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  1. ya, i should do it, i will do it :D Too many peoples think about Ford GT40
  2. the mod is out for the Gamer Assembly in France, so i can't take more pics to show you. But for the M65, I alldesassemble it. 1/ unscrew the two screw under the mouse and the 3 big weights 2/ unclipped the back of the mouse carrefully 3/ unscrew all the screw inside the mouse, approximatively 8 swews ^^ 4/ be carreful to not broke the littles clips inside For the rest, I removed the paint in an ultrasonic cleaner, sand down all the parts, especially the top because it must be "frosted" to share the light ;) Sorry for my english :/
  3. Not enouth space to shoot the case, so sorry for bad quality pics
  4. I need some place to take pics, so perhaps tomorow if I can ;)
  5. Thx Bill for the Switch, but I will give the mod to Corsair France for a Show 4-6 April. Thx very mutch ;) New stuff to mod, a M65 mouse from Corsair ;)
  6. Painting time is over :(, need to mount all the parts, dand water time ^^
  7. I start the left side panel, but i forgot to paint it in blue before nannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need to make a sticker for this flag and ... try :(
  8. Just for Fun, it's soon the END
  9. thx Bill, it's ok now :D I try to take new pics, try try try ^^, and i saw that the mic is not finished moahahahah (sic)
  10. Extra part, a headset Corsair Vengeance 1500 for this Gulf Performance Mod :D
  11. thx peter, i need to see your's ;) For now, I can work on paint job. My workshop is not enouth warm, and it's difficult to paint with only 8°C :( Spring is coming, and I can work on this project, like the Corsair 600T rear panel ;)
  12. hi. I used airbruch with masking tappe. Need to work the front panel now ^^
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