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  1. Thank you for the comments, I really enjoyed doing this build and hope to do more when I get more money and get better hardware. These fans are pretty quiet I just wish they would push a little bit more pressure I can't even fell the wind through the back fan grill. But with no restrictions they move some good air.
  2. Haha yeah, the fan fiter needs to be installed will do it when I sleeve all the cables. The lid was the finishing touch. It can also be pooped open on one side to vent air.
  3. This was my first time into modding and I hope I can do many more down the road. I want to thank Al Shuryan for telling me about this community of modders, I hope you enjoy. I started building computers when I was 16 I'm now 20, and have built a few computers for a Fox Sports Radio and online TV station.
  4. -------- Ok big updates been to busy to post. Monday Supplies have arrived! Getting the four ready. Hope they line up Got the Acrylic behind the "THE CUBE" and the Cube shape going to try and make them glow. Waiting for the glue to dry. A nice custom fit. This stuff works great it's made by BSI-INC. they make great stuff. Got the top all glued on. A slight bow, but can be easily fixed. The acrylic will slide into these post. Nice tight fit. Fixed that bow :D Will have to sand that back piece. Thats a lot of supplies, Lutro0 sent me some extras Getting stuff figured out will be my first time to sleeve, but won't have time to start for at least 1 month Well thats it for Monday another 8+ hours:rockout: -------- Here we are back to work it's now Wednesday had a big snow storm on Tuesday couldn't go anywhere. Super late start at around 1PM (Bad roads), luckily it's only a 13min drive. Fit's like a glove! That's going nowhere. Couldn't really make anything secure enough that I would trust to hold my HDD's in place Got a nice screw board for the DVD. This will fit nice once we get the top back on. Fitting the feet on Looking fancy :P Making sure it's nice and tight. Got the cable holes cut. I was thinking about making them all the same size, but might as well custom fit the holes to the cables right!? Looks nice and the 45o is fitting nice now. Thats it for Wednesday it was a good day for being short. Had to go home and make a nice healthy shake...:eek: Banana, Ice Cream, Honey, Peanut Butter and chocolate :) ------ Here we are it's Thursday! Another late start around 2pm. will still get around 8 hours in :) She coming together! Testing the fit. The sides fit nicely Nice Getting things lade out. Thats going to be chilly ;) Got the first one set... Custom fit :) Fitting very strong Got the back fan cut and is ready to be put in :D Just need to get the top made! Thats it for Thursday, the next work day will be Monday. Friday we are putting Shoe on in the house. All that's left is making the top, it will be a wood frame with acrylic in the middle this will be removable. Hopefully in about 3-6 months I can get all new hardware to fit in here when Haswell and GTX 7** or HD 8**** come out. -------- So here we are at the end of the road, this has been a very long and exciting journey. It's hard to think this took 2 weeks, but it was well worth it. With this case being solid wood it's very strong, heavy and quiet! With only 3 case fans one intake left side and 2 out this stays much cooler than my NZXT Tempest that had 6 fans... My gpu's are sitting at 42c each they used to be 48, 50c my CPU is at 35c fans are at 70%... So that's enough talk lets get onto the final pic's, I hope you all enjoy these and sorry I'm not a pro photographer, but I used my T2i. Thank you for looking and I hope you enjoyed this build! B)
  5. Hello everyone I have been building computers for about 5 years now and I thought it would be a good idea to start building custom cases. Here are some 3D models of what I'm planning to make. My first prototype will be very simply and I'm just going to move my current very old rig into it :) Materials will only cost about $40. Once I get more money to do a full build I plan on making a ITX build with water cooling a GTX 670, 3770k all in a size of 11.5" L, 7" W, 13" H. And then I'm going to cover it in Carbon Fiber Film. :D I will be building and getting materials on Tuesday. The orignal thread can be found here The Prototype... This one will be able to hold 2 x 240 rad's in push, possibly a 240 rad vertical in the front if I decided to get rid of the 2 5.25" front cut out. NEW Renders The ITX... This one can hold 1 240 Rad vertical and will be able to hold a GTX 670 or smaller card. --------- Ok sorry for late pic's I started up on Tuesday, but have had the computer taking apart. Some stuff has changed along the way and have gone for a Cube shape The name of the case is "THE CUBE" and once i'm done it will glow, Now on to pic's of first day. Tuesday... Here we are with about 3/4" x 11.5" x 10' $39 went with Red Alder Cherry was $2 board ft more. :banghead: Not spending that money on a prototype. The Shop - I want to thank my very helpful and kind cousin for helping me and allowing me to work in his shop. The old parts going in a new case :o These magnets are Rare Earth magnets that are very strong this will be holding the left, right and top panels on pic's later to show how this will work. Some scraps it's nice wood Getting the sides just right. Cutting the acrylic top pieces Measure twice, cut once :) Tad to much glue, nothing a little sanding cant fix. This is a test piece that will be cut out on the front panel. I hope you can tell it's a Cube. The Scroll Saw is the best tool. This was a quick cutout. So Here we are the next day of work Wednesday, hoping to get more done than Tuesday as we got started late around 4PM, today we start at 9AM... Some more cutting. Testing out the laser ... And yes that blade is at 45o Working on the Scroll saw this is on the front face of the case. This is the very bottom of the bottom panel, it will hold the Front and Back panels on with 2 screws each. Both sides and top are removable for easy access. Lol how do we even keep track of measurements:confused::eek: The front I/O. Well I didn't take many pic's this day to busy working, put in over 8 hours. -------- Back for another day of working (more pic's today) it's Thursday and we are starting again at 9AM. Sooooo many choice what to go for... Of course the very nice Roman Ogee (Top row, third from the right) Got part of the front cut out with 2 5.25 drive bays. I like this Cube These will go on the very top and the acrylic will slide into these Roman corner post Custom fit, and it fit's like a glove, no screw need to secure it. This is what we use to keep the paper temporarily on the wood while we do the cut out's on the Scroll saw. Need's some sanding... Trying to get the Front I/O to fit in nicely This will have some custom trim around it. The very first coat of polyurethane satin finish.(will be 4coats) Waiting for the first to dry. Trying to find space put stuff. More drying... -_- First coat done, now to sand and reapply. A lot of work got done today over 10 hours!:toast: Can't wait for tomorrow! ------- Ok so here we are Fridays work, We start a little late at 10AM. Putting the 3rd and 4th coat on everything my phone isn't picking up all the color from the wood it's more red than the pics. Seeing if the 45's are lining up sadly they are slightly off, but a easy trim can fix this. Again my phone doesn't do this wood justice, once it is fully built I will be using my DSLR. Cutting the cable slots for the motherboard tray. :) Trying to make it a tight fit. The main cut outs are 1" from the side so they can bend easy, in about 1 month I will be sleeving the PSU from Lutro0 Customs This will hold the 2 sides and top panel on with magnets. If a Magnets does every come on glued you can use a pin to pop it out :D (We are using BSI-Inc Glue Insta Cure+) The feet(left) and the top frame(right) Look what just showed up my fans! I hope these are as great as what Ive seen. $50... These feel great and high quality nothing beats German Engineering. Thats it for Friday we put in over 10 hours again, thinking only 2 more work days. We start again Monday. :lol:
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