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  1. Hello everyone, I have been building computers for a few years now and I have just caught the modding bug. I have been amazed at the work and creativity I see on this forum. I hope I can come up with some cool ideas to share, but currently I am just taking it all in. Quick question though... If you are doing a computer mod that incorporates a logo or brand name theme, do you need to get permission before you start? I am currently thinking about an Agents of Shield themed case mod, and I was thinking about using their logo in some custom fan grills. So I am not sure if I should contact Marvel or the TV Network before I start. Thanks guys! PCPYRO
  2. I currently use a program called Rhino that is a lot like AutoCAD but more user friendly. When I have time I take the models into 3ds max and render it out. Unfortunately the software I use is expensive, I have it for my small rendering company.
  3. Here is another idea for the Agents of Shield theme, but using a Bitfenix Phenom case and recreating the front and top panels...
  4. Here is another Radiator Grill I am thinking about for it.
  5. Here is a new Case mod I am thinking about using a Corsair 350D as a base. Please excuse the Photoshop job. I am planning custom liquid cooling with the following: 240 mm Rad in the front 240 mm Rad in the roof 120 mm Rad in the rear and a tube reservoir and pump Thanks. PCPYRO
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