favorite cases, looks epic even at stock (much like the 600t and phantoms) and i like where this is heading. the res, what are your plans for the rads? front 360 in pushpull? and top 280/240 in pushpull? because based on that we can try and figure out a place for that neat lil res setup you were working on (thumbs up on it btw)
  9. i always wondered how the gentle typhoon would scale.. when either going to a 80mm or a 230mm fan.. not practical reason as to why i would like to see that, but i would xD as for size, gotta love the near lack of "disturbing" noise..
  10. skyrim can take up 4or so.. well, that's due to it being heavily modded in my machine. kinda sad that there's a possibility that the dual gpu cards arent hitting the market anymore.. not because i wont get a free pair but because they always sorta pushed the next gen to have similar performance at a lower cost... i guess the titan and 290x is doing that now but it pains me to see that there isnt a "colossus" a dual gpu titan or amd equivalent. (simply for the stupid fps numbers)
  11. the problem with a card that can be better than another by overclocking is that not every card is the same which leads to variables.. so a 780 that's faster than a titan due to an overclock for someone might not be the same to another person...silicon lottery. an overclocked titan (depending on how well it clocks) can pull an extra 10-15fps over a stock titan... i'm not trying to justify the absurd price of the titan/dualgpu cards because when you look at it through a budget filter a 780 is a much better card. BUT it doesnt change the fact that you're buying into the "elite" group of flagship card owners. it's like buying a supercar to go buy groceries meanwhile a $2k beater would do you just fine. when you put the titan on 1080p you truly wont see it shine (much like my 7990cf setup) but when you throw high resolutions you notice that it pulls ahead. as for the dual gpu thing, im sponsored by a certain company and our deal was to keep me updated with every generation of dual chip cards... i got a email saying there probably would be a box with 2 new shinny dual chip amd cards on my doorstep. that's fine i guess.
  12. there shouldnt have been any reason for you to think that the 780ti would be faster than the titan.. why would they release something that's faster AND cheaper than their flagship card? also, given the "Ti" history it always landed between the non ti and the next card up in the family... a 560ti is faster than a 560 but slower than a 570. as for dual gpu cards, unless they sli the titan and cf the 290x on a single card it wouldnt be worth it.. i have a feeling that the 7990s and 690s are the last of their breed. (although i am glad i got 2 7990s) also, on the tesla/quadro thing give this a looksie... http://youtu.be/-utyEm0QZMQ
  13. this mod is strange in the best possible way! pretty daayumn creative, looking forward to the finished product.
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