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  1. Looks like a pretty cool case. Thanks for your time on this review.
  2. Where did you find carbon tubing? Let alone the right dimensions.
  3. How bout try this. Res to pump pump to gpu gpu to nb nb to top rad Top rad to cpu cpu to memory memory to lower rad lower rad to red
  4. I think you did a real super job. Looks great. Would like to try using copper tubing sometime.
  5. I too like the copper. It will also help with dissipating heat as well. Not a lot, but some
  6. I'm defintely no water cooling guru or anything, but I've done my far share of research to know that you should go res - pump - what have you. I'd hate to see that pump die on you. My $0.02
  7. Love it! Looks really great . Awesome job.
  8. Really diggin the blue acrylic Great job
  9. Your color choice is perfect I think. Love it. The only thing I can think of is to get together different shades of blue as well as maybe some metallic white out something along those lines to help with color cutting.
  10. Another thought I had on this is the uv light itself. Are they colored, or not?
  11. Just throwing this out there to see if anyone has an idea. I have some 1/2" red petg tubing in my current system with red additive. It looks great and all especially when it goes through the reservoir, cause it's clear. But,want to know is, if I throw a uv color through the loop will it have an effect. Obviously the color of uv will effect the outcome. But what color/s will work? Thanks
  12. A little hunting around you'll find some. What sites have you looked at?
  13. Turned out real nice. Great job.
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