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  1. Sorry I have been MIA for a bit ... I had some issues with my house that came before the computer :( Will post some updates soon as I finally got working on this thing again. So stay tuned
  2. A lot of cases will have the same internal framing ... and the companies will design the front and top bezels to suite their liking's. If you are really serious about getting a case but having it made to your specifications; you would have to find what factory the case was manufactured at. 90% of the time it's in China. Do a bit of googling and you might get lucky with a few hits :) I know from use the Xigmatek Aquila, and Aerocool DS-Cube are all the same case frames internally. They just feature different bezel designs and have a different company logo's on the front.
  3. If I got this case I would continue the red and white theme. Some of the Parts I would use - ASUS Maximus VI Formula - Paint armor white EK clean blocks CPU & Memory - top painted white sleeved PSU cables white & red Primochil Revolver red fittings Primochill's PETG rigid tubing Mayhems pastel ice white fluid I would prob swap out the window to clear acrylic to really show off the internals and beauty of the case. Add nice subtle white LED's to perfectly light all the sexy hardware. I would do more to the case to make it a dream PC but I can't give all the details away :)
  4. Not a huge update - Sent the front panel design over to E22 to get milled. I can't wait to get it back!
  5. Subbed! Grey Matter was a sweet mod I enjoyed following ... I have the same case sitting here waiting to be reviewed. I don't know what I will do with it after that though :P Good luck and I cant wait to see where this one goes!
  6. Finally found someone that is proficient with 3D rendering. So here is what this project will look like: The only differences will be the Motherboard trays. They will be a little more themed when completed.
  7. nice paint job on everything. Glad I checked this project out!
  8. So I finally got back to doing a few things. Not a huge update as I'm still working on finalizing some of the custom design work. I need to get better in 3D/CAD programs... Stripped the case down to just the frame. Everything came off easily. Front and top panels pop right off. Most of the internals where just held by a few screws. I only had to grab the drill for the motherboard tray. Too easy! I wanted to use the MNPCTECH case feet I got from Bill awhile back, but they were a little short for mounting fans under the case. So I just added them to the existing case feet. Actually didn't turn out too bad. All four in place. Does it look alright? Time to mount the radiators so I can get some better measurements for the custom motherboard trays. Bottom and top radiator mounted. I placed the top cover back on and it is a few millimeters short. :( Just by a few though... I think it will be really close to perfect if I remove the honeycomb plastic on the top filter. Well that's it for now. Back to designing some custom parts and saving my pennies for the needed hardware. Stay tuned!
  9. Thanks everyone. It's going to be a fun PACKED project. I have been thinking about it for awhile, feels good to finally get started.
  10. This project idea came to me in a dream. Maybe I was temporarily possessed by an angel or demon or both ?? Ever since the first initial thought I wanted to put 2 water cooled mITX systems in a SFF case. Of course I know this build overall is really worthless, but that's no fun! The plan is to mount two mITX motherboards into a smaller mATX case. The top system {Heaven} would be blue/white themed and the bottom inverted system {Hell} would be red/black themed. Each would featured full cover motherboard blocks and be tubed with Primochill rigid tubing. here is some crappy art I whipped up in Photoshop to layout my idea. I hope to be working with someone knowledgeable in 3D rendering/CAD design soon to really put it together for me - {project} Heaven~Hell Sponsors: Planned Hardware List: Case: Bitfenix Phenom mATX MB: 2x ASUS P8Z77-I Deluxe Memory: Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 1866 4x8GB HDD: 2x Samsung Evo 500GB SSD GFX: 2x AMD R9 290x ~or~ Nvidia Geforce 780ti PSU: 2x Silverstone G-Evolution 750w Planned Cooling List: Fans: Bitfenix Specter Pro LED (4xblue, 4xred) Radiator: 2x Black Ice GT Stealth 240 mm Water Blocks: 2x Bitspower AIZ77ITXD Nickel Plated - Clear GFX Blocks: 2x Bitspower Nickel - Clear (depends on final gfx card choice) Fittings: Primochill Rigid Revolvers White & Red Tubing: Primochill Rigid Tubing Clear Reservoir: 2x Primochill CTR Advanced 120 mm (new style w/D5 pump top) Pump: 2x D5 PWM The first few packages have arrived. Before I even opened the case I had to look at the radiators and fans. Then I got a little anxious. Fans are going to look great! These case feet may finally find a home. Finding these also reminded me I need to hit up the MNPCTECH web store and order a few things. Now for the case. I choose white because its {Heaven} and I wanted to add just a little {Hell} to it. (with side panels) (without side panels) That's about as far as I'm going to get for now. I have to go out of town this weekend for the military. So the planning and modding will continue soon!
  11. Wow, a box of pure inspiration. I may have to save my pennies and just practice more with my regular shop tools. Great work..
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