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    Nathaniel Gollehon got a reaction from deansmylie1993 in IronMan... Palladium Poisoned   
    Okay, so my spring break came and went and I didn't get as far as I wanted, but I made some progress... First, I took out the rivets and screws to get rid of the drive bays and hot swap area to make it all clean downstairs that way I could start laying out pieces and seeing what kind of space I had to work with. so here's some pics of that...

    so, as you can see, there's not a lot of room for tubing and cables down there. I have an idea to pull the power supply out a little more than the case already does. personally, a flat mount would be best, but since it's already jutting out, I'm thinking another 1/4" of acrylic will slide the supply back a little and give me a little more breathing room for the cables. Plus, I was thinking it would fit the color scheme, and could even probably throw in an LED or 3 for effect. I also plan on doing this to the feet to get a little extra clearance and thus more airflow up through the EK rad.

    I'm going to be mounting the reservoir in the back where the two 80mm exhaust fans are. I an aluminum bracket with some longer screws should hold it in there fine and give it some aesthetics from all sides. Since I'm talking about the res... I was torn between going hard pipes for this one, but I think I've finally settled on tubing. After seeing the space I'm working with get smaller and smaller, I think I'm going to opt for tubing and run some coolant to look like the energy of the arc reactor (probably mayhem blue/white pastel). Also, I'll be running two loops, but into one res. the video cards are going to get the ek xtx rad with only 3 fans pushing air through, and the cpu and possibly mobo blocks will be getting the st30 with push-pull. I'm still debating throwing the mobo blocks on with the video card loop, but i'm not concrete on it.

    So, surprisingly, all that feces fits under the motherboard tray. I propped the st30 up in place to get an idea of how that would look and line up.

    Here you can see how it's set up for a 2x120 or 2x140 setup.... but that's just not going to work for the st30 I want to put in there....

    So my idea is to cut a bracket out of aluminum and that will transform it into 3x120...

    I've been playing with some design ideas of how to give the ironman feel (the arc reactor will be more than helpful, i'm sure), while keeping air flow available for the front fans. So, I've basically decided to take concepts from a couple different types of the Mark Armor... So the front is going to look a little like the Mark 5 (the briefcase one from Ironman 2) and I'm going to pull that off with slotted 1/8" aluminum up front with some modder's mesh behind. I'm then going to turn the abdominal area to where the aquaero fan controller is going to be, along with the SSDs hiding sort of where the ribs would be.
    No pics for that stuff yet, but it'll unfold over the next month or so. June is basically when this one is going to get wrapped up. I'll be making my final hardware purchases then (gtx titans and monitor), so hopefully everything will be wrapped up and ready to go by the time I can buy those.
    Thanks for viewing everyone!
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    Nathaniel Gollehon got a reaction from avenezia050493 in X-47B Drone Makes Its First Carrier Landing   
    haha i just wish we had safer systems for these things. what's the point of being 15 years ahead of the chinese in design regards if they can steal it all over the interwebs.... it's pretty obvious where their new jets are coming from.
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    Nathaniel Gollehon got a reaction from Mark Adam Saba II in Learning curve   
    i'm in the middle of a move, so trying to keep my posting to a minimum, but felt like addressing your comment about feeling silly about posting here... DON'T. This site is filled with people willing to give advice and support. it's not a "don't post here unless your feces doesn't stink" type of forum. granted, it's hosted by some of the best in the biz, they're super supportive, and along with the rest of the members makes probably the most accepting and helpful modder's site on the web.
    as for the build, nice psu cable shrouding! braver than I am... I've always been worried about taking a PSU apart for some reason....
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    Nathaniel Gollehon got a reaction from dabucket in project dabucket   
    I dig the color choices! Is that a sticker on the power supply? if so, i'd take it off, drags your eyes away from all that awesome blue.
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    Nathaniel Gollehon reacted to Cheapskate in [MNPCTech] Project: Rebel Alliance   
    @Noobasaurus - Oh, Gawd! -A Luke Skywalker action figure in each res...
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