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  1. corona virus killed my momentum, i had a lot of prints planned and wiring to make and run, ive had to leave my student apartment in sweden and go home to denmark. its fustrating that when i finally get it all planned out i cant work on it for months
  2. watched the videos after commenting:/ to me those ratings seem very high but im also running a 480 + a 360 for a 450ish watt heatload to keep quiet what pump speed are you running at?
  3. this build alone is making me want to build a SFF rig? about your heat concerns for vega nanos i dont think that rad/fan combo would cool them quietly but it should work as the efficiency goes up with the air to water delta. i remember a guy runing a gtx580 and a 2700k off of two 120 rads sandwiched with a single fan in the middle
  4. a friend of mine recently got a 3d printer and, naturally i've been taking full advantage of that getting a host of plates, brackets guides and minor tools designed and printed my cabels from Pexon came in so i had to cut the case a bit more to make room for the cabels down the back of the case so with that done i installed the cables and worked them in to place, here is a before and after one of the goals was to make the loop easy to work on and clean up the look of it, top side of the case just needs rotated cpu block and new tubing the bottom is however another challenge, in the image below you can see that the pump is basically wedged in place by the tube coming off the rad/res, so its impossible to remove easily, plan is to run the pump of a 90 degree bend of the backside of the 4 way block also the parallel tubes going to/from the cpu/gpu are not parallel with anything, not each other not the roof of the basement, this is because the radiator sits 4mm too far inside the case and would push against the fittings hopefully i can fix that soon. i'm currently working on learning fusion 360 but coming from sketchup is hard.. i'm waiting for my top motherboard tray bracket to be printed along with some more bending guides i drew up that's all for now
  5. so to no surprise its now like 7 years since i started this mod and im still working on it since the last update in 2015 i upgraded to a 970 until i last year decided that most of the hardware was due for an upgrade so the current specs are 2700x with EKWB block 2080 strix with EKWB block and backplate asus 470f strix mobo samsung 970 evo 1tb samsung 860 evo 32 gb Corsair RAM NB Eloop fans for all rads and full hardtube loop i have cabels on order at PEXONS so once they come in im breaking down the entire system for sleeving and re plumbing the loop ALSO thank you for keeping the forum alive i love this place so much
  6. its been a long time, but i think its time to give Tundra some much needed love. Old habits die hard so im back to gaming still only battlefield thou. the single 6950 thats currently in the rig just is not cutting it anymore. SSD storage is way too small and so is Hdd storage. It needs new fluids and a good clean so here is the plan gtx 970 with fullcover block and backplate500gb SSD 3 liters of myhems pastel fluid and then there is the list of things i want but sorta cant fund currently like 2-4 TBs Hdd 1440p monitor16 GB RAMthe gpu is by far the most exepensive item and it has to be a 970 as they are the lowest end gpu with a fullcover block available ( im not running running an air cooled gpu when i have a 480 and 360 rad already. im hoping for someting interesting from the amd 3XX series but yeah.... Acceping all hardware suggestions! storeage is not a real problem as i have a 8 tb rais array on the network but i still need to get that running. on a side note product photos should be great as my skills with my 70D have become pretty good over the 17K photos ive shot with it. pictures and actual progress when i start to disasemble the system and order parts. Thats all for now //PWE
  7. i know that my cpu hits 77c when oced but the fluid only hits 33C
  8. Thanks Bill ive been off modding for a while, and im likely to stay off modding for a year or two more... but i cant stay away forever. I´ve been helping some mates getting staret with either modding or watercooling. I hope to bring an update with a delid and gpu swap and hopefully some sleeving. For now this was Peter Wibe Enevoldsen Out. Ill be Back!
  9. Here we are. Tundra EVO is done. Ive spent hours redoing the entire waterloop. Up front its all acrylic tubing, down below the every tube has been rerouted. The new hardware is all up and running at my 24/7 overclocked settings. The full specs are: 3770K @ 4,5ghz 1,25V Gigabyte z77x-UP7 Gskill TridentX 2400mhz CL10 T1 1,65V Corsair AX760I 2X 6950 2GB WD Blue 500GB Samsung 840 Pro 128GB Nuff with that here are the pictures: That it for this round of Tundra. Ill be back to modding it again when its needed for now this is Peter Wibe Enevoldsen Out!
  10. thanks fellas ill post some experiments later
  11. Hey guys Im looking to step up my photograpy for the final pictures of my latest mod. I have a nikon one v1 with a 10-30 1:3.5-5.6 lens and a 30-110 1:3.8-5.6 lens please help me out. //PWE
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