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  1. Hi b2bk, as a huge fan of the CM 690 series I'm following your build :)
  2. Awesome work MA, I've beaten the update pics of the rad mounted B)
  3. I'm on-board for this B) Just looked at your other builds and think they're Awesome :) I love the Coke Cola theme as I work at Coke Cola here in Australia. You've given be some ideas to my next TJO8-E Build.
  4. MA you've really got the modding bug bad mate :lol: Hope the foot is getting better and the family are well B)
  5. k-limes the hard wiring has me gobsmacked B) B) :o
  6. I need pics of that :-) Needs a milled groove in the back of the mounting bracket for cable hiding :-) What were they thinking? 13/8 port?? :-( Great work Jesse.
  7. Any updates buddy?????
  8. MA's been doing that ever since he started the build on OCN in January :ph34r: Then again he's an Aussie B) http://www.overclock.net/t/1353286/ocns-motm-may-2013-rog-gene-v-inspired-tj08-e-matx
  9. Hey Joe any further updates??
  10. Nice Work on the Back plates MA B)
  11. I like that your thoughs are outside the box in fact you've thrown the box away B) Please use round headed cap screws :ph34r:
  12. Feedback is "HOLY F*^K" Nice to see you back Joe B)