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  1. in Richardson Tx i was there last weekend and ad dropped to 799.99
  2. i thought it was funny that there site said 799 for along time and then the posted it for sale for 1 day at 999 and then took it back off the site.
  3. A case just went on sale in the U.S. the inwin tou. I saw this case at quakecon in Dallas and it is a sweet looking case but the new price tag is 999.99 thats correct a grand.
  4. Thank you for the info I have access to most power tools and the budget is not a issue. I am planning on a carbon fiber film from mnpctech.I just want something that is sturdy and once i have it in it lasts awhile.
  5. I am new to any type of mods. I see a lot of cases that have the power supply and drive bays blocked off i know you use a film but what is the best material to make the panels out of?
  6. what about a plan to block off the bottom and top drive bays as well as the power supply in a cosmos 2. I have the mnpctech clear door so the inside needs some improvements.
  7. no the class is clear and the color changes with the lighting.
  8. I saw this case at quakecon-Dallas and it is awsome. I did not pick it up but is a heavy case. The 800 price tag which i have not found anywhere is down form what they were saying they were going to charge.
  9. I know you are not doing custom work but do you have any idea who could make a side and front mirrored glass panel for a bitfenix prodigy case like this.
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