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  1. Very interesting. I wonder what the price point is and if the coin miners will be all over this?
  2. A highly technical measuring device apart from being delicious.
  3. So, update, not to hijack the thread: I presented this today. Mine was the only finished project other than an electric guitar (which was really B.A.) and a skateboard that needed some sanding love. Mine was the only project completed on time and personally I think the only one that was "outside the box". I win. The Corgis are victorious, a hard fought "A".
  4. Considering I've never worked with fiberglass before, it's pretty good yeah. Most of what I was doing was guesswork to be honest. I wouldn't want to put high end hardware in there anyways. The case is too cumbersome to be useful to me and if it's just going to be a display piece, it really doesn't need amazing hardware. I think part of the fun for me is making something that looks decent using things I can grab around my house, or at the hardware store. If it functions well and looks good, use it IMO. My current desktop is in an old case circa 2005 because I needed better airflow over my LANbox :D Just had to clean it up a little.
  5. This is actually a project I just finished and didn't think of posting it here until a friend suggested it. In fact I was pretty sure it wouldn't turn out at all. I built a computer case in the shape of the AWOL LAN logo. Admittedly the case is pretty proprietary, so you wouldn't be able to just swap in any old hardware. Especially since this is built around Shuttle hardware. The original point of this project was that I had to do it for a class I'm taking called Synthetic and Composite Materials, so the entire thing is made out of fiberglass. The design is pretty unique, and although not ideal, I think given the time constraints this project came out pretty well. The objectives here were 1) cheap 2) quick 3) easiness 4) wow factor. I know these goals aren't even close to any of yours, but having to do this on a student's budget forced me to scrounge for whatever used stuff I had in order to get this completed by the December 3rd deadline. Given more time, money, and nothing else on my plate, this could have been a really awesome gaming machine or something, but it just wasn't in the cards. I have around 70 pictures of this project because I had to document everything. I have around 15 selected that I will post here and I will provide a public link to Facebook for the rest of them. Total build cost was $233.47 Hardware cost me nothing, I just had that laying around. If you have any specific questions, post. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10202357131277606.1073741828.1472132079&type=1&l=cbca027818 This may look like there's white spots on the paint. It's actually gold flake from the paint I used on the front. I ran out of it so the rest of the case is flat black.
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