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  1. I can't post some more photos it says that i'm not allowed to use that image extension on this community... But all the photos are jpg...
  2. Too late lol Those cut will be covered by a plastic profile. Anyway there were no rough cut I sanded everything...
  3. So here i am with another new build, this time is based on the new BitFenix Neos, for which i thank BitFenix for sending me one. This mod is based on rally cars, in this case it's a Lancia Delta ECV, which never saw the light because of the Group S being deleted even before presenting it to the people. So i'm going to paint the whole case Red as the Lancia, doing a window on the side panel, a little spoiler and a reproduction of the bumper. Not so much on this build to do manually. I'll later add some Martini's decals to match with the paint. Here are some photos before the actual modding: Here it is the side panel cutted: I've managed to do a cut resembling to the actual window of the car.. Here it is for now, today i'm going to paint it! What do you think?
  4. Che piacere leggerti anche qua Ermanno! Già vedevo su facebook i tuoi mostri ma ora potrò seguirti meglio! :)
  5. So this wouldn't be the last update of this mod, but i think it's time to show it completed. Unfortunately i didn't managed to get the wc system running due to several problems to the radiator. For now i will leave it on air, maybe in the future i'm going to do an external water station. So let me introduce you to Project: Black Side of the Modding
  6. Moar update Near completion i think, needs a little touch in the front but i think i'm there!
  7. Update: BitFenix sent me some fans and alchemy cables to go along with the build, here are the photos! Keep in mind that i need to do a cable management, maybe i'll do it next week!
  8. Following this! Awesome start!
  9. Sponsor time! Got some fittings from Monsoon. Obviously they are all black! So obviously i'm going to mount a watercooling loop :D
  10. Here's the update! So, i think it's almost complete, i'm waiting for some fans and some accessories and i must do a general cable management Attached the plexy to the right door and over the top. I had to do some changes to the original mod, on the front i would have had a door but after some thinking, that wasn't going to work so i cut the piece and this piece will go on the front as i will show in the next update. Here's some photos:
  11. Man you've got Eagle eyes! lol That's not a Marshall amp, it's a Bugera 333XL with Marshall' 1922 cab. I'm going to do an update as soon as possible, I'm doing the finishing touches, it looks very good!
  12. Holy cow what a mod! Continue with this!
  13. UPDATE BSOTM Some photos after the second coat: Taking apart the benchtable... Going to the new case! :D Going to mount the plexy panel and some cable managing inside... What do you think? :)
  14. Of course! Atm I'm mounting all the hardware inside, this evening I'll post some photos...
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