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  1. I have sort of an idea of now I want to do it... I may not even use that side after I cut it off. I'm thinking of buying a sheet of metal and making a side panel but I'm getting some ideas
  2. Some pictures of the case up close I want to cut the side from the rest and make it a hinged door, but not sure how to go about doing it...
  3. Thats what I'm thinking, I'm want something clean looking... Give me a few minutes and I'll upload some pics
  4. Thanks for the suggestion! Being that I work at Home Depot I should have thought about this LOL. Now I wonder which would look better, mounting them on the inside or outside?
  5. Although the lambo door setup actually sounds a bit better...
  6. Something maybe like this, or where it hinges up from the top?
  7. STKDrEvil


    Very nice build :D I've been almost a year into my first build, who knew it would be such a long process
  8. Hey guys, I haven't posted in a few months, but decided to dust off a mod I started last year and start working on it again. I have this old case I started modding on back in Sept of last year. I'm not sure If you can tell from the picture,but the case cover is one solid piece. I was thinking of cutting the side off of it, leaving the majority of the cover as whole, and permanently attaching it to the chasis, and taking the one side and attaching as a hinged panel, but I'm not sure what type of hinge or locking system to use. Does any one have any suggestions?
  9. I clean my PC regularly (twice a month) Right now, my CPU is the only component being water cooled (with the H100) I would love to do a custom loop system and add my video card into the mix, but I get really nervous with the idea of having liquid of anything near my components because I cant afford to ruin my motherboard or CPU considering I just recently spent $300 on upgrades. The stock fan/heatsink on it isnt very big to begin with. I just wonder if I can find a custom option? For no more then what I do with my system (Graphic Design, Email, Left 4 Dead 2 & Borderlands) I cant justify spending the money on getting a beefier card just to water cool it? When (besides the temps when under load) this card still gives me great FPS in most of the games that I play
  10. My video card is an Nvidia GT240... so I'm trying to find something that will mount up
  11. I currently have an H100 unit I use to cool my CPU, are there any cooling options out there to cool my video card? Sitting idle it runs about 135F, but on load it goes up to almost 200F... So I'm wondering what options are there without having to drastically over haul my system
  12. Definitely watching this one!
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