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  1. I have had my stuff in the box in the basement for over two years. I wish i would have built mine.. i might when things calm down.. your build looks great.
  2. that is great software. I use it with the files i have for a iron man helmet i have.. if you look you can find some portal stuff
  3. THat's jelly .. might have to install some support cables for that thing..
  4. I order a lot of stuff from here .. http://www.dhgate.com/wholesale/search.do?act=search&sus=1&searchkey=led+strip&catalog=#Homesearch201403 I never had a issue with them..
  5. TY , I had another concept but after what was said to me I chunked it. I wanted to move all my storage to the outside and do a lot of acrylic work on the inside of the main case. for what I have in mind. I will have to have to loops or more. I want to get something cnced but I have yet to find a source.
  6. welcome to the forums. I found this to be one best places to learn all things mod related and the admins are the best for content and help.
  7. I did not want to post this up cause I think I saw another member worklog that kind of used the same idea.. Well here is my idea I need to build a new rig cause my 3d/ work machine is about 5 years old and is in the worst case a antec 1200 big nasty dust bowl.. I was going to use a big air 540 case but the stacker cases have some concepts I can't get over. Well here is my lil 5 min photoshop toss up .http://s153.photobucket.com/user/bouoy/media/newsystemconcept2_zps152082fc.jpg.html I got a bunch of acrylic from mcmaster just for fun in bending. The green is the tubes and I will be spacing out the hardware around all the cases.. I tend to over think stuff so I'm just doing this until I am happy then I will move on to a 3d model of it. For some reason I can never post pictures right to the forum so sorry for the link.. comments feed back welcome. I will post pictures of the insides with all the tube work once I have it mapped out. Thanks G.
  8. Hey I glad to see some other people from upstate NY.
  9. OOO that is looking so fresh.. keep up the good work
  10. If you don't have one you should get the little $20 kreg pocket hole jig..
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