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  1. Yeah, I was pondering the issue with flow against different block resistances and it then seemed intuitive to put the most restrictive flow passage first, then the next most restrictive and so on until the one with least restriction which then ends up last in the chain. That's for the inflow chain tho, but how this applies to the outflow I don't find as intuitive. The restriction/flow situation will be totally reversed as the passage with least restriction will end up being first in the outflow chain. See new flow chart below http://ibin.co/29zvVvzbXq8R
  2. Would it be possible? Feels kinda weird ... http://ibin.co/29zXeMu0fjEg
  3. Cant find any comprehensive info about this. Want HWLabs NEMESIS GTS rads in my build as far as possible. HWLabs GTS 140 series is 153 mm wide and HWLabs NEMESIS GTS 120 Series is 133 mm wide. What is the max width of the top radiator? Really want a NEMESIS GTS 420 up here and was thinking of doing som kind of dremel job up thre on the 151 mm wide 5.25" drive bay to be able to accommodate it. What is the max width of the front radiator? HWLabs NEMESIS GTS 240/280 What is the max width of the front side radiator? HWLabs NEMESIS GTS 240 What is the max width of the bottom radiator/radiators? HWLabs NEMESIS GTS 480. Any links to people having crammed HWLabs rads into their Primos would be awesome as I haven't found any yet. out, Spigg
  4. Tempting to use a water analog that is non-conducive to biological growth alltogether, like 3M Flourinert tho it has really poor BTU compared to water and is eye wateringly expensive :( Anyone tried any exotic ways of keeping their loops pristine?
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