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  1. Looks like he stole the Gold Power Rangers helmet.
  2. Dooglo

    The Iron Turnip

    Great work. Looks like a door striker plate. Lol
  3. Looking great. Where did you find a power strip for your fans?
  4. Dooglo

    Lian-Li PC-O5S Review

    Looks like a pretty cool case. Thanks for your time on this review.
  5. Dooglo

    "Asus Strix" Finish

    Where did you find carbon tubing? Let alone the right dimensions.
  6. Dooglo

    Project Overseer

    How bout try this. Res to pump pump to gpu gpu to nb nb to top rad Top rad to cpu cpu to memory memory to lower rad lower rad to red
  7. Dooglo

    HEX GEAR: Project ODYSSEY by Zoyadog

    I think you did a real super job. Looks great. Would like to try using copper tubing sometime.
  8. I too like the copper. It will also help with dissipating heat as well. Not a lot, but some
  9. Dooglo

    Project Overseer

    I'm defintely no water cooling guru or anything, but I've done my far share of research to know that you should go res - pump - what have you. I'd hate to see that pump die on you. My $0.02
  10. Dooglo

    Re(de)fine (Air 240) by MetallicAcid

    Love it! Looks really great . Awesome job.
  11. Dooglo

    [Project Log] "Parvum|Beast"

    Really diggin the blue acrylic Great job